In Search of a Forgotten Videogame


Atomic Castle (formerly known as Eon & The Timetunnel) was a game created by Laserdisc Computer Systems in the early 1980's. The game was tested in local Massachusetts arcades but no known copies survive. This website was created to document the history of the game and possibly track down Roms & Footage for archiving so that this game can be preserved historically. In absence of any Roms or Footage, this will simply serve as a historical archive for LDCS and its many projects.

This archive is only as correct as the data I receive from former LDCS employees. If there are errors at the site (and there very well may be), please don't hesitate to reach out to me for clarification and updates.

If you want to read about how this website came about and wonder why anyone would bother to look for a lost video game, feel free to read about my search below.

The Search for Eon


4/2/2014 : Cleaned up history section so that it would read a bit easier. Added links to 2 newspaper articles in Media section. Added flyer for Laser Jukebox in Photos section.

4/1/2014 : Fixed history section to put Eon as the first incarnation of Atomic Castle rather than the other way around. Re-wrote history to include Pitchman as second game rather than third.

3/31/2014 : Fixed broken links to Thom Kidrin & Robert Walker interviews. Still need to be transcribed and added.

3/28/2014 : Added interview of Bill Zettler to interview section.

3/24/2014 : Added "Media" sections & "Photos" sections for future drop points of any footage, articles or other information received.

2/15/2014 : Spoke with Rus Gant and Dov Jacobson and currently gathering data to update "interviews" section. Will update when responses are received.

John Mendoza