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Transitional Deacon Ordained at St. Eugene in Wendell

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On Saturday, January 29, at St. Eugene Catholic Church in Wendell, the Most Reverend Michael F. Burbidge ordained Rev. Mr. Ryan Zamora Carnecer, of the missionary society of the Congregation of the Immaculate Heart of Mary (CICM), to the transitional diaconate. The transitional diaconate is the next to last step in ordination to the Priesthood.

Born in the Philippines in 1981, Deacon Carnecer attended Maryknoll High Catholic High School in Panabo City. Upon graduation, he joined the CICM seminary. He studied philosophy and theology at LaSalle University in Bacolod City and Maryhill School of Theology in Quezon City.  Since arriving in the United States, he has continued his studies and served as chaplain at Presbyterian Hospital in New Mexico. He spent time in Mexico learning Spanish and ministering in San Antonio, Texas, before coming to North Carolina.

Deacon Carnecer recalls “falling in love” with his vocation in the seminary. “The challenge is always to remain in love,” he said, a love the Lord sustains with what Deacon Carnecer calls “moments of conversion.” He recalls a family in the slums of Manila. When he visited them they were counting coins they had begged on the streets. They had just lost their infant daughter, and they were hoping to have enough to bury her.

“Moments like this move my heart,” Deacon Carnecer said, “and they provide me with continuous food for reflection and questions for God.”

Ministering to the poor in the slums and factories in Philippines, Deacon Carnecer says he could see the effects of Christ’s presence through his apostolate. “But it’s not just me ministering to them,” he said. “They challenge me to live my vocation, to live as a Christ for them.”

Deacon Carnecer is scheduled to be ordained a priest in the Diocese of Tagum, Philippines, in May. Until then he will continue to serve at St. Eugene.

Above: Rev. Mr. Ryan Zamora Carnecer, newly ordained Deacon, during Preparation of the Gifts, at his Mass of Ordination to the Transitional Diaconate at St. Eugene Catholic Church in Wendell.

Above: Father Joseph Lapauw, CICM, Pastor of St. Eugene Catholic Church, Deacon Ryan Carnecer; Bishop Michael F. Burbidge; and Father John Raharjo, CICM, Parochial Vicar of St. Eugene Catholic Church following Mass of Ordination.