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Welcome to Greatturn

Greatturn is a specialized extension of Freeciv featuring daylong game turns with large amounts of human opponents per map, allowing for optimal timing to build up strategic plans and readapt them to the circumstances of each turn.

Greatturn is strongly focused on online communication, providing a website infrastructure where each player can create and manage a personal private forum and select the membership allowed to access it for reading or writing messages. This paves the ground for maximal cooperation between players allowing the arrangement of complex tactics and diplomacy.

Contrarily to the classic Freeciv, the settings of each match are not determined from within the server hosting the match, but rather, any parameter definition or other proposition can be published to the website via the Greatturn voting system for public consideration and approbation; this allows everybody to participate to decisions and doesn't force polls to conclude in a rush.

The web interfaces provide extensive information about the running matches and give full control for their management. The whole Greatturn system is built atop of high reliability requirements: save files of match are generated at regular intervals of 10-15 minutes, databases are constantly replicated remotely, and the server provides self power-up control for both hardware and software, along with hardware redundancy to minimize failures.


How does all this work
To play Greatturn:

  • Register your account – this is your global identity across all Greatturn
  • Apply to a match – choose one from the registrations left-hand menu and apply for participation
  • Wait and confirm – after a grace time lasting usually 3 days from the moment you apply for a match, you have to definitively confirm your participation. The exact details are explained during the registration process
  • Get involved – you can open polls to define the match settings, edit the ruleset, create your private forums, etc..
  • And then you can connect to the server you have applied for, shown on the standard metaserver, and wait for the match to start!

Growth Statistics

You can help Greatturn grow larger by spreading the word and inviting new people to join your match. The wider the community, the more the brains stormed on Greatturn. The chart is updated in real-time to constantly reflect the social importance of Greatturn. Come gather 'round people, the chart shall rise!