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Exclusive interview: Kings and Cowboys of polo

Film director David Marlett speaks with LivingPolo.com about his upcoming creation: "Of Kings and Cowboys"

Exclusive interview: Kings and Cowboys of polo

David, how was it that you became involved with the polo scene?

I began playing polo at university, in Texas Tech. I used to ride a lot over there, sometimes we used to go and play matches with the university team against what were real cowboys. That’s where I got to know the real world of polo, close to the sport’s roots, which is what we wish to show in the film, because it reveals the link between man and his horse. We are interested in some of the social aspects of polo, but we are not focused on them. We care more about the relationships between the team members. The polo people reacted well to our idea, because we are referring to man and his horse.

Blue Run, your production firm, has several films in mind, but you dedicated a lot of your time to this one, as apart from it all there is a love story described...

We realized that 99% of the audience knows absolutely nothing about polo, and what we are seeking is that when they exit the cinema, they will want to find out if there is a polo club near to where they live. Of Kings and Cowboys is the story of a young man who works in the rodeos and then begins to play polo, and he falls in love with an Argentinian girl who is from a polo family. There is tension as from then on between him and his team’s other members, his brother and his cousin. It’s a bit like Romeo & Julliet, but in this case the conflict come from within her family, as he is an orphan and was helped by a mentor who is a former polo player.

"Of Kings & Cowboys" is a name that provokes much intrigue and in appearance has little to do with polo. What is the spirit of the movie behind its name?

It’s that polo is really the sport of kings, but also of the cowboys or the gauchos. That is one of the meanings of the film’s title. Apart from this, there is a key moment of the film, in which the leading protagonist’s tutor tells him that as long as he always bears in mind that in the sport of kings, the real king is the horse, everything will be alright. But of course, he forgets about that, and that is when things start to go wrong for him. It’s a story of horses and men, but it’s always a story on polo.

The world of polo does not seem to be so affected by the global economic crisis. How are you getting along with the production, in what refers to this aspect?

It’s been tough, just like in all parts of the world during the last eight months. We have a delay of a couple of months, but it’s nothing serious. We have three other films in study, all referred to horses, and the plan is to do them all. We could do the film in two or three years as from when the script is completed, and that is quite quick regarding the world of cinema. Our investors will continue to be on our side.

Tell us some more about your other projects also related to horses, beside "Of Kings and Cowboys"...

Our leading film is Of Kings & Cowboys, for which we have a budget of $25 Million, with $5M already identified from an Argentine producer, therefore not all of our investors are from the world of polo. Everything in BlueRun (www.bluerunproductions.com) has to do with horses, because we like them and they look good on the screen, but also because it is a good business, all the major ones made a profit over their production budgets; that is something we are counting on and we are trying to create something like a brand, which wil identify us with films on horses. There is one story of a woman and her son, who save the last remaining horse of the Russian czars. The other is referred to a man and his son who go to Wyoming for a ride, and another great one we have in mind is referred to the first film in history, which was casually about horse racing, back in 1876.

What do the international polo players say when they find out about the project? Are there any chances that some of them may take part in the film?

We have spoken to several of them. There will surely be many of them as, there is much polo played in the film, perhaps they won’t act, but there will footage from matches. All those who read the script said it was fine. We have a blog of the film, www.ofkingsandcowboys.com, where there are positive comments from many of them.The Heguys, they’re interested, we also spoke to Adolfito Cambiaso. The Hurlingham Polo Association is very supportive of the film in general. What we don’t know yet is where we will do the filming. I've been to Argentina looking at several locations, but it will depend on the budget. There are scenes which take place in Argentina and in Texas, but we can film in one place and make it look like both those places. But there are things that we have to film in Buenos Aires, no doubt. Palermo should be in the film, because there is a key match that should take place there, but the budget has the final word.

Being a great polo admirer, tell us which the best website on this sport is, and which includes news, interviews and everything you want to know about.

LivingPolo.com of course! I’m a polo fanatic and there are many good websites, but you chaps are doing a fine job.


January 8th, 2010

Luis v. Wetzler

David Marlett se encuentra en PCW Polo Worldwide Contacts, tiene una página alli, lo ùnico molesto es que David compite con Hugh Evans en dar la bienvenida a cada nuevo integrante de PCW, como si fuera el administrador de la página, que no lo es, Hugh Evans es el responsable, y nunca ni con esta entrevista he terminado de entender cuál es el objetivo que tiene, palabras no bastan.

July 22nd, 2009


Leí la entrevista a David Marlett y me pareció muy interesante. De hecho ademas de ser un apasionado jugador amateur de polo en Argentina, trabajo para una empresa que produce películas de cine. Por tal motivo me gustaría poder contactarme con él para conocerlo y saber mas de su proyecto. Hay alguna forma de contactarlo, ustedes tienen un mail de él que puedan facilitarme?
Desde ya muchas gracias.
Pablo Sahores.

pd: es excelente el site!!!!! ya me inscribi con mi mail personal.

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