07 May

One Quick Take

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I’m running out of ways to title my post that say “Hi, I’m dropping by to say life is good. Bye.

Today I want to write a little bit about what’s been going on with me lately, so I decided to set a timer for five minutes and write whatever comes to mind between now and then. After that I’ll get ready and pack up the car and take the kids over to my friend’s house for a portfolio-building shoot I’m doing with her. I’m giving Jenna Cole another big push, trying to figure out if I can stay home and work for myself or if I need to think about job hunting once T2 joins T1 at his preschool next year. I’m trying not to think about the possibility that we might move again, because it’s always hovering over me like a giant question mark of doom, leaving behind any clients I’ve worked so hard to add to my base.

Only one more minute! Goodness I am slow at writing now that I’m out of practice.

My other focus lately has been switching up my life to eliminate the clutter, the things that cause me anxiety, the things that don’t bring me happiness, and replace them with the things that do. I’ve got a giant pile of stuff to give away or sell, and I’m working to restructure the way I spend my time so that I’m outside more in the evening with the kids when the light is soft. I hope it doesn’t sound sacrilegious, because it’s not meant to be, but I’ve found that being outside in nice light feeds my soul the way Mormonism used to. Fresh air and pretty light and organized spaces are the things I need more of in my life.

The timer went off so that’s all for now. Someday the kids won’t be small anymore and there will be more time for things like blogging. Instagram.com/thatwife is the best place to see what I’m up to on a daily basis.

28 Apr

Yan Fam Way Review

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I purchased a spot at Yan Fam Way on a whim. I saw her short post about the workshop and purchased based on not much more than a love of her work and a fascination with her public persona. As soon as I received confirmation that the payment had gone through a steady hum of anxiety about the workshop began to buzz in the back of my mind. There are a lot of bad photography workshops out there, and I had no idea if I had just signed up to fly to Utah attend one of the duds.

It was this public persona that had me feeling nervous. Yan is followed and adored by many, and she shares a lot via social media. One of the things I had retained from her admissions is that she is a free spirit with a killer eye but not a lot of organizational skills. I was worried about two distinct possibilities: that I had just paid for the opportunity to hear a conceited photographer talk for 8 hours about how awesome they are while telling attendees that they just need to find the rainbow butterflies that exist within each of us in order to harness the unlimited power of our artistic prowess OR that the day would be awkward and disorganized as we all tried our best to get the most out of our investment by gleaning droplets from a hurricane of information messily flung in our direction.

Keep reading, because I’m writing this review to tell you how needless that anxiety was, and how incredibly wrong I was about the negative possibilities I feared. We didn’t have much communication from her until about a week before the workshop, but a few days before the event I opened up my inbox to see an email titled “portfolio review and assignment.” Inside I found seven paragraphs, very detailed and written with a careful balance that allowed the message to cut right to my weaknesses while maintaining my belief in my own potential. I have read that email a dozen times since I opened it, and each time I come away with a new insight about my business and the revised approach I want to take in the future. At the end of the email she gave me a personalized assignment based on my Jenna Cole portfolio (each attendee talked about their assignment at the workshop and they were all very unique and specific) and I was frankly kind of shocked to see what she wrote. Not only was it the perfect fit for me and where I’m at right now, but it got really got at the reason I was attending in the first place. Read more →

14 Apr

My Work on Naturebox

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I’ve been focusing on a variety of things lately, some writing, some shooting with Jenna Cole Photography, some blogging. Plus a personal photography project! I plan to share the details for each venture once they are more fully formed.

I’m stopping in today to point you to Naturebox. They’ve gone public with their branding makeover, something I’ve been waiting anxiously for because I provided them with the photos on their careers page! I loved working with this company, and I’m thinking about other ways I can do this kind of editorial work in the future.

Untitled-1I also took this one of the founders, and this one used in the Mashable First 100 series. I love seeing my work pop up across the web!


11 Apr

One Quick Take

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24 Mar

A Little Bit of The Latest

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This is one of those weeks where I open up my calendar and to-do list and feel my heart begin to race as I see how much needs to be done. How do you manage your stress during those time periods? I have a playlist of songs with a fast beat that help me dance around and calm down a little bit. (I’m listening to Daft Punk by Pentatonix as I type this.) Why the escalating stress levels? It’s tax filing season, the time where I curse Jenna Cole and self-employment and wonder why I persist in working for myself (then I file and it’s all over and I love it again).

Also, this Thursday and Friday I’m doing preschool pictures for T1′s preschool. They have two locations, and 120 kids between all of the classes. I’m finalizing my paperwork and plans, and preparing to overdose on coffee so I can bounce around like a maniac for several hours trying to get kids to flash the perfect smile into my camera so their parents will feel they absolutely have to have the shots I present. This past weekend I assembled the backdrop supplement that I invented and I’m really excited about how it’s all going to come together. Here’s a little glimpse into what it’s going to look like, though the actual photos won’t be backlit by the sun, will have a gray backdrop, and won’t have kids with messy faces (I’m hiring someone specifically for messy face and hair patrol!).

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