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* Using Moving Here in ICT skills sessions

In this section Using Moving Here in ICT Learning sessions
Planning the Session
The Gallery
Sending an e-postcard
Migration Histories
Tracing your roots
Telling your story
Illustrating your story
Tell a story about an image
Searching the site
Advanced searching
Search results
Downloading an image
Suggested searches to try:
Further help

top of page* Using Moving Here in ICT Learning Sessions

Enabling people to become confident ICT users is considerably easier with learning sessions that are interesting and relevant to the learner. This section gives the ICT trainer some guidance in how to make the most of Moving Here in an ICT workshop.

If you cannot find the answer to your query in the help section please contact us.

Sessions should be tailored to the needs of the audience and the event.


  • the number of participants
  • the potential range of ICT skills
  • different ethnic backgrounds and age of users in the group
  • the range of literacy skills.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the session learners should have:

  • examined the main features of the Moving Here website including searching the catalogue, downloading images & sound, sending e-postcards, navigating through the galleries & contributing to the site online;
  • spent time exploring the features they found most interesting;
  • gained enough confidence to use the Moving Here website independently.

ICT Learning Outcomes:

By the end of using this manual learners will:

  • learn how to use a mouse to navigate a website;
  • be able to email somebody an electronic postcard;
  • be able to send their story electronically to the Moving Here website;
  • be able to attach an electronic image to their story;
  • learn how plugins work and use them to look at an image or hear an audio item.

top of pageHelp Planning the Session

Most sections of the site are accessible using the menu bar at the top of every screen. The 'Help' section is available from the bottom of every page in the left hand corner.

About this site banner

Ensure Adobe Acrobat and Windows Media Player or RealPlayer and Flash are installed on the PCs.

About the Site - PartnersWhen planning your Moving Here learning session, click here to view the list of partners who have contributed resources to the site. You may find records that relate to the local area and communities.

top of page* The Gallery

An excellent place to start, 'The Gallery' gathers together over 500 highlights from the Moving Here collection and arranges them by topic. This means that users can simply point and click on subjects of interest to them, and this should lead them to discover resources from a variety of communities.

The Gallery
All of the items in The Gallery have the same 3 options attached to them:
1) 'View in our Catalogue' -
This will take you to a screen where you can see the full description of the item and download it.
View in our catalogue button
A Gallery Item
2) 'Send as an e-postcard' -
This will allow you to attach a message to any item and send it to a friend via email (see sending an e-postcard).
Send an e-postcard button
3) 'Add item to your story' -
This will take you to the 'Tell Us Your Story' screen. (See
Adding Your Story).
Add item to your story button

top of page* Sending an e-postcard


Type the name and email address of the person you are sending the postcard to and then type your own. Type a message and then click on the link to 'Send your e-postcard'.

The recipient will then receive an email with a link, telling them that someone has sent them a postcard.

Clicking the link in the email will redirect that person to their postcard on the Moving Here website.

top of page* Migration Histories

For each community the 'Migration Histories' section of the website gives an overview of the past 200 years of migration and explores the following themes:

Migration Histories Navigation BarFrom the list on the left of the 'Migration Histories' pages, choose a section to explore. The 'Introduction' is a very good place to get an overview of migration to England. Enter a keyword or phrase to search the section of the site you are using.

Moving Here timeline

top of page* Tracing your roots

The 'Tracing Your Roots' section of the website will introduce you to the resources available to help you discover the history of your family.

bannerroot button
Tracing Your Roots Navigation Bar

This section will:

  • Show you how and where to get started to look for information on your family.
  • Give you connections to useful websites around the world to help in your search for your ancestors.
  • Give you real case studies to learn from and follow.
  • Explain the online Moving Here catalogue and highlight the records you can search to look for a particular member of your family.

Moving Here search box on Tracing Your Roots pages
Enter a keyword or phrase to search the section of the site you are using.

top of page* Stories

Read other peoples experiences of migration to England - and be inspired to add your own in the 'Stories' section.

  Moving Here stories page

Enter a keyword or phrase to search the section of the site you are using.

To read stories that other visitors have contributed click on the image/title to view the story. Click on Browse all stories to go to the full list.

Moving Here stories page

To read stories which have come from projects that Moving Here has been involved with, use the drop down menu and click 'Go' or else click on an image/title.

top of page* Telling your story

Anybody can add their own experiences of migration and identity. This may be in response to an item seen on the site or alongside your own photographs and records. Follow the instructions on this 'Tell Your Story' screen to submit a story on the website. If you are planning to type a lot it may be easier to cut it and paste it from a Word document.

Stories Help

For further help on how to submit a story click on the help button.

Having told your story, you then have a choice:


You can add an image to illustrate your story, by clicking here ...

You can submit your story to the website without adding an image by clicking here ...


top of page* Illustrating your story

After selecting 'Illustrate Your Story' there is a choice of adding up to 10 of your own photographs and up to 10 images from the site.

Add images from Moving Here:
Clicking on 'Choose from catalogue' will take you to the 'Search' screen, where you can search for images from the Moving Here catalogue to illustrate your story.

Once you find an item you wish to use, you should click on the 'Add This Item to Your Story' link on the catalogue page


Add your own photographs:
Use the Browse button to look through your own photos on your computer. Click 'Add this Image' once you have selected the image you want to add. Give the photograph a caption.

You will need to scan your photos and save them on to your PC before doing this.


top of page* Tell a story about an image

add to story button

You may come across an image that you want to write about as you are browsing through Moving Here.

Click on the 'add item to Your story' button at the bottom of the page and you will arrive at the 'Tell Your Story' page.

Fill in your story and continue by choosing 'Illustrate your story'. You will notice that your selected item has already been added. You may add further images or delete the item if you change your mind.

top of page* Searching the site

Moving Here has many different sections with a lot of information contained within them. You can use the search box at the top right corner to search within a specific section or if you want to search across the whole site visit this general 'Search' page.

You can access tips for searching at the top of the page.

Type in the word you are looking for in the search box.

Choose 'Regular Search' if you want an exact match of the word or 'Fuzzy Search' if you want to include varients i.e. plurals.

Select which section(s) of the site you would like to search, or leave blank to search the whole site.

TIP select 'Catalogue of Digitised Records' to search the Moving Here database of over 150,000 maps, photographs, documents and sound recordings.

'Browse by Topic'. Here you will find a list of some topics we have already searched for you. Find a topic you like, click on it and discover what we have in the Moving Here catalogue related to it.

Moving Here basic search form

top of page* Advanced searching

The 'Advanced Search' page enables you to search in a more detailed way. To get to it click on 'Advanced Search' at the top of the 'Search' page. The 'Advanced Search' page enables you to search for particular words, topics or dates in one part or all of the site sections. Fill in as much or as little information on the form as you want to - you do not have to fill in every section.

The search screen allows you to carry out quite advanced searches. You can refine your search in many ways:

  • by a Keyword
  • by Community
  • by Theme
  • by Year Range
  • by Format
  • by Museum, Library or Archive
  • by different parts of the Site
Moving Here advanced search form

top of page* Search results

The results of your search show you how many things (hits) there are that match your criteria. Click on the reference number of the item or the blue underlined link to view more details.

The Hitlist Page

Results Summary:
A list of links that will take you to the section of the site ('Migration Histories', 'Tracing Your Roots', 'The Gallery' or 'Stories') that contains information matching your search criteria.

A list of stories that match your search criteria. Click on them to read the story.

Moving Here Catalogue:
All the items in the catalogue that match your search criteria. Click on the reference number to view an item.

top of page* Downloading an image

If the item you have selected from the 'Search Results' list is from the Moving Here Catalogue, more details about your chosen item will appear, like this -

Catalogue details page

You can then see or hear the item by clicking on the 'Download' link.

You will need to install Adobe Acrobat for images and Real Player or Windows Media Player for audio/visual files. Click on the symbol to install it.

top of page* Suggested searches to try:

Using the 'Search' page to look for weddings

Type in weddings


  • Regular search
  • Catalogue of digitised resources

Click 'Search'

Select one of the hits from the list

Download the file

Using the 'Search' page to look for maps

Type in maps


  • Regular search

Click 'Search'

Select one of the hits from the list

Download the file

Using the 'Advanced Search' page (go to the simple search page and select Advanced Search) to look for photographs from South Asia

Type in 1940 - 1945 in year range


  • South Asian Community
  • Photographs

Click 'Search'

Select one of the hits from the list

Download the file

Using the 'Advanced Search' page (go to the simple search page and select Advanced Search) to look for Jewish objects


  • Jewish Community
  • Objects
  • Jewish Museum London
  • Catalogue of digitised resources

Click 'Search'

Select the image that you want to look at from the results list

Download the file

top of page* Further help

If you would like Moving Here leaflets, postcards or posters or to loan our exhibition please email: enquiry@movinghere.org.uk.

This document was produced in consulation with Jason Tutin, Learning Co-ordinator, Leeds Library and Information Service.