Michelle Gumabao steps up and leads the housemates

Cristina MalonzoMay 01, 2014 04:44 AM
On day two of Pinoy Big Brother All In, Alex Gonzaga had to borrow clothes from the other girls because she only had undergarments in her suitcase. She also revealed to Kuya how it is Toni Gonzaga, her sister, who usually borrows clothes from her. Cess Visitacion also encountered the word “bidet” for the first time.

In the morning, the housemates were given the task to share equally among themselves the household chores, food ,and shower time. Michelle Gumabao took the reins and divided the housemates among groups and supervised food distribution.

At first, the housemates failed when it came to dividing their food equally, so the housemates decided to do better in their next meal. Vickie and Nichole had a hard time eating vegetables, but the other housemates rallied them on. Will this increase their chances of succeeding in their task? Are the housemates showing good teamwork? Will the housemates appreciate Michelle’s leadership in the house? Or, will some of them detest it?

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