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The Heroes’ Square in Budapest is one of the most famous and most frequently visited sights in Budapest. You will not find any guide or book without the Heroes’ Square in it. That is why many pictures of tourists are taken with the Heroes’ Square in the background to show that “I have been here”. It is located at the end of famous Andrassy avenue which many people take a walk at because of the beautiful buildings and of course because next to Vaci Utca it is the main road in Budapest you need to see. At the end where you can find all the embassies, cooperate houes and high class restaurants you can see Heroes’ Square which is especially magical at night.

Heroes’ Square is a historic must see sight in Budapest, known to the locals as Hősök tere. Not only is this site remarkable but it is also enveloped by two considerable buildings, Museum of Fine Arts on the left and Hall of Art on the right. Behind it is City Park that also includes a charming lake. It is located at the end of the iconic boulevard, Andrassy Avenue which is recognized as a World Heritage Site since 2002.  Over the years this site has been a valuable scene of many historic events, demonstrations, celebrations and popular gatherings.

The centre of Heroes’ Square embodies the Millenary Monuments. It’s development was begun in 1896, to commensurate the thousandth anniversary of the arrival of Hungarians in the Carpathian Basin by Hungarian tribes and wasn’t completed until 1900.

The center, 36-meter, high rising column contains the Archangel Gabriel at the top. In his right hand the angel holds the Holy Crown of St. Stephen, the first king of Hungary. In his left hand a two barred apostolic cross. Legend has it that the archangel once appeared to St. Stephen, directing him to convert the then pagan Magyars to Christianity. Below are the seven statues that represent the seven leaders of the tribes that founded Hungary in the 9th century as well as other distinguished figures of Hungarian history such as Hungarian kings, princes and commanders.

The stone cenotaph on the ground in front of the column is the Heroes’ Monument, decorated by iron chain it is the traditional spot for wreath-laying ceremonies. The inscription reminds us of those who have given their lives for Hungarian freedom and independence. And behind the column is the two-part colonnade. The four groups of symbolic figures on the top represent Work, Wealth, War, Peace, and Knowledge and Glory.

The 14 statues on the millenium monument are the following:

Stephen I of Hungary

Ladislaus I of Hungary

Coloman of Hungary

Andrew II of Hungary

Béla IV of Hungary

Charles I of Hungary

Louis I of Hungary

John Hunyadi

Matthias Corvinus

István Bocskay

Gabriel Bethlen

Imre Thököly

Francis II Rákóczi

Lajos Kossuth

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