February 24th, 2014
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Amma and her organization terrorize and intimidate people: Gail Tredwell

Gail Tredwell was an unknown name to a majority of Keralites till last week. That was when ‘Holy Hell’, a book on her experiences during the 20 years she spent at the Mata Amrithanandamayi math, was released online. Over this past week, the book has been downloaded and read by thousands, which in turn kicked up a fierce debate.

The debates stayed online for the first two days when the mainstream media completely ignored it. But the discussions sustained longer than anyone expected forcing even the Chief Minister to comment on the issue. In this exclusive interview over email, Gail Tredwell speaks out about the factors that led to writing this book and about her expectations from it.

One of the questions being raised against your book is the delay (of 15years) for publishing this. Also, supporters of the Mata Amrithanandamayi are asking why you chose to stay back at the math for 20 years, enduring the things that mention in your book, including ill treatment on the mata’s part and that allegation of rape by one of her close disciples. How would you respond to these?

The first few years after I left Amritanandamayi Math were very hard. Physically I was in very bad shape, plus suffering from an enormous amount of emotional pain, confusion, and feelings of betrayal and loss.  It took me many years of rest, good nutrition, support from friends, and a healthy balanced lifestyle to gain perspective.

During those early years it was impossible to speak about any of the harm done. I did not have the clarity of mind nor the strength to face the retribution that would inevitably occur if I shared even a fraction of what I knew.  I needed to heal first. During those initial years, I wanted to forget everything and move on with my life. 

Eventually, despite my fear of retribution, I felt I had no choice but to publish my story; that I morally owed it to the public and the numerous devotees to share what I knew. So I spent the last four years working on my book.

Despite much abuse, I stayed at the ashram because I held the mistaken belief that Amma was one with God, and that all of her actions, despite how seemingly cruel, were for my highest good. 

Also I was surrounded there by people I loved and loved to help, and with whom I was able to participate in fulfilling devotional and selfless service activities.

As for the sexual abuse, I was afraid to speak out about it. Being a western woman, I feared I would be the one blamed. As many victims do, I also carried a lot of guilt, shame and self-blame. I held the fear that if I told Amma I would be kicked out of the ashram. Something I wasn’t willing to risk. One could compare my situation to that of a woman trapped in an abusive marriage, or of a servant being abused by the man of the household.  Like these women, I suffered in silence out of fear of the consequences. 

You have leveled charges of financial irregularities and sexual misconduct, against the math and some of its higher ups. Why haven’t you taken the legal route yet, or even back then when these things happened? Do you plan to fight this in court? 

When I entered the ashram I was young, naive, and held the belief that I had found a God realized being. Along the way, even though I witnessed and experienced many wrong doings, the power of my beliefs was stronger than my sense of ethics and justice at the time.  Like many others, I chose to rationalize these events away in order to maintain faith.

I was too devoted to Amma and what I believed was my spiritual path at the time.  So, I tried to simply surrender to the situation. I do not intend to file any legal complaint. I have already spent twenty years of my life with this organization and do not wish to spend several more years dealing with legal proceedings.  I believe in higher forms of justice.

Did you have a fear of being persecuted, in case you spoke out? Have you witnessed other cases of people in the mata’s inner circle leaving and being persecuted for it?

Yes, after witnessing what happened to many who left before me, I most definitely feared persecution. The organization has a very effective way of dealing with people who try to speak out. If they are not outright threatened, they suffer the consequences of character assassination and are labeled as confused, angry, revengeful, and emotionally unstable.

Bottom line, Amma and her organization terrorize and intimidate people into silence.

Did the math offer you money when you left, in return for a vow of silence? 

No, but they offered me an ashram in Australia if I would return and sign legal papers.  A few months after I left, while Amma was touring Australia, I received a phone call from one of the main organizers with a message that Amma was offering me an ashram anywhere of my choice in Australia. I would not have to do anything, just put my robes back on.  There was a tone of desperation in the message and emphasis made that it was a matter of saving face.

I was told there would be some documents to sign.  I cannot say what these documents were, but assume they were some form of non-disclosure agreement. Also, although I never asked for or expected any form of compensation from the organization, shortly after I left they did give me a small sum of money and paid my health insurance for about 1.5 years.  I believe it was with the hope that after I had some rest, I would return to the ashram.  

Is there a team comprised of those close disciples who stage manages her events and her whole image? Would you put the blame more on this team, than the mata? 

I know in the west there is a public relations team that handles how Amma is presented to the media. I believe they established the term, “The Hugging Saint.”  In the early days, Amma was very much in charge of all major decision-making and there is a strong guru/disciple structure in place.  However, as the organization grew I am sure it became impossible for her to manage every aspect.  Like all such organizations I am sure there are many players in power now.   

Would you describe Amrithanandamayi math enterprise as something which was started with a good intention, but lost its way into corruption as the money came pouring in? Or would you dismiss the whole idea of a human saint as something which can only end up this way? 

I like to believe that this all started out with very good intentions. Amma does a lot of good work and inspires many to be charitable.  However, I also believe that along the way she fell prey to the usual trappings of money, politics, and power.

What is your take on the silence of the mainstream media, regarding this issue and also about the groundswell of support from the social media? The Kerala Police have now registered a case against those who made comments on the issue in the social media.

I feel media silence demonstrates the political and monetary influence of Mata Amritanadamayi and her organisation in Kerala and elsewhere. I am very disturbed by the use of police power to try silencing freedom of speech of the many voices that obviously agree that something is very wrong.  Such an action could not only intimidate freedom of speech but also incite violence and retaliation against district people who speak out.

What is the outcome you expected on releasing this book? 

Despite inevitable organization retribution, my hope was to educate the public by shedding light on what goes on inside MA Math.  That way, devotees both Indian and Western can make an informed decision before they hand over their mind, heart, lives and money. I was also hoping it would encourage more transparency from the organization. 

Why do you think the math has not yet filed a defamation suit against you? Has anyone from the math contacted you after the release of this book? Has there been threat calls?

I don’t know the math’s intentions about filing a defamation suit against me.  American lawyers tell me it is most unlikely that they would sue me because I have told the truth, without any malicious motives, and that therefore they don’t have a valid case against me.   I have no money for them to collect, so any math defamation suit would only be to financially intimidate me with costly legal proceedings.  But dragging this matter through the legal system would inevitably create more media attention and negative notoriety for them.

Since release of my book, I have not been directly contacted by the math.  But they have threatened me indirectly.  People who know me have been told I would be sued.  And they have made intimidating libel threats against an American press service that announced publication of my book, a Swiss magazine that interviewed me, a Swiss newspaper that reviewed my book, and a prominent French psychoanalyst/author who supported my book’s revelations about Amma’s private behaviors.

Without making direct threats, the math has incited many email hate messages against me with a campaign of character assassination against me. As expected, they have wrongly denied everything in the book and labeled me as dishonest, confused, angry, revengeful, and emotionally unstable via malicious on-line blog posts filled with false and defamatory claims about me.

How has your view on spirituality undergone a change in the 15 yearssince you have left the Amrithanandamayi math? Have you lost your belief in spirituality? 

Despite all that I went through during my stay in the ashram, I have not lost spiritual faith.  When I first left, I was not able to distinguish the difference between my own spirituality and my devotion to Amma.  After so many years of indoctrination, these two ideals had become one.  But after I left, slowly I was able to untangle my mind from many false beliefs and settle back into a new and improved spiritual life. A life free of superstition, blind belief, and surrender to another human being, instead of God.

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    She should be awarded for her impersonation and blackmagic to such a long time.

  2. P M Ravindran

    I am no devotee of Amma nor do I believe in any of the so called godmen and women. But what I would like ask through this medium is what does this book speak of the law and order situation/justice delivery system in this country? While I do not know anything first hand about Amma, except that some of the institutions like Amritha Institute of Medical Science, Ernakulam and Amritha Institute of Technology, Coimbatore are amoung the best institutions in their class in this country, I can personally vouch for the fact that the governance in this country and the state of justice delivery system are the real threats to humanity in this part of the world.

  3. Pk Nair

    We have to fight against all human God’s and those who amass huge wealth in the pretext of charity be it any religion .After all God doesn’t need money !!!

  4. editor doolnews.com

    you can also read the malayalam translation of the interview here:


  5. Abraham Paulose

    Yes the doubts are cleared. Not just “retribution” possibility of direct and indirect attacks, attempts of character assassination, threat to life but also the unbearable loss of decades from her prime life on earth and because of all the traumatic situation in which she was and also the time required to get her mind and body recuperated can justify the delay in coming out with the horrible and hellish inside of the cult of the hugging lady.

  6. Jaffar Alan,

    All religion all vedhas saying about One God..then why people intresting to humen God…?for recamendation…?.

  7. Jaffar Alan,


  8. Rahul

    I think its great that the truth is coming out. We are reading both sides and as of now I hear thousands of people telling us how they have practically benefited from the Math and their charitable projects and there are a few who are talking about their discomfort with the concept of human god. So far there is visible proof of the good that Math has done and seems like United Nations also acknowledges that. Their claims are not just words in a self published book which any tom ,dick and harry can publish on Amazon. So it all boils down to the credibility of the author/speaker. Math is talking about stuff they have done and we can see it. Mrs Gail Tredwell has only written a hot, flashy, not so well written book.
    As far as concept of human god goes, I see no proof of Amma herself claiming to be god so putting her down on that point makes no sense. Lets look at the good in the society and move forwards. May be a better news article will make this media website a cool one instead of a dool :)

  9. Sunil Prasadh Menon

    In Christianity you have pope and bishops and many fathers I really dont understand why many Christians pray to them, infact I have seen many Christians praying to Pope as everyone termed “living pope”.

    Iam not against the beliefs of Christians or muslims but you all should draw a line before commenting about the Hindu saints like Amma.
    When Shirdi Sai baba was alive there where lot of people who preached him and there were lot of people who was against Sai baba.Today Sai baba is no more but yet millions throng to his ashram.
    Same applies to Amma Mata Amritanandamayi. Millions of people come to her ashram for her darshan.Amma individually attends everyone.

    Ask anyone or yourself that can anyone sit with leg crossed for 49 hrs and go on giving love and embracing millions of people who come to her to say their problems.can anyone do that?

    Even when lord Jesus was alive there where many who preached and prayed him but millions of people where against Jesus and Lord Jesusus was crucified but million of people knew that it was wrong.

    I want to say Lord Jesus or sai baba or Mata Amritanandamayi has done a lot for people. There are many who believe and many who dont believe but Atleast I request everyone to think of the sentiments of millions of people who believe in Amma.
    Every God was alive once upon a time so please don’t ask why “Living God”.

    I would like everyone to think rationally about the points which I have mentioned above and ask yourself is it fine to accuse anyone based upon someone’s experience be it good or bad.
    It would be great if you all before commenting about Amma check the invaluable services Amma has done for the mankind. Think of all contributions Amma has done for the world , Can a single person do all this?
    Iam not a devotee of Amma but certainly I have experienced Ammas grace in my life. Same applies to millions of people who go and take darshan from Amma who tell their problems and they get resolution to it.

    Kindly think about all this before penning down your thoughts on Great Mahatmas.

    Everyone have their beliefs but making such accusations is wrong or demeaning.

    Such accusation can be made to any saints or gurus of any religion but I personally find that people should think in all the lines before accusing anyone.

    Thats all.

  10. ravindra tripathi

    gail tredwell believes in higher form of justice . it’s good. but how will she save herself from lower and high court punishments because she does have any proof,evidence or witness for the allegations she levelled against amma’s ashram. she can be prosecuted and sent to jail for many years.

  11. ravindra tripathi

    gail can’t prove the allegations she levelled against amma’s organisation due to lack of any proof, evidence or witness. moreover amma is very nice. she shouldn’t be blamed.

  12. ravindra tripathi

    i can’t understand that without any proof,evidence or witness how will gail prove herself true in the legal court? she may be punished by court in case of defamation against amma’s organisation. she should apologise and delete her online book ‘holy hell’ from amazon.com

  13. Boy Roozendaal

    Sunil Prasadh Menon
    February 27th, 2014 at 9:42 pm
    I am against all religions. They don’t bring any good to this world. People help people or screw them over and then pin it on a so called god.

    To Sunil Prasadh: You want people to think rationally. What was done is wrong and your cult fucks over peoples’ lives. The reaction which follows is even worse, instead of acknowledging the mistakes and crimes like has eventually (partially) been done by Christianity people are targeted and ridiculed. That’s what you call a rational conclusion.

    Now don’t get me wrong I’m not at all defending Christianity. However your words are that of a blinded and naive individual, whom strangely thinks of themselves as a rational thinker. Wrong, dead wrong.

    Now tell me about these so called invaluable services which this “Amma” has done for ->mankind<- . Please inform me. Did she feed the hungry? Did she do great deeds for the environment? Did she stand against hatecrimes and rape? Please. These so called invaluable deeds aren't invaluable at all.

    Apart from the fact that naive people are willing to follow these cults there's really nothing special about them. People give them power by following them. So please don't come with stories about a greater good or freedom. The opposite has already been proven.

    Every has their beliefs and convictions and trying to force any of this on another person is wrong.

    Before dismissing certain accusations you should do some research and think for yourself instead of blindy following like a sheep.

    That's all.

  14. Rahul

    I am glad Boy Roozendaal that you are bring those questions up. Here are some stats and these are not just words or numbers there are proof of these things done:
    1) 46000 children have been given scholarships
    2) 100,000 women in India were vocational training so that they are not dependent and can feed themselves and their children. Also note, most of these women were victims of natural disasters like tsunami earthquakes etc.
    3) Till date 50 crores has been spent on free medical services and surgeries etc. These were given at the sp hospital AIMS. It was not giving aspirin, all this money was spend in sp surgeries like heart surgeries etc which most people under poverty level cannot afford.
    4) Yes poor have been fed and through the help of all her smaller branches and her main ashram, 10 million people have been fed and this happens annual.
    5) This year she said she will adopt 101 villages in india and transform them such that each of them has basic necessities like water and electricity and will try to make them self sufficient.
    These are just few to name. I think everyone is pointing figures at this organization because it’s big so people think that they are minting money. Yes organization is big, lots of people donate and she puts it to best use. I think the reason all this drama that is happening on internet has happened because she and her organization did it silently and didn’t make a huge drama out of all that she did. Recently she said that the question to dwell on is not that if there is a god or not, the question everyone should dwell on is that if another human is suffering what is that we can do to remove that suffering. And like Martin Luther King’s daughter said after seeing Amma is that she walks the talk. I for one would like to jump in and start helping in this great cause.
    I have met her and I find her more practical than most other people I have met in life. She says there is no point sitting and meditating if your fellow being is suffering and crying and she encourage all people following her to love and serve first before anything.

  15. Eileen

    Gail does a great job at explaining and answering what so many wonder about. I know for a fact that many people affirm experiencing quite a lot of the negative things she describes in the book and they share the info privately, if not publicly, due to real fear for their safety. As for Amma doing so much charity and help for the poor, just because someone does some good acts do you want them to be beyond the law and even common decency? Yes, the Catholics did that also for so long, and look at how many lives were ruined due to abuse. Also, it is not as if Amma does much herself. She takes over 90% of the money people donate, and hides it away. The real saints are those who give their money and actually do the physical seva.

  16. Raju

    I m glad that Amruthandamai is doing charity to the community, as Mr Rahul explained or promoted. Ms Gail in her teen was the real promoter of amruthandamai than you and a great contributer to the ashram than person who explain the charity numbers or amounts. What the math doing to the public is visible and known to public don’t need further explanation. But here we want to know what will be done to stop the inhuman activities this innocent lady went through in her life at the math. Please stop covering up.

  17. Sunil Prasadh Menon

    Boy roozendal – you believe or hate Amma or and spiritual Mahatmas.
    Millions of devotees will still go to her ashram and take her darshan.
    Keep your thoughts with yourelf .

    Boy Roozendal- I understand that you have Less brains but unfortunately I dont have much time to train you to think and speak sensibly.

  18. Sunil Prasadh Menon

    Boy roozendal-having less brains is ok… so I would say you better equip yourself and do some research that how you will grow your brains.

  19. Vishnu

    How did Dool news from Calicut got such an interview..? What is the personal interest of the editor (K. Muhammed Shaheed) against ashram? WHO is funding for all these Paid News.. .May be an enquiry has to be done against Dool News as well… Smell fishy here…

  20. Cherin

    Hi Rahul,
    When I say something about amma, thats because of my own personal experiences, not cuz of some allegations in some book. And I know whats going behind the iron curtains of the ashram. I sincerely beg you to jump in, pls note this, you have to give everything, even the last paisa to amma and start living there. Once you give everything, then the true face of a psychopath will come out. See, you can easily find out the truth. Oh, btw, they won’t kick you out, they need people to work in their kitchen, biuld houses and do what ever you have been told FOR FREE. Here’s the irony, she’s using a little bit of your own money and your own free labor to show the world her love of mankind. BTW, if you get sick or hurt, then you will see the true face of the super speciality hospitals, they make you prepare for a fast death, so you can continue to serve God, from up above. So please, instead of criticisng me, I urge to become a devotee of Amma and then be the spoke person. Oh, BTW, I should mention some thing good also, if you have any advanced degrees that they can make use of, then you can do that, also for FREE. Also, till the time they get your last drop of hard earned money, you can stay in VIP rooms with VIP previlages, people will bring coffee to your spacious bathroom attached room, laundry is taken care of, all you have to do is sing & frolic and have divine blessings poured on you. Now, they also keep narrow room, there is not even a fan, for you, waiting for the day they get all your money. If you manage to get into the kitchen before others, hopefully you’ll get some thing to eat. By now, you must have seen the massive kitchen (hot, humid & bone breaking work), where lot of old or weak people serving amma and you must have really felt pity for them. Dont worry, unless there’s some flood or landslide, you’ll start there itself, from morning to night. The singing & joyful bliss is over, oh, you can join the allnighter after work till ur next shift, sorry, deva to god, starts. You tell to yourself, no, there’s some mistake, I’m gonna see Amma. Your hugging saint will stare at your face and coldly ask you who are you? I don’t even know you…Thats when reality starts to dawn in. OH, BTW., those old people in the kitchen gave much much more than you (everything they had, gold, land, pension, savings etc) and was hoping to live the rest of their retired lives under the feet of AMMA. They are retired engineers, people who once were in high positions…So, please take a printout of my comment and dedicate your life for amma. If you some how manage to get out like Gail, pls come here and share your valuable experiences. Please prove me wrong. I know, you can do it. You are such a self less person who are born to live for God. (last piece of advice: While you are still in that joyful phase, you’ll hear a lot of times, exhorting the values of doing menial work and thats how we could really serve the God etc. No, it’s not for you, it’s for people who still has to find god, you are there to be with Amma and praise n sing n whatever. Kitchen job, is not too bad as you first feel, you’ll get used to it.)

  21. Ashwin

    Ms Gail tredwell You are telling lies.
    All the characters you have described in your false story have come up with their explanations..how can one person stop millions of others? did any one come with any other allegation except few muslim dominated media just spreading your book. I dont think no one ever have any bad experience from AMMA and Asram..
    Dear readers read the below sites before you comment

  22. b bholonath

    many women spend their golden years in unfulfilling marriage…we all face disappointment in life…i am western devotee 22 yrs. And if it had been me i would have established healthy boundaries…amma is a great soul and she has offered herself to the world. So many westerners are so broken and we expect amma to fix us…indians seem much more balanced. The great heritage of india is the concept of guru sishya. But amma says many of us have skipped steps in our emotional development. I dont think amma had any idea how messed up many of us are. And unable to play. Om

  23. dr sr jesme

    reading ‘HOLY HELL’. found it sincere and true to the core, as she is ready to share her sins, jealousy, rivalry, etc too . as one who wrote AMEN , my autobiography, I sense her feelings , apprehensions , and utmost devotion based on false beliefs, which she could not recognize in those young days. PIETY blinded her to reality and truth, as it did to me too.. or women like me

  24. loveroftruth

    Gail lies. I know personally the “prominent French psychoanalyst/author” she mentioned and he tells there was no thread on him! This is just an exemple of how she distorts everything. I am sad for her, her mind seems very ‘polluted’ and paranoiac, and she is polluting others’ mind through that book!

  25. seven champak

    its upon a person whether he can open up and flow with the life opitimistically..
    or remain close and be pessimistic..
    fortunate are the ones who get love..and the highest form of love..
    some who dosen’t know its taste..they helplessly wonder around it!!

    miss great innocent gail tredwell says that she has healed herself for this much years??
    let me point out the fact..if a person is sad..angry,jealous..depressed with someone..or some issues..and with in course of time…the person stays away or seperate with the things bothering him/her..and heals him for good..
    for because…healing is done..when u get trapped in your own negative energy..then after sometime( years) you wont come up with such a book..blaming accusing a math..or a ashram…

    Mam gail, I think you are not healed properly…
    I think you wanted something …and you didn’t get…so you
    end up doing bad thing to your ownself..

    and you put accusations on others..

    its because when you heal your self..goodness fills your heart..
    there are no complaints…
    you move with a positive mind.. you get positive energy..which in turns help people also..who are around you..

    creatiing a bad book full of balmes accusations for making money is such a shamefull thing..

    Mam…please get on a right track..
    you becoming old…and you dont even have trust in yourself..
    because..a person who has trust, faith in his ownself..
    wont end up writing a bad book..for money benefit or for his own self satisfaction..

    spirituality is about positivity…not of negativity..

    think about it!!

  26. Rahul

    Just for clarification, the reason I brought the points about what Math is doing is because Boy Roozendaal brought a question that “Did she feed the hungry?” etc. So my answer was in response to that. Nobody is covering up anything. I am not sure from which logic behind that conclusion. Mrs Tredwell’s story has only loop hole and I myself have check through those too. You can read and see if any of the things she says makes sense. To me it doesn’t. To millions other it doesn’t. From the math side only one statement from Amma was made and in that too she has said “everything is open and clear in terms of accounts and activities”. Anyone check that. Can you imagine back in Tredwell’s time there were not many buildings or security gates and it was a small village, all these people used to sleep outside since they didn’t have proper place. Is she saying abuse happened in front of the village and they kept quite because definitely there was no place to hide. It has no sense. Plus why publish a book for that matter. If she was concerned about other women in math why wait … why not gain senses and just go to authority. Why sit lavishly in USA and publish a book in Amazon and reap money out of this story. Why get all non hindu media website to create an emotional drama out of this. I see no concern from her for women of India. Instead its a perfect time to create scandal story because the whole India is super sensitive about the rapes happening in India and its all out of control. Why none of the India spoke up for those Indian women but are ready to create drama for Australian women. I have read only one case where younger generation people stood up for the rape case and so the government punished those culprits. What happened after that. Rape cases increases. Why nothing was done for women of our country. ? WHY ? Why this mass media didn’t save them but is ready to jump on the math in the name of a book. Lastly only Mrs Tredwell is saying she was abused. All people she said were abused too are actually saying its a lie. Since its a public drama now, this is the greatest chance to escape for them. Instead they are saying all drama is based on lies, neither are they abused nor was Mrs Tredwell. You think about it. This is a senseless drama in the name of a book. We should channel all this enthu to save our women who live in an insecure India right now. Lets punish those men against whom we have evidence against whether or not they are politicians sons.

  27. Kristina Poole

    Gail Tredwell seems to have become a master of manipulation. The printed names of people Amma has helped through her charities could triple the size of Gails book of negative and cheap Hollywood fiction. And yet even as she belittles and undermines everything beautiful and good she becomes a victim?
    I truly wonder what has happened to this world when the child who has received open heart surgery becomes insignificant, when the widow who is now able to provide for her family because she has received free job training becomes obsolete, when the child who has been taken in, clothed, fed and educated becomes a symbol wasted and misused donations… Gail Tredwell degrades their lives and the hundreds of thousands of others who are benefiters of the goodness that Amma has inspired.
    What is it about society that finds it so easy to disregard the humane for the seduction of controversy?

  28. Awaken

    I am totally blown away by the attitude of Amma. I thought she was an avatar as her disciples professes but an enlightened being will not care what the book , “Holy Hell ” says but would go about doing her duties to the world if she is what she projects to be. I use to believe in Gurus but I do not anymore, gone are the time of a true avatar. I do not agree with Gails book totally but there , sure are some truth in her book.Gail also had her own selfish reasons to stay on for 20yrs, its so clear in her book. Its a shame that Gurus are only interested in your money. Guru is within wll of us, we need not chase all these human fake Gurus, unless we too like to have some power craze behind our intentions of following such organizations.

  29. Sajeev Dharan

    Gail Tredwell is a good story writer… but unlike in thel serials, she forget that in real life there are people wh have been staying in the Ashram and they knowthat you as very very jealous person.

    Every year you have also been travelling with the Ashramites to many cities including your Australia – but you did not make a single complain.

    Now, after failure of your marriage and leading lonely life you decided to smear the Ashram – you thought out many topics to discredit the Ashram so that you have a a book. Bt the question is why? Is it Money?

    Which group is supporting you to take up this slander…. and of course with idiots buying the books… there is money to be made.

    But you have done a great injuistice to society by writng this fabricated story.

  30. Awakened

    I am blown away by the attitude of Amma, who projects herself to be a realised master and her disciples thinks and preaches that she is an Avatar. An enlightened Being will not be bothered by what anyone has to say about her but instead just go about doing her duty to the world. I frankly do not think Amma is an Avatar but a fake and is only after money. Gail on the other hand had her own selfish motives for staying this long.She too was after power from what I get from her book but I must say that she is not telling lies about Amma and her organisation at all. I have left this cult many years ago as it is very easy to see the dishonesty and unfair treatments with in a satsang and also in tours. Find god within as TRUE guru lies within and we just need to awaken that Guru and not look for Human Gurus who cheat us and rob us of our innocence.

  31. Anand S

    Every Soul will be tested. Trust and devotion lies within. Good and Bad are the views of individuals and are just phases of life. God is within you, and I have never read, heard or seen any of these in 33 years of my association. Egos exist between Humans but that is no reason to Fabricate. I know of many people who were Brahmacharis, Brahmacharinis and have now moved out…. reasons could be plenty but none correlates with Holy Hell. I have stayed in the ashram for more than a year, studied at then AICT (13 years back). Don’t you think 18 + years to realize they were ill treated is too long? Is it because she understood the power of social media only now? Amma spends days without moving from her place, yet handling the entire ashram, giving darshan to 10′s of 1000′s. How can one do that without attaining transcendence. You dint realize it then, you haven’t realized it now. Ashram and devotees are 2 separate bodies. How does one know whether it was influenced by the ashram and they were indirect threats. If the ashram was actually as powerful as Gail says it is, they could have ensured she does not exist, because they would have sensed her threat. Why did she have to stay with one of Amma’s devotee for god sake and that too for a year or so. I too know of a Sanyasi (No controversies) who moved away from the same ashram, he did not want to stay in anyone’s home. He searched a house for himself and got himself a job and i till date respect him, sometimes we chat online, SMS and ensure we are in touch. He has never ever said a word wrong about Amma or the Ashram. It is the values that you learn from Amma that makes you who you are not controversies, those are political motives. I believe in Amma’s thoughts and Vision. I also believe that Amma is a Guru. She has never said anything towards or against any religion, she has followers across the globe of all religions and even other religious leaders. Religion like someone earlier said could be the spoiler but spirituality, love and compassion to others are somethings you need to learn from her. If injustice was truly done to someone, there are judicial systems which are there to protect you. Even I can write a self published book stating some top official harassed me – and then claim it was 20 years ago and was just trying to save others, the motives don’t sound right. Everyone of you have worldly knowledge, so think and try not to hurt anyone (Pen is mightier than a sword, this (Gail’s book) is a proof of the pudding but in a negative way).

  32. DI Mathews

    Mr Cherian – Even I felt the same five years before.I stay in kollam being so near to ashram I had never gone to ashram and was against all this but everything changed when I got darshan from Amma and told her the health concerns of my son..to be very frank soon after telling the concern to Amma I found a significant change in my sons health.
    For once I did not want to believe that all this happened after telling this to Amma but yes I was wrong about the picture which I had made in my mind about the ashram or Amma ….
    I never wanted to believe that Amma was a god or holy saint but after this development ; I personally feel that I owe a lot to Amma especially after seeing the progress in the health condition of my son.
    Infact I remember the day when i took my son to the doctor and doctor was not able to believe that my son ‘s breathing had improved in a very short notice…infact the doctor told that its a miracle and something of this he has never experienced in life.

    Even though I stay In Dubai but I personally take some time out and go to ashram to do seva…infact I have also done seva that is a free service in ashram.

    I think people from all over the world come to amma just because they have felt Ammas divinity and grace in their lifes.

    Now if I have done free service or donated money its not because someone or ashram has asked me to give it but iam giving this because after taking Darshan from Amma our lifes have changed for good.
    May be some or the other day everyone would also believe that Amma is an incarnation of god… even I took lot of years disbelieving all this which Amma and her ashram but what I experienced after taking darshan from Amma was “MIRACULOUS”.

  33. prof.suku mammen george

    amrithanadmayi is a human guru and math a human organisation. Since the humans and their organisations are trigunatmakam it is only natural that neither persons nor organisations can be evaluated on a black and white canvass. So i think it is possible to evalute without being a supporter or enemy. I read gayatri’s book and feel she is honest. But i amnot disturbed since i know amma has her greatness aswell as weaknesses like any great humans. Problem is in the way our coservative minds(of devotees and critics) structure a mind which is unstructured. Devotees want a goddess and critics a demon.She is neither
    Gail was a sincere seeker who went to a wrong organisation. Amma is an avadhootha but her organisation(or church) is a capitalist one ,controlled by foreigners and hindutva politics. AMMA HERSELF IS A VICTIM, Her fate is similar to that of christ in the hands of his disciples who created the church.And like amma he was also postmodern.Or else how do you understand the naghamdi gospels which discuss his love for mary magdalene ?.Or even church accepted gospels which says jews called him mad ,freind of sinners and prostitutes?
    All capitalist enterprises do many humanitarian and charitable activities . That is a market technic. Amritha institutions are buisiness like and exploitative-like church institutions

  34. prof.suku mammen george

    my experience of amma(thirty years ago when she was still not much known):-
    She is spiritual.I felt the positive flow of energy when she embraced me. I dinot become her disciple because i thought her method was bhakti.I was interested in sakta and tantric path. I remember talking with close disciple about it.and knew they were worshipping her without she demanding it.
    She didnot claim divinity but her disciples wanted a goddess.That is human weakness(same problem christ also had .Finally he seems to have fell for such a compulsion from followers)
    Once i was sitting outside her hut (no concrete buildings then).A buisinessman entered her presence began to ask buisines questions.Her innocent and honest reply was,”my son i dont know anything about buisines.You ask some lawyers”.I was impressed by her sincerity and purity and ever since kept my respect though i never went back.But when i told this to her close householder disciple and my freind in Tiruvalla his reply was,’o,amma knew the answer. She plays games.”
    Frustration of gail also originates in the infallible guru image she searched for.Gail is not lying but nor is Amma. Rape is adharma but sex isnot. Amma has radical feminist positions.Once i heard her justifying a fallen woman as christ did. She posses a post modern mind and unstructured ideology which ofcource she strucures the dharmic way for the ordinary. All avadhootas know dharma is not for the ordinary and not for the spiritual
    What she should do if she still posses enough power in her is to disband that foreign controlled capitalist organsation-as j.krishnamoorthy and sreenarayana guru did.

  35. prof.suku mammen george

    correction- I meant ‘dharma IS for the ordinary’……

  36. prof.suku mammen george


  37. Sakunthala

    Amma is not an incarnation of GOD. She is a money making Devil. She is a Fake and it shows very well in her fake voice when she sings before DEVI Bhava. May Gail get justice for all the pain she has gone through and for many others who are silent. If people are smart, they would boy cot Amma and find God within. I & my family am so blessed to have left this cult a few years ago. God always will support the TRUTH….so hang in there Gail.

  38. Kiran

    Bigan in Soul ended in Flesh….. that is the story all Human Gods.. self -made Gurus. All Math’s charity works are good and right but her divinity is not in her but in those who believe her as God or Godly. When one believes she is something more and embrace her it is his belief that works as comfort, healing or enlightment. But she takes all its credit. Poor devotees they dont know that the divinity they seek is already in them. They seek liberation. but they dont know that they are not bount to be liberated. Our ignorance is exploited y these gurus like AMMA

  39. Kiran

    Bigan in Soul ended in Flesh….. that is the story of all Human Gods.. self -made Gurus. All Math’s charity works are good and right but her divinity is not in her but in those who believe her as God or Godly. When one believes she is something more and embrace her it is his belief that works as comfort, healing or enlightment. But she takes all its credit. Poor devotees they dont know that the divinity they seek is already in them. They seek liberation. but they dont know that they are not bound to be liberated. Our ignorance is exploited y these gurus like AMMA

  40. DI Mathews

    Sakuntala &kiran -Amma is an incarnation of god and will remain one.Even Lord Jesus was an incarnation of god so remember when you say amma is a devil then its like you are telling Jesus or an Allah is a devil.
    God is one for all and be it Lord Jesus , Allah , Sai baba, Mata Amritanandamayi everyone has done lot of seva for millions of people ,so in light of this statement stop accusing these great Mahatmas.
    remember next time you are accusing anyone then it will like you are accusing your own god whom you preach and for people who are athiest try respecting the the sentiments of millions of people who believe in Jesus, Allah, Sai baba, Mata Amritanandamayi.

  41. Sakunthala

    Di Mathew
    Please compare apple to apple. Jesus is a great soul and is a Son of GOD and has no comparison to Amma or Sai Baba or other so called fake Gurus.
    Jesus did not lie to people nor did he hurt his disciples physically. If millions of ppl are still following these Fake Godmen…..its their funeral. Paramahamsa Yogananda was also another avatar just like Sri Ramana Maharishi: these great incarnation of God did not do a fragment of Amma or Sai Baba or other fake Gurus. I am not at all sorry for writing what I did and I do hope and pray that Gail gets justice.

  42. DI Mathews

    God bless you sakunthala.
    May Lord Jesus and Amma show you a right path in life and to think and speak sensibly.

  43. DI Mathews

    Sakunthala-so you actually meant that Lord jesus was fake because when Jesus was alive millions of jews where against Jesus so by and large what you have said above is that even Jesus was a fake guru or a saint.
    Iam flabbergasted by your thought process.

  44. Sakunthala

    DI Mathews
    You can take the message the way your narrow mind wants. I am flabbergasted by your attitude to others comments. This is a free world and anyone can write or share their comments . God bless you too and may he put your thought process in the right order. Amma is not a incarnation of GOD at all. So, just mind your bussiness .

  45. Victor Selveraj

    Just ignore the comments of these Quacks ( DI Mathews) who are trying their best to protect this Cult organization as they are asked to do it.

  46. DI Mathews

    If Lord Jesus is a son of god them amma is incarnation of god.
    If someone believes vice -versa then for them it would be better that you believe that nor lord Jesus or allah is a god all are fake.

  47. DI Mathews

    Sakanthula its a free world thats what even iam doing. I hope your narrow minds understand that.

  48. Victor Selveraj

    DI Mathews
    No one commented on your post till you started it:so it is you who has a low mentality. You also commented on another person’s post………..hahaha

  49. p.s. nair

    So much has been said. Even before the revelations made by Ms. Gail Tredwel, volumes had been written and published about what is going on inside the ashram. However, unfortunately the governments (both left and right) that ruled Kerala, have been so subservient to ashram that the criminals inside the ashram are still free. All the human gods including this fraud woman should be arrested an put behind bars. Once Kerala was described by Vivekananda as a “lunatics asylum”, now Gail has correctly described the ahsram as “Holy Hell”. This description in fact applies to the whole of Kerala, where majority of people are finding it easy to attain everything through these god mafias. Asharam Bapu has somehow, been booked. Let us wait for a day to come when these mathas and pithas are put lodged in solitary confinements so that their activities stop then and there.

  50. Madhy

    Actually, the exact problem Gail faced was, she could never assimilate the ancient Indian Guru Shishiya relationship and the embedded values.I understand being a westerner,it was very tough for her.On the other hand, Living with a Guru is truly a tapasya in all forms.Gail simply could not bear the tapsya(penance), so she left.On the other hand, Amma kept on giving her chances to improve herself, but she failed.It starts from the point , where Gail says in the book, sleeping on mats.Come On Gail, this how the Great traditional Indian system works, sacrifice the luxury and think of Higher power.
    Contrary, Gail… did you ever find Amma sleeping on a satin cladedd bed ?. No..Amma ( who rarely sleeps for more than 2 hours a day & many a times goes sleepless) still sleeps in a small room,on the floor.
    Her failure led to frustration , later jealousy and later she spit the venom in the form of book.
    I’m a psychologist and understand different reactions to people’s failures.
    Hope you recover soon Gail

  51. sandeep

    Can anyone list here the goods that Amma has done to the society and the businesses that they are running ? Just to have a clear picture !!

  52. Sreeram

    Mr. Rahul
    You sound very much like rahul easwar of malayali house fame. so why don’t you reveal your identity? your intelligence and religious beliefs are well known and you have to defend the indefensible. I don’t understand how you accuse gail of lieing after reading her book which i find most convincing. As mentioned in her book it is the typical indian male chauvanist attitude. I am fully with you Gail. All the best for a peaceful life ahead.


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