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The RIDERSCAN project is launching the 3rd and last survey targeting European motorcyclists. Focusing on new technologies and powered two wheelers, the survey will feed the RIDERSCAN report on Traffic Management, providing a unique opportunity to European riders to express their views on coming intelligent transport technologies.  
Wherever you'll be partying for New Year, make sure to come back home in one piece... For your friends, for your family, for You... European youngsters, through the national EYFRS youth delegates, gathered their partying videos during the European Youth Forum for Road Safety 2013, held in Crotone (Italy) last November, as a message to convey to all their peers, but also in order to show how easy it is to create video awareness messages through the Internet, just by working together, as well as how strong the united EYFRS-Network has grown. This simple youth message of affection to take care of yourself and of your friends, to understand the risks you might be taking... Have fun, but be responsible! Just stay alive for 2014... And Happy New Year to all youngsters on earth !!!  
Over in South-Eastern Europe, the first Bulgarian Road Safety Forum with international participation was held on December 4, 2013 in "Serdika" hall of the Sheraton Sofia Hotel Balkan.  

Where will you party for New Year's Eve?