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Adobe Co-Sponsors Creative Cloud Art Competition!

In recognition of the wide range of artistic options offered to their users, Adobe is hosting an art competition as part of the BostonFIG Art Exhibit. Judged by an all-star panel of art directors from Boston-area game studios such as Harmonix, Proletariat and Firehose Games, artists are encouraged to submit their original game-related artwork, created using any of the tools currently available in Creative Cloud, including Photoshop and Illustrator. The top three art competition winners will receive a 6-month Creative Cloud membership, plus other great prizes to help digital artists perfect and perform their craft. Artists are welcome to submit their original artwork for either the main art exhibit, or for the competitive category, by August 30. Sign up here!


The BostonFIG Art Exhibit is proud to support game artists again this year as part of the Boston Festival of Indie Games. Last year, we had more than 40 different art pieces displayed from artists working on games such as Girls Like Robots, Go Go Xylo, StarDriver and Fieldrunners 2.

This years’ show will feature separate categories for both professional artists and up-and-coming student artists who are interested in breaking into the game industry. Submitting to the exhibit is a wonderful opportunity to show off your artistic talents and personal gaming projects 8118008420_44edf56fde_oto a huge audience; we had over 1,000 attendees at the festival last year with representatives from many game studios among them!

The BostonFIG Art Exhibit encourages both physical and digital pieces of all kinds. We invite you to submit anything you’ve made – from concept art for that game you’ve been wanting to create to that pinata you made for your company’s first year in production to those 3D character animation tests you’re making right now. Everything is welcome! Additionally, anyone that can’t make it out to Cambridge can always submit digital images to be displayed in our giant artist slideshow, which will be running all day front and center in the gallery itself.

BostonFIG Art Exhibit Submissions Deadline & Criteria:

  • All pieces must be submitted by 12PM on August 30th, 2013 to be considered for this year’s gallery.
  • Please put all submissions on one ticket
  • Links to digital proofs must be included in the submission form (so we can see your art!). Interactive pieces may submit stills or screen caps with explanations in the comments.
  • Accepted artists will be contacted on September 2nd, 2013.
  • Physical prints may not exceed 2’ x 2’ and may not be framed. Mounting on light foam board is allowed.
  • Digital pieces may not exceed 1MB and must be in one of the following formats:
  • Interactive pieces are allowed, but any equipment needed (such as a laptop or speakers) must be specified and provided by the artists.
  • Pieces should ideally be related to games in some way, whether that means in a professional or personal capacity. Submissions not related to games may be accepted, however, depending on space.

For attendees, the art gallery is a place of serenity amongst the awesome gaming chaos that is the Boston Festival of Indie Games. Stop in and peruse the outstanding art when your wrists are tired of rolling dice or your thumbs are sore from rotating joysticks!

The following artists will be on display!

  • Apocoplay, LLC
  • Brian S. Chung
  • Cathy Stephens
  • Chris O’Connor
  • Chris Seaman
  • Chris St. Aubin
  • Chris Watson
  • Christopher Chevalier
  • Daniel Keating
  • Don Higgins
  • Emily Chen
  • Emma Tolley
  • G.P Lackey
  • GJ Lee
  • Gloria King Merritt
  • Henry Phu
  • Holly Carabbio
  • Joey Chipman
  • Jonathon Kutzer
  • Kaitlynn Peavler
  • Laura Tallardy
  • Lindsay Grace
  • Luigi Guatieri
  • Marguerite Dibble
  • Michael Meara
  • Mikhael Frazier
  • Nick Criscuolo
  • Sandra Araújo
  • Shaye Jones
  • Taber Noble
  • Yoonjoo Lee
  • Zach Castedo