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MicroBSD 0.7 branch
   Thu Nov 27 10:54:13 2003
Works on MicroBSD 0.7 branch started. This version will be avalible after few pre and 3 rc versions. Please stay tune for more information :-).
MicroBSD 0.6
   Mon Oct 27 00:36:16 2003
MicroBSD 0.6 is out have fun. Please inform me for any kind of trouble at: rootcho at microbsd dot net.
Source Clean
   Tue Sep 16 21:50:22 2003
Currently working on the old MicroBSD sources that had some issues with OpenBSD group. After that major cleaning and testing 0.6 version will be avalible. Thanks for your interest again.
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MicroBSD is currently developed by individuals from Bulgaria. This new distro will get some of the ideas from the old MicroBSD project and will add specific Bulgarian localization. We will add improvment in several areas security, user interface and easy setup.

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