The Lumix G6 Challenge

We all love a good challenge to get blood moving and the people over at Panasonic are no different, with their new head to head Lumix G6 Challenge, which pits the latest from their Lumix camera range, the G6, with a comparable DSLR. The outcomes have been turned into three videos under the catchy, Closer Faster Smart banner.

To help in this challenge they have teamed up with professional photographer David Eustace, and he took a Lumix G6 and a DSLR over to Indonesia to out them through their paces to see which one was up for the job the best. Glaswegian born David was certainly a good choice for a challenge, before taking up photography he worked on minesweepers and is a former a prison warden at the notorious Barlinnie Prison.


The first challenge is the Closer Challenge, which sees David trying to photograph traditional bull racing in Indonesia. For those that have never seen bull racing, which you would guess is most of us, it is simply two bulls being steered by a man on a form of rigging. It is certainly not for the faint hearted with mud and bull horns flying everywhere. So this is a challenge about the quality of the zoom lenses – which camera can get quality pictures from a safe distance. For the G6 David could fully maximise the Lumix’s x10 optical zoom, giving him great pictures with out having to get too near to the action. For the DSLR, the x3 zoom mean that it was a choice between distant looking pictures or getting close up and personal with the bulls. So round one to the G6.

Next up is the Faster Challenge, with David travelling to Bali with the task to find a moment to capture were speed is the key. He comes across some kids playing in the river, and as they are jumping off into the water tries to capture the moment. For any camera this is vital performance test, and he uses the Live View via the LCD screens on both cameras.

Lumix G6 - River

The resulting photos are amazingly different; the G6 manages to capture the children in mid flight as they launch into the river. The slow reaction time of the DSLR meant that the moment was missed and the children were in the water before the image could be captured.

The third and final challenge was the Smart Challenge, and as with the previous two challenges, the G6 out performed the DSLR, with those all important added extras making life a lot easier. This is clearly shown with David easily being able to transfer the images onto his tablet via the built in WiFi function that the G6 has. So no fiddling around with swapping SD cards and within minutes he was he was able show the locals his photos. These extras are all important when you want your camera to perform for you, and when you buy a quality camera it is something that you want and expect. So it resulted in the G6 achieving a hat trick of wins in the comparison challenge, so hats off the people at Panasonic for their excellent new G6.

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Wi-Fi Freedom For 2013 Panasonic Camcorders


Panasonic’s new 2013 range of camcorders all feature Wi-Fi and NFC capabilities, meaning they can connect with all manner of technology gadgets in the household. This new connectivity not only makes capturing footage that much easier, but also adds several new features previously unseen in traditional camcorders.

Via a new free Panasonic app available for Android and iOS, smart devices like tablets and phones can now connect via Wi-Fi to their new camcorders. This allows a myriad of new features; most exciting is the remote function. The phone or tablet is transformed into a fully functional remote control for the camcorder, with the ability to view a live feed, change settings and, of course, record remotely.

The audio levels, zoom and shutter control can all be edited on the fly using the app, giving so much freedom for the film maker to move around and truly control the set without having to constantly adjust settings on the camera itself.

The camera is ready for remote control

Probably the most exciting feature is the live feed available on the app. Being able to view the shot from anywhere, be it in the shot itself or from another room, is truly remarkable for an amateur film maker. As long as the phone remains on the same Wi-Fi network as the camera, the feed will show the current show, allowing changes in lighting, set and camera angle to be seen on the go. The degree of control and freedom allowed by this feature was previously only seen in professional setups and produces fantastic opportunity for budding film makers.

However, the remote function is not the only new capability given by the Wi-Fi enabled camcorders. Wireless playback is available, enabling streaming recorded footage or images on the camera to be shown on TVs, laptops or tablets. Sharing pictures and video with family could not be easier with wireless playback; no more searching and attaching awkward cables. With an active internet connection, the spectrum is widened even further; home monitoring is available, allowing the user to view and even communicate with his/her home from anywhere.

The security of home monitoring is two-fold: the physical security of being able to view one’s home at any point and also the emotional security of checking on pets or other family members at any time. Realtime broadcasting is also possible as Panasonic have worked together with Ustream to provide the option to show your live footage over the internet, opening many possibilities. This is especially useful in family occasions where some members may not have been able to attend, but can instead view on the web in full HD.

Tablet and camera in tow, the presenter is ready to go

The Panasonic Wi-Fi camcorders have given both amateur film makers and casual camera users so much freedom, creating many new options previously not available. The possibilities of home camcorder grow with every year, and 2013 was certainly a good year with Wi-Fi and NFC connectivity.

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Panasonic Launch New Lumix TZ40: The Digital Camera for Your Holidays

TZ40 Camera

Just in time for the holiday season, Panasonic have launched the Lumix TZ40- and are portraying it as the compact digital camera for taking on your holidays. A new video is being shown for the new camera with animated holidaymakers visiting a variety of locations and using the main features of the TZ40.

With occasional tag-lines such as “bring your memories to life” “Go wide” (with a panoramic still picture feature) and “Share you photos instantly” (with Wi-Fi), the video gives a quick shot of some of the camera’s key features.

Lumix TZ40 Camera from Panasonic

Photo from Panasonic

If you are familiar with the Panasonic range of digital compact cameras, you’ll want to know that the Panasonic TZ40 is a ramped-up version of the popular Panasonic TZ35. While the image quality is very similar to its predecessor with very similar image quality but the addition of some valuable extras, most notably the touchscreen. But if you’re not bothered by having a touch-sensitive LCD display and prefer to use physical buttons, then the cheaper Panasonic TZ35 may be for you. However you would also be missing out on the TZ40’s GPS and Wi-Fi functionality.

Remote Beach

Photo by photoeverywhere

You can instantly share any picture you take via the Lumix network. At present you can’t e-mail it. The camera also boasts Near Field Technology (NFS) and although NFC is still young (and yet to be taken up by Apple, the Samsung Galaxy S4 and other big selling smartphones, have this feature. It’s possible and even probable that the iPhone 5S will include it as well. Even without an NFC device, the camera can be paired with a smartphone to act as a remote device and to share images remotely. The TZ40 also has GPS technology built in.

Panasonic World View

The ability to share in this way is obviously a feature that works well with the TZ40 being fanfared as a holiday camera. Provided the country and location you’re in has Wi-Fi you friends and family can see your pictures much more quickly than having to wait until you come home and put them on your Facebook or Twitter page, or show them off in your local pub or restaurant.

The TZ40 is an ideal camera for a novice photographer/video maker who wants an easy-to-use, easy-to-carry camera with the ability to let your potential grow with your experience by drawing you in to use the more adventurous settings and features of the camera. Whether you want to be filming on the beach, on the piste, at an intimate candle-lit restaurant, or in a busy city centre, it will be very difficult not to take impressive pictures thanks to a very quick and responsive auto-focus and an improved MOS sensor and image processing technology. And of course it has that award-winning LEICA 24mm ultra-wide angle and 20x optical zoom lens.

On the video front, the TZ40 can record full HD 1,920 x 1,080 videos with stunning at 50p in AVCHD Progressive and 25p in MP4 format. A newly added “Level Shot” feature detects the horizontal line and keeps it even if the camera is tilted. In addition, the high speed video at 100fps in HD quality is available.

The bottom line is that for a little over £250 you can buy Panasonic’s new flagship travel compact camera and be totally equipped to shoot videos and take pictures of excellent quality while abroad.

But you may not have to buy the TZ40. You could win it. There is a competition called “Spreaditfast” that is creating quite a stir already. The rules are simple; upload what you think is your best holiday picture and add a short description. Share it with your friends on Facebook and twitter and on Friday 2nd August, the entries that have garnered the most “like” accolades, will win this new TZ40 camera. That’s a great incentive to brush up your holiday picture-taking, regardless of where you are in the world!

And enter the competition to win a Panasonic Lumix TZ40 here!

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Digicashop Website Homepage

Digicashop Website LogoDigicashop is an online shop that is a professional photographer’s dream, but also has amateurs feeling like kids in a sweetshop! The range and choice of cameras and accessories is like a mega-warehouse of the full range of camera equipment and add-ons available today. It hasn’t just got cameras and the usual accessories like bags, filters and tripods, it has bounce cards, top of the range light photometers and accessories I bet many people have never even heard of, let alone used!

Digicashop Website Homepage

As any Digital Marketeer will tell you first impressions are important. So what are the first impressions of the first page that you come across when you click- the home page? Mine was that it is well set-out, there’s enough there to keep your eyes and brain interested, but not too much so as to confuse and turn one off. The background colour is white, and that’s the best for showing off photography equipment. It’s also a reference to the fact that many professional fashion and glamour photographers use a white sheet or paper or card as a background to reflect the light and to show off the model and clothes to their full effect. The other colour used, is the ever-pleasing verdant green. Cool, calm and collected is what pastel green is supposed to convey. And professional too.

The entire length of the left side of the home page is given over to product categories. There are a lot of these, but then there are a lot of products on display! The navigation from here to the product itself is only two clicks away, and therefore there’s no time for frustration to build up.

Digicashop FAQ

If I had to find a criticism it would be that the FAQ page is a bit thin. It gives clear FAQs how to register and order items, but some of the information under Terms and Conditions might be better transferred to here and put into Q and A format.

This is a high standard website that presents a vast array of camera equipment and accessories without too much of a fanfare- but there’s no need. You’ll find what you want quickly and easily. Digicashop is tops!

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Ebiznezz Website Homepage

Ebiznezz Green Logo

On the face of it, the fact that this site is a combination of two distinct areas of business seems a little unusual. On the one hand this is a store for Digital SLR camera equipment and accessories, while on the other is offers digital marketing services. Do the two go together? All I can say is that this is one of best put-together sites I have come across. The words, the colours, the images and the layout are second-to-none.

I guess one would expect that of a company advertising itself as providing top quality domain registration, web design and digital marketing. The proof of the pudding is in the eating, so what would a potential purchaser of Ebiznezz’s service do first? Critically assess their website of course. The good news is that the website is superb. Very professional and understated. The green tabs are particularly nice, and like a good oil painting in a gallery your eye is drawn across the page in a gentle way, rather than having to cope with garish in your face images and colours. None of that here!

Ebiznezz Website Homepage

One also might expect images of image-making equipment like cameras to be good and yes, they are. The descriptions are also good. Factual and sensible. This extends to the description of its digital marketing and web design services. Here the temptation for some companies is given in to and we have florid and rosy descriptions full of adjectives and promises, that just don’t ring true. Here the text describing what this company can offer is sterling, down-to-earth and honest.

So in summary what we have here is a first-class lesson in what a website should look like- matched to the product and services it is selling, clearly doing what is says on the tin in terms of web design for its own site, and taking trouble to use words that are carefully chosen and meaningful.

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