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We hope you enjoy the Goddess Realm inspiration today.

It has taken quite some years to achieve the contents of this website, and even though this site is full of wisdom and knowledge, passed down from many deities, cultures and orders, over a span of many, many centuries, the Goddess Realm is intended to enjoy and have fun.

I have sure enjoyed developing it ... and have now turned the Goddess Realm into an Online Community, which I hope you will join.  

Only members will gain access to special materials that will be made available from myself and other powerful, inspiring friends ... 

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Welcome to the Goddess Realm
Your Random Goddess

Welcome to the Goddessrealm.

Serendipity (the circumstance of paranormal coincidence) has called the Goddess below, to present her wisdom to you today.

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Random Goddess

Eostre Goddess of New Beginning
Eostre Goddess of New BeginningEostre bounces into your life to awaken a new beginning.

It is time to shape up, shake out and eliminate that which has come to the end of it's time. There are special new people and refreshing circumstances about to arrive, so it is important to sweep out the tired old cobwebs in preparation.

What relationships have gone stale in your life? What can you do to bring back the zing? Is your home or car requiring a Spring clean? Could there be a new baby, a new relationship or exciting new job in the wings? What about that course, program or treatment you have been putting off? Book yourself in today, do not wait any longer.

Freshen up your wardrobe, your hair and your makeup, let go and indulge yourself in some style.

Suggested Ritual

This ritual can be conducted at home or the work place, and will enact letting go of the existing to make room for the fresh and the new. If practical play your favourite vibrant music and open all doors and windows to replenish stale air. Have paper and pen ready.

See yourself as a whirlwind. Move to each cupboard, wardrobe, drawer and storage place and throw out all items that you have not used for over a year. This includes cosmetics, furniture, bedding and clothing. As you discard each item, break your bond by briefly blessing it with thanks. Observe and accept any emotions, feelings and thoughts of resistance. Do not be swayed by any lack of willpower.

When all items have been cleared, clean out and tidy storage places to make ready for the new. Clean all windows, mirrors and floors.

At the end of this exercise take up the paper and pen and write down a list of at least twenty (20) new items that you wish to bring into your life. Rewrite this list each day for seven consecutive days.

Eostre Goddess of New BeginningAbout The Goddess

Eostre - (pronounced yo'ster), is also known as the Goddess of the Dawn, Fertility and Spring.

It is thought that Eostre originated as a Greek or Roman Goddess and was adopted by the ancient Anglo Saxons through a Latin translation for the European month of April = Eosturmonath.

Eostre's mythology is synonymous with eggs and hares. In the times of the introduction of Christianity this festival fell in line with an important, but yet unnamed, Christian holiday that celebrated the resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is considered that this holiday was named Easter after the season. This explains the myth behind the Easter Bunny and Easter eggs.

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Your Happiness Is My Command - Madamsplash
Your Happiness Is My Command

Your Goddess

Peace For The East

Peace For The East

Global Meditation/Prayer Hour - 22nd September (8am GMT) Stop for one hour, alone or with your group, to share in the global intention of peace and harmony for the Middle East. Read more at the peacefortheeast facebook page, or website

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