About Me

Hi, I'm Carina, and this here is a writing blog. 

I don't have fancy pictures. I don't repost things from Apartment Therapy. I don't do craft tutorials, diet tips, or play excessively with my three children (I am their mother, not their cruise director.) I write to host a conversation, play with voices, and because it's fun.

Words are enough.

I started blogging in 2002 when I stopped writing for other online outfits and wanted to write for fun. I spent years in the dot com world doing online marketing, product management, product marketing, technical writing, branding, and whatever else needed to get done. I now do freelance and contract work. You can find me at, and every once in while at Segullah. This blog is for personal use and should be applied topically.

Why is Your Blog Called "The Jet Set"?

I am an international socialite with an Aegean-deep trust fund who must jet to maintain her perfect bronze glow.


No. I'm a pale, work-at-home mom who desperately scrambles to get out of bed in the morning early enough to make sure her kids catch the bus to school so she doesn't have to drive them.

However, I do: travel, own two passports, speak three languages, love retro everything, over-dress almost every day, and own ginormous sunglasses. My friends insist my pretension is endearing.

I Have More Personal Questions I Want to Ask?

Well, OK.

Why Does It Say Your Name is Azúcar?

Once upon a time online, people felt like they had to have handles for fear of being tracked down by scary murderers, robber barons, or the NSA or something (turns out we were right about that NSA...) I'm not exactly sure. A friend nicknamed me Sugar, which became Azúcar--sugar in Spanish. This is all moot since we can't exactly hide ourselves online anymore and Carina will do just fine.

Where Do You Live?

In Utah and I love it. Don't talk smack or I'll say mean things behind your back, especially you, Florida.

Where Else Have You Lived?

Boston, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Connecticut, and Spain. Traveled lots of other places.

What Truly Scares You?

Artificially colored foods.

Just How Nerdy Are You?

So, so nerdy. My first crush was Wil Wheaton. I read the Lord of the Rings when I was 11. I'm staring at my Firefly DVDs. I yell at the stupid people on Jeopardy! for incorrect responses. I collect physical books but love my Kindle. I know what API, PPC, SEO, and CPM stand for. I remember before Google. I saw my first email in 1989. The internet was green screen when I started using my external modem to telnet to MUDs. I met my husband online. That nerdy.

Will You Take a Picture of Yourself With Your Nerdy Glasses, Pigeon-Toed Shoes, Sock Bun, and your Moleskin, all Reflected in a Mirror?


True Facts
  • I've been bitten three times by snakes
  • The hospital once tried to switch my baby
  • I used to host a radio show
  • I was a movie critic until I gave it all up for television (just watching it.)
  • I own a point-and-shoot digital camera with a missing cord and a cell phone; almost all my pictures come from them
  • My one sister is a real photographer (degree and everything) and you can hire her here
  • My other sister is funnier and prettier than I am
  • My brother invented some fancy optic mount for an AK-47 (that's a kind of lubricant, right?)
  • I have a friend named Anne who makes movies
  • I'm LDS (Oh snap, a blogger who is a Mormon? Now you've heard everything!)
  • I was voted Most Likely to Be a Smooth-Talking Politician in high school
  • I paint, draw, sew, bake, cook, design, write, craft, play piano, host parties, do voice-overs, give speeches, but I am an unorganized mess with a daily level of distraction that is both profound and tragic. 
  • I like you. Let's be friends.

Sondheim Approved Since 1995