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Top highlights for any Russian travel package – enjoy unlimited fun and dining experience

Russia comprises of several states and world level cities that can provide you the much needed intense moments in the touring time however; you will have to secure that you have booked the best travelling agency or guide in advance. Moscow and St. Petersburg along with the Siberian beauty may be your topmost touring destinations but it does not mean that you can easily overlook the political, World War II, Jewish heritage and beauty of Pushkin, Pavlovsk and Peterhof.

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You can really forget to look at the Soviet Union times and Russian revolution which occurred at the time of communism. You will further love to visit the Square of the Decembrist, Aurora and the Palace Square. A day long tour may also feature valued visits to other historic places such as Political History Museum, Museum of the Siege of Leningrad and Sergei Kirov Museum along with famous Piskaryovskoye Memorial Cemetary. The last one represents a different aspect of city’s heroic leaders that were killed and buried in mass graves, offering a glimpse of around three-years seize of the Leningrad.

St. Petersberg

This city has been bestowed with a lot of sites and locations that are considered valuable for the religious and political culture of Russia. Visitors are taken to the famous Hermitage Museum, Peter and Paul Fortress and Cathedral of the Split Blood. You can also take a customized tour to the beautiful canal by boat and capture fascinating moments of your life.

Some of the other hidden aspects of Russia tours can be expressed in the Trans-Siberian railway network, Lake Baikal, Golden Ring and exciting river cruises.


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