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Who is Carolyn Elefant???
This 'Elefant' is America's Number One SUSPENDED Solo

What is a "Solo"? I suppose we should let Ms Elefant explain it in her own words;
"The way I like to tell it...I'm the head honcho in my own law firm (that one is on Facebook)...a big law firm wasn't big enough. Not big enough for my ego...I was a lawyer ahead of schedule...the first generation of lawyer-bloggers...the first to recognize and harness the power of the Internet...the first generation of law firms on-line... the upload of a law firm website (which I handcoded myself) in 1995...business owner long before the dotcom boom of the late '90s...
solos know strategies associates need to learn...as an associate, you don’t own your law firm...standing firm before an insulting, nasty judge...I’ve developed lasting friendships with several accomplished female solo lawyers who inspire me...Like Jack who jumped over the candlestick, we solos are nimble and quick..."
You poor 'Associates' will any of you ever make the grade to become a 'SOLO'??

Oh well not to worry too much, Carolyn Elefant was sacked by Duncan & Allen, a D.C.-based energy law boutique, who told her that she wasn't "partnership material" and gave her six months to find a new job which she then found no other 'BigLaw' firm wanted her either.

When Lawyers Make Mistakes -- By Carolyn Elefant Special to Law.com February 07, 2005
No lawyer wants to make mistakes, but sometimes they're unavoidable. The most lawyers can do is resign themselves to the fact that when they do make mistakes, they have an opportunity to learn from them. But when and how lawyers correct their mistakes says a lot about the type of lawyer they are.

Let me further "Quote" the 'Elefant'.
"When attorneys discover that they've made a mistake, lawyerly instincts usually kick in: They rationalize that the error is harmless, use argument skills to deny that a mistake has been made, or, as every good witness is taught, refuse to own up to the mistake unless and until the issue is raised by someone else".

What does the Elefant say on one of her many website!
"Naturally, our clients can always expect superior legal research..." This stupid woman doesn't understand what she reads and even confessed she gets "confused", so how is she going to give her "clients...superior legal research"?

As the 'Elefant' states"Lawyers Make Mistakes" and this one has made one horrendous 'mistake' and "how lawyers correct their mistakes says a lot about the type of lawyer they are". Ms Elefant on her website Myshingle.com on January 28, 2010 made outrageous false defamatory accusations that the owner/author of another website was 'Extorting' money out of English law firms and although the website owner sent her two emails pointing out that her facts were not correct she "refused to own up to the mistake" believing that as "we solos are nimble and quick" we just don't make 'Mistakes'.

Ms Elefant "the first to recognize and harness the power of the Internet" got her information from the website of the Law Society Gazette, that had correctly named a website and its author, but her fact collecting skills were below that which would be expected from a "first generation of law firms on-line" collected by this 20yrs experienced Solo Lawyer who claims to be "the first generation of lawyer-bloggers". With a 'Pedigree' like that how could she name the wrong site and get the name Rick Kordowski confused with 'Brian Gray'? (Is it any wonder a 'Big-Law' firm, Duncan & Allen, sacked her for not being up to their minimum standards?)

An email was sent to a 'good' friend of Carolyn Elefant, Attorney Chuck Newton, who contacted her to inform her that the horrendous allegations she had made were against the wrong person and his website. - Ms Elefant would now put a Post Removal on her website, we have a lawyer here who stated "I was a lawyer ahead of schedule" and her excuse, if you can believe it, "I was Confused" furthermore she stated "... I had made a mistake so I was loathe to apologize" (which she never did managed to do). From here on Carolyn Elefant lied her socks off and in an email from the 'accused' to Ms Elefant's friend, Attorney Chuck Newton, you will find it hard to believe that this Attorney who preaches to the American law profession on their mistakes can be so devious. Let me make one of her most poignant quotes; "...refuse to own up to the mistake unless and until the issue is raised by someone else".

Months later Carolyn Elefant has not made any attempt to contact the site owner so let me repeat her words "But when and how lawyers correct their mistakes says a lot about the type of lawyer they are" I will let you draw your own conclusions on this "...Jack who jumped over the candlestick..." because these "...solos are nimble and quick..." and the final 'twist in the tail' she admitted on her website, Myshingle.com, this is not the first time she has published false allegations on the internet, in fact she is regularly misinterpreting the written word. -I suppose she could be called a 'serial' offender.

Follow the paper trail in order of how the events happened
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9th -----10th

- How did this Attorney totally confuse two people and two websites?- Have a read and you will be just as 'confused' how she did it.
--- Read Myshingle.com Post-Removal notice and the comments that include some Ms Elefant refused to publish.
I am a fair man and as a comment on Myshingle.com suggested Rick Kordowski should allow Solicitors/law firms to publish their side of the story I have set aside a page for Attorney Carolyn Elefant to put forward a defence. - - - -The Office of Attorney Elefant ---- ----- MyShingle.Com

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