creates green jobs
This process creates the new green jobs of the future. Urban sustainable agriculture is a new industry. There are currently no unemployed urban sustainable farmers looking for work. There will be great demand for this type of professional that can make between 50 to 100 thousand dollars a year.  In Broward county there are 31 city’s each has at least 25 opportunities for a decentralized community farm, and each farm creates two full time living wage jobs, that 1,550 new jobs in a new industry.

The farming system
consist of all natural composted soil enriched with manure, sea weed, worms and wormpost. The soil is placed in 15 gallon Jackpots made of porous fabric that last 25 years in the sun. This fabric pot lets air and water in and out all around the soil, as well as the surface allowing for 4 time as many plants as in the same area in conventional in ground farming. A drip irrigation system is used in delivering natural fertilizer from sea weed, compost tea, and fish bones, added to the cistern each week. The drip system uses 85% less water than conventional broadcast irrigation.
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Decentralized Farming & Community Gardens

Community Building Through Decentalized Farming

What is Decentralized Farming?

An environmentally and economically sustainable urban farming system that creates a network of secure healthy food sources of naturally grown vegetables, fruits, and eggs, while providing local jobs and vocational training in the sustainable agricultural industry.

Varieties of local crops are grown in sequence to be harvested each week for the community being served.  Food is available to be picked up by the consumer at designated hubs or at the garden. Therefore the farmer has no transportation or refrigeration needed for distribution.

The farm scale is small so it is easy to manage in an all natural method of irrigation, fertilization, and pest control. The local community served can volunteer and learn how to farm. The farmer will hold seminars on how to grow, handle and cook the food.

Urban Farmer;
A professional farmer to work 40- 50 hours each week, experienced in growing fruits and vegetables in south Florida.  The farmer will manage the initial farm installation and be responsible for the over production of the farm both weekly and annually. The farmer will be skilled in vocational train methods and practices, and have on going training in this area.

Urban Farmer Paid Trainees;
A Minimum of one full time paid assistant / trainee to work and learn from the farmer. After a period of time they will become Farmers themselves train assistants at additional community farms, and so on.

The land need for a minimum farm size of 7500 sq ft to a maximum size of 30,000 sq ft. and can be made on many smaller location with a 1 mile radius.

All the equipment, soil and seeds need for the initial farm installation coat 25 t0 95 thousand dollars

Volunteers and nonprofit food banks and pantries will receive 25% of the gross production of the each farm.






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