There are two primary causes for both poverty and war

  1. Plunder by trade.
  2. Property rights law, as applied to natures resources and technologies, denying others their rightful share of what nature offers to us all for free.

Those fundamentals are the heart of the enormously violent and wasteful world monopoly system. Well over half of our labors and resources expended adds nothing to our quality of life. We suggest these links for a quick initial understanding:

  1. An honest capitalist economy in 170 words (expanded in the books mentioned below)
  2. From Plunder by Raids to Plunder by Trade
  3. My Eureka Moment: Understanding the Causes and Cures of Poverty and War
  4. The simplicity of eliminating poverty and war will stun you

These books build that foundation in depth. You can download them at no charge or purchase hard copies.

We are a cooperative publishing house. If you can produce a high-quality book explaining this world in your unique way, and if you are ignored by major publishers, we can publish it.

(The out of print 2006 edition of Economic Democracy reached $101.75 paperback and $170.75 hardback on the used books market. This current edition is deeper, broader and more powerful. An Understandable Full and Equal Rights Economy in 170 Words are those expanded concepts)

Click on a book to read it. The following articles summarize the primary research within them.

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