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United States lottery winning numbers, statistics, analysis, information, tools, calculators, number generators, and lottery wheels are available here.

Smart lottery players are well informed and select their lottery numbers carefully by examining patterns, frequencies, and trends. If you want to play your numbers smart, then you have come to the right place.

On this web site, you'll find previous winning numbers of US state-lotteries such as 3-digit games and state lotto's, and multiple-state (interstate) lottery games such as Mega Millions and Powerball.

Here is an overview of what you'll find for each lottery game:

  • Winning Numbers Plain Data:
    Calenderical display of previous US lottery winning numbers.
    Search and check if your number or set of numbers has ever won or came close to winning.
    Printable yearly calendar of past winning numbers.
  • Categorized Lottery Results:
    How are 3-digit and 4-digit numbers grouped?
    Winning history of US 3-dig and 4-digit boxes (any order).
    Triples and quadruples statistics and analysis.
  • Lottery Analysis :
    Frequencies of digits and numbers, hot and cold numbers, when a digit or a number was last drawn
    Lottery numbers that have never been drawn in exact order (straight) and in any order (box).
    Analysis of pairs and triads of lottery numbers.
  • Lottery Tools and Wheels:
    Generate combinations of 3-digit and 4-digit games.
    Check the winning history of a certain pattern of numbers such as all-evens or all-odds.
    Run a lottery wheel to generate combinations of your favorite numbers.

Just select your state and see it for yourself.

You can also check the JavaScript-driven latest winning numbers of United States lotteries all on one page.

Moreover, use the menu on the right of this page for several general information on United States lottery games, tools, and services available on this web site.

If you are using Chrome browser, use "US Lottery" extension for a quick access to the latest results of all us lotteries as well as many other tools.

US Lottery Chrome Extension.

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As regards to money redistribution, are you better off with lotteries, casino games, or sports betting?
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