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Time for Time
Written by MN   
Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Turn, turn, turn. 1965. Timeless and full with time. Composed in the 1950's and recorded in early 60's: Pete Seeger. Catapulted into #1 Billboard hit time in 1965: Roger McGuinn and The Byrds. Skyrocketed into featured song 1994 Academy Award time: Forrest Gump.

Adapted entirely from Ecclesiastes: King Solomon time. Nearly word for word. Except for last line.

Time for change. For upgrade to electronic times which bolt us down to keyboards and desktops.

Time to write a new line.

Time for sentiment. Six months offline. A time to end, a time to begin. To strike again. Again and again. Time for friends and readers. For anticipation again. Like time web journey began. Time long ago six years. New Comic Book of Life time. Life time ago.

Lake Kineret | Photo Album

100 years ago. Eastern shores of Galilee. Timeless outdoor home of great Nazerene messiah. Dead shores drowned in swamps. Jewish immigrants planting Eucalyptus forests.

50 years ago. Eucalyptus trees drink swamp water like bottomless pit. Blackless hole. Big thirsty trees drying swamps away. Shores rising. Raising life from the dead by the Galilee.

Time swamps are dry but no one comes. Too hot under fire.

Time for snipers. Bullets. Syrian Artillery raining on Galilee shores. Not safe time.

35 years ago. Yom Kippur war of atonement time. Shooting high for Golan Heights. War for peace over Galilee shores. Time for fire to cease. Bullets to stop. Artillery to end.

Time for safe and secure by the sea. People coming out into the sun again. People by hundreds clearing shores from dry swamp vegetation. Young and less young in dance of hope with the land.

Time for Kineret. Sea of Galilee lives again. Like Nazerene. One more time.

Naftali's Place | Photo Album

30 years ago. Time for Benjamin Naftali. Benny from Golan Heights. Descending upon the shore with ice-cream cart. Ice-cream to the people.

Time the years go by. Ice-cream cart becomes refreshment stand. Becomes grocery store. Music pub. Night and day. Time for Naftali to spread wings. Refreshments to the people. Naftali's Place on Dugit beach. People come by thousands. Most visited beach on Galilee. Favorite folder by the Sea. Home for young and old. Home for peace. For tourists. For stray dogs and cats. Home for new life. For would-be messiahs.

Time to write a new chapter.

Portraits to the People | Photo Album

Two years ago. Time then drawing Yoni by the sea that died.

7 months ago. Time for outdoors again. For life by the sea of salt. Time for Ein Gedi.

6 months ago. Time for change again. For life to move on.

Go north old man.

Time to write a new book.

To walk the talk. Tell stories. Leave memories. Thousands coming to Galilee music festivals. So many, like sands and stars. Power to the music.

Time now Yoni also comes north. To Naftali's place. Wants another drawing.

Hey Michael! Good to see you here. Still drawing? Can you draw me again?

Time to draw. Make portraits and tell stories. So many and to each a drawing. To each a story. One after one after one after one. Again and again and again and again. Drawing by the hundreds. Portraits to the people.

Wow that's awesome. Who did it? How much does it cost? That old dude over there. He drew Yoni. I asked and he drew me too. Doesn't cost anything. Maybe he's rich. Awesome. Why's he doing it for free? Just give him a cigarette. Doesn't have any. I want one too. Used to draw comics in America. Doesn't look rich. Everybody wants one. You should hear him talk. Knows everything. Talks about old science and new atoms. That's deep, man. Lots of people in line. He's really smart and nice. Looks homeless. Nobody knows everything. That's bull. The dude drew Spider-Man. Has a wife and 5 kids in Ofra. Says the Earth is growing. He's the Messiah. Is he religious? Lives in that tent over there. Draws Batman too. The way he talks about Rabbis and the Bible. Scary. It's Jesus come back to where he come from. Looks like Moses. Not just Earth. Says the whole universe grows. Doesn't look religious. Looks like Elijah the prophet. My brother says he did an Israeli comic too. Just told me on the phone. I saw him on the internet. It's all true. What he says about religion is right. Never heard anyone say it that way before. Says comics are changing the world. He's fun. The Earth can't grow. That's stupid. Rabbis can learn from him. Never saw anyone draw like that. The universe expands, so maybe it grows too. God! He looks like God! Hasn't stopped drawing since morning. Says we're gonna save the world from here. From this beach. Let's get him a sandwich and coke. Oh yeah. We'll all put on Superhero costumes and go for a swim to save everybody. And get the Messiah a pack of cigarettes.

Painterly Emil | Photo Album

Time for Emil Vely. Born into Israeli Golan Heights. Descended upon Dugit beach since youth. Opened horizons in India. Became Rastaman. Operations director of Naftali's Place. Likes buzz from portraits to the people.

You're the most popular guy on the beach. They're coming from all over to get a drawing. But why the talk about religion? In a place like this?
It's important to Israeli youth. They want to make sense of it. I listen and try to impart from my experience. Religion, politics, science. Doesn't matter. They're all connected.
You know, Buddhism for example, doesn't believe in God.
Why then, in Buddhism, if one does something bad, then something bad happens to them?
Karma returns good for good. Bad for bad.
Karma then, is God of Buddism.

Just don't let what they're saying go to your head. You're not the messiah.
I'm a simple man. To the people, I'm whatever they think of me. Same with you. With everyone.

Time to fill time. Something to do between times people come to the beach. Times place is quiet.

That Marley painting is old and faded. Would you like to redo it? Maybe a different type of character.
Like who?
I don't know. Someone else our crowd identifies with.
Let's keep the original pose and design. Homage to the artist.

Time to paint. To climb ladder and spread new pigment. New look for new time. Transform Bob into Emil. Naftali Rastaman.

It's gorgeous. I posted photos in progress on Facebook. Group is excited about the new look. This place can use a lot of redecorating.
You need a sign. Carlsberg designs bury the name. Hard to see.
All for it. But how about that other wall first. Maybe a nice beach panorama.
Maybe a panorama with a sign above it. Big and bold.
Let's do it.

Time for a sign. Painting a sign of the times. Sporadic comers engaging in new life at Naftali's Place. Helpers helping make it new again. Time for home players to have a place on the beach. A campfire in the panorama. Emil, Sahar, Beno, Moran, Shmuel. Even the artist by campfire. Time for gorgeous girl standing by the old lady. Placing hand atop rock on the beach which looks like seal playing with ball in the water. Without the ball. Beno calls it "the old lady".

Everybody loves what you're doing to this place.
Something to do in the free time. Between parties.
A Rasta colored spiral would look good in that corner by the door. Red, green and yellow. And there's that star of David with cartoon dancers. They could also use Rastas. It's just bland and dull. Needs a redesign.

All yours to do with as you want.

Time for Ayala | Photo Album

Shahar Naftali. Son of Benny. Overseer of Naftali's Place. Optimistic. Smart. Sense of humor at the speed of light.

You've done wonders for the place. My wife Fanya also loves it. We're about to have our first baby. Wants to make her room special. Maybe you can talk to her.

Fanya. Something magical. Light filled eyes. Life filled soul of a woman soon to give life.

I was thinking of a fairy. Maybe a big mushroom and flowers. Lots of empty space and soft colors. Oh, and maybe a doe running off in the background. We've decided to call her Ayala. You know, like Bambi. But you can't tell anyone till after she's born.

Time for acrylics. Smooth clean paint for a smooth clean baby about to come home. Two days time in Golan Heights with the Naftalis. Shahar and Fanya and Benny and Fanny and Moshe and Nissim and... All in the family. Remembering family. Children chuckling and gardens blooming and barbecues burning. Moms and dads and friends and neighbors gathering to welcome new life. Baby coming soon to remind us it's her world. Time tomorrow belongs to Ayala.

This fairy tale's for you little angel.

Time for Liesure | Photo Album

Time for time off. For summertime winding down. To take time and wander off with Matan and Erez into mountains and valleys. Natural springs. Discover the land again. Again and again. To relax by the Galilee. Take time off for time. Shoot some pool time. Catching up with a world trying to pass us by.

You were right. Never thought Obama could get elected.
His ideas were elected. People want change. The Comics Creators' Party. Same ideas. 4 years ago everyone said Americans aren't ready for that message.

Hah! Creators' Party platform slips into Obama and sneaks through to White House. Quite a stretch, no? But will he deliver?
He's not free to do what he thinks best. Already discovering how difficult to bring substantial change. Beholden to same financier resources who managed Bush policies. Remember Clinton.

Always been this way.
Economy runs society. Political ideologies differ, but they all owe allegiance to the same big guns coordinating policy behind scenes. Times are difficult, talk of peace and prosperity and change is popular again. Easy to sell. Good for the economy. Good for heavy dealers who benefit from crisis. Good for giving the people something to hope for.

That's history. Revolutions becoming promises waiting to be broken.
Comics creators are different. We don't think in terms or controlling people or the economy. Rather inspiring good in society through the medium. Showing the world will become better through people becoming better. Not another revolution.

It's what comics have always been about.

Time for Comics | Sketch Album

Trinity by the Galilee. Super wonder bat time. Father and son and holy super heroes by the ancient shores. Saviors by the sea. Time remembering whence from they come.

No-charge heroes not for hire. Sketches not for hire. Work not for hire. Art not for hire. Life not for money.

These are really nice. Can't you sell them somewhere? On the internet? Make a little something, send home to the family?
Artists sell sketches like this all over. Art commissions. eBay. Takes work, listing, promotion, bargaining. It's not the same as just doing it for the sake of it. Or how it affects people when they get something like this with no strings attached. No apprehension of giving something in return.

That's nice and well but you have to take care of the family.
We get by... but think of it this way. Look at the state of our world and where it's all brought everyone. Falling in step with a system that's slowly sucking the last drop of good left in us. In the long run, not a good way to true security.

You really think this will ever change? That what you're doing here will have any effect on the big picture?
Not up to me or what I do. But we have children to think about. What world are we leaving them? What hope can they have for tomorrow if they see their parents giving up?

Can't walk down two roads in different directions at the same time.

Time summer winds to a still. Time alone. Family memories rip longing heart. Good woman and children wondering. Waiting for dad to come home.

Not much to do here anymore. At least until next summer. Any plans? Like seeing the family or telling more stories on your web site?

In due time.

Photo Albums:
Lake Kineret
Naftali's Place
Portraits to the People
Painterly Emil
Time for Ayala
Time for Liesure
Time for Comics

The Primordial Fine Art Swipe File
Written by MN   
Monday, 19 January 2009
A swipe file so daring, it warrants a disclaimer:

I did not intrinsically create it, nor instigate its presentation. It was brought to my attention by a High School friend on Facebook. A spontaneous response to seeing the album photographs in Time for Time. As evident, photos were not staged for this purpose. But a natural impression of spontaneous imagery.

I've belabored over presenting it. Still do. It will likely raise some eyebrows well above tolerance levels. However, what it suggests is of an intriguing nature. And not by my own doing. Keeping it private seems unfair to the legacy my life's work promotes. Unfair to curious readers. And a wasted opportunity to advance causes implicit in my work. So, at the risk of undue scorn, or bewilderment from the wonderful, here's a first in comics and art histories: The Primordial Fine Art Swipe File.


William Blake

Written by MN   
Sunday, 12 July 2009

At birth.

Not Enought to Look Old
Written by MN   
Friday, 03 July 2009
Officially a grandfather as Oshrat Hefetz (Netzer) gives birth to a healthy baby girl.

Congratultions to the happy new Mom - and Dad Moshe, and especially to the new grandmom Elana who accompanied the birth and nurtures the young couple in Ofra.

Twittering with Clifford Meth
Written by MN   
Friday, 05 June 2009
I've inexplicably avoided it for the longest time but Clifford Meth is now on Twitter and I've also become inexplicably Twittering along.

So follow us... and bring along our Twittering friends.

Clifford Meth on Twitter
Michael Netzer on Twitter

New Bryan Talbot Graphic Novel Coming Soon
Written by MN   
Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Once again, Bryan Talbot points the way with a gripping trailer for his new comics creation, Grandville. A steampunk fantasy adventure graphic novel due out this October 2009. Colour filling and trailer directed by Jordan Smith.

Facebook Comic Con Gala Premiere Keynote Address
Written by MN   
Thursday, 19 March 2009
The YouTube Version.
Soundtrack music: Haits/Revolution/Converto.

Original version at Facebook Comic Con | at this link. Register @ Facebook to view.
Soundtrack music: ELP/Works/Pirates.

Calling All Checkered Demons
Written by MN   
Monday, 16 March 2009
S. Clay Wilson Needs our Help!

Received from veteran illustrator & cartoonist David Chelsea:

    Dear Michael,

    I have distressing news.

    S. Clay Wilson's lady in distressLast November, cartoonist S. Clay Wilson suffered a severe brain injury in a fall. He spent a week in intensive care and faces a long recovery. Even with insurance, Wilsonís medical expenses are beyond his ability to pay and have made him and his family paupers.

    Iíd like your help to raise money for S. Clay Wilsonís medical expenses.

    S. Clay Wilson is a major figure in American comics, a founder of the underground comix movement. Wilson is known for aggressively violent and sexually explicit panoramas of "lowlife," often depicting the wild escapades of pirates and bikers. He was an early contributor to Zap Comix, and Wilson's artistic audacity has been cited by R. Crumb as a liberating source of inspiration for Crumb's own work, and I can say as much for myself.

    Iíd like to give a little back to the bad boy of comics, so I am turning my next 24 hour comic into a benefit for Wilson.

    For those of you who may not have heard of it, the premise of the 24 Hour Comic challenge is that an artist attempts to complete 24 pages of comics within 24 hours.

    I am soliciting pledges from friends and comics fans for each page I complete, the money to go towards Wilsonís medical expenses.

    Contributions are at levels named for S. Clay Wilson characters:

    Checkered Demon- $25 a page and over

    Star-eyed Stella- $10 - $24.99 a page

    Ruby the Dyke- $5- $9.99 a page

    Captain Pissgums - Under $5 a page

    Your contribution is not tax deductible, but contributors will receive an autographed copy of my completed story.

    The 24 Hour Comic Event will be open to the public and will take place at Cosmic Monkey in Portland, Oregon, on Saturday, April 11th from 10 am to 10 am Sunday (which just so happens to be Easter).

    Read about the 24 Hour Comic event through this link at Cosmic Monkey Comic website.

    Seven other artists will join me in soliciting pledges for their own 24 Hour Comics: Joshua Kemble, Kevin Cross, Neal Skorpen, Mike Getsiv, Tony Morgan, Josh Fitz and Steven Abrams.

    Copic Marker has agreed to donate art materials for the event, including manga-ruled paper.

    Anyone interested in pledging can reply by e-mail: davidchelsea(at)comcast(dot)net or write to me:

    David Chelsea.
    2814 NE 16th avenue
    Portland OR 97212

    I will contact all sponsors after the event to let them know how many pages I completed and to send them their copies.

    Checks can be written to the S. Clay Wilson Special Needs Trust and sent to PO Box 14854 San Francisco CA 94114.

    Thank you very much for considering this and helping me celebrate Easter in an inspiring and meaningful way. Please forward this message to anyone who might like to help or simply see what we are up to!

    Best wishes,

    David Chelsea

Tommy Brookshire's BAT-BLOG
Written by MN   
Saturday, 07 March 2009
Dave CockrumTommy Brookshire is an Oaklahoma based Batman enthusiast and producer of BAT-BLOG, bringing tidbits from Batman comics and around the merchandising world for Bat-related products. The array of Bat-paraphernalia posted there is extensive and recently saw the addition of Gargoyle Poster, offered for purchase here at Flaming Sword Merchandise Center. Thanks, Tommy, for the nice mention.
Own Dave Cockrum's Personal Comics & File Copies
Written by MN   
Sunday, 22 February 2009
Dave CockrumFor the Annual Dave & Paty Cockrum Scholarship Fund.

Clifford Meth is selling comics from Dave Cockrum's Estate. Sales benefit Dave's widow and the annual Dave & Paty Cockrum Scholarship given each year at The Joe Kubert School for Comic Art & Graphic Design -- details are available at --This is a unique opportunity to own X-Men comics from the personal collection of the X-Men's co-creator. More details here.

Gail Simone | Portraits of the Creators
Written by MN   
Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Gail Simone

Xero Error on Facebook Comic Con
Written by MN   
Tuesday, 17 February 2009
Ashraf Ghori, producer of new sci-fi film Xero Error interviews Michael Netzer about Facebook Comic Con.


From a short biography of Ashraf Ghori I helped construct for his Guest of Honor virtual table at Facebook Comic Con:

    Ashraf Ghori is a visual artist, animator and film maker from the United Arab Emirates. He completed university studies in the university of Houston in 1994 and was founding member and artist for Tempest Comics, while also producing work for Titus Comics and also Razor Comics through London Night Studios. Ashraf was featured artist at the 1994 Dallas Comicon.

    Returning to Abu Dubai in 1994, he worked in laser animation for Emirates Laser. He moved on to independent 3D animation and design for projects such as the documentary Unveiling Dubai in 2004. In 2006-7 he served on the jury of the Kuwait Arab Advertising Awards and was associate producer of the short film Arabana.

    In 2008 Ashraf Ghori embarked on his most ambitious career undertaking and began production on a 3D animation Sci-Fi film, Xero Error. He has enlisted top visual media industry talent from across the globe for the project. It is the first such undertaking in the United Arab Emirates and production previews are receiving critical acclaim throughout the entertainment world.


From the introduction to interview about Facebook Comic Con on Xero Error Blog:

    Xero Error Facebook Group Honorary Member Michael Netzer recently launched a fantastic new group on Facebook which managed to bring together some of the best talents in the world into one dynamic community. The rapidly emerging ĎFacebook Comic Coní is quickly gaining cult status. Michael is a comic book industry veteran with art credits at Marvel & DC Comics, contributing to titles such as Detective Comics, Batman, Armageddon, Legends of the Dark Knight, Huntress, Comet, The Shadow, among others too numerous to list here. We thank Michael for actively supporting Xero Error and spreading the word on our film. I had a chance to talk to him online & wanted to share this rare insight with all of you.


Dave Simons Appreciation and Support
Written by MN   
Tuesday, 03 February 2009
First from Daniel Best. Concerned activist on behalf of comics creators. Tirelessly laboring at promoting and advancing awareness of artist and writer legends. Inspiring assistance from another such concerned, Clifford Meth. Causing news to reach across the comics divide.

Artist Dave Simons, close friend endeared by all, is suffering spreading esophageal cancer and mounting chemotherapy radiation treatment.

    While the bulk of Daveís medical costs are covered by the Veteran's Administration, day-to-day costs (utilities, rent, groceries) are a struggle and wonít become easier as his condition worsens.

    Help Dave Simons

    1. Donate cash directly to Dave via PayPal: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

      For anonymity, PayPal Daniel Best: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

      Or Bob Shaw: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

    2. Donate art or signed books ($10 min) for auctions. Send items to Bob Shaw PO Box 650, Derry, NH, 03038 - USA. (eBay: Help_Dave_Simons)
    3. Contact Dave and commission a drawing.
    4. Spread this message on blogs and message boards.

    More info:
    Daniel Best: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
    Or Bob Shaw: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

    Join Facebook's Dave Simons Appreciation Society.

    Letís help Dave, a great fellow and artist who gives much and asks for little.

About hope. In absence of it, life dies. Hope must then be placed in the source of life. In anything else, anyone else, it is misplaced.

The medical profession, alongside cures and relief it helps bring, can also misplace hope in its limited knowledge and understanding. By its intrinsic inability to give life. It's inability to give true hope in the source of life and healing.

This is then left for us to do. To place our hope where it belongs so we may live. So we may be healed and give healing. It is a small switch within us to make. Within Dave Simons and concerned friends. Within everyone suffering from illness.

A small switch necessitating forces we only call upon in our most dire hour.

Why wait?

Written by MN   
Monday, 26 January 2009
Michael Netzer Rocks Facebook Comics Community! 1,400 Members and Growing Fast, Early in Second Week!

Free Registration and and Convention Attendance Link. If you're not registered at Facebook, do so! Then follow this link and join the con!

Facebook Comic Con is an unofficial virtual comics convention at Facebook. Inspired by Ed Reliuga, FBCC hopes to provide a 'convention away from conventions' environment. For the countless comics professionals and fans on Facebook.

Facebook Comic Con aspires to give comics fans, dealers and creators a well deserved voice of prominence. To utilize Facebook tools in order to strengthen comics fandom within the global community. Upcoming events will include panel discussions on comics and the world. Guests will include the grandest comics professionals in the field, most of whom are registered on Facebook.

We strive to transform Facebook Comic Con into a venue for disenfranchised comics creators. To promote their work. And to help compensate for conditions which make it difficult for the many creators who find themselves not working in comics today.

We believe that in as much as comics properties are on the rise in world culture, so must the lot of comics creators be improved so that no one who's contributed to this industry is neglected.

We believe that all these goals are attainable within the emerging global communications systems, of which Facebook is a leading pioneer.

1,000 Free Michael Netzer Con Sketches!

As an incentive to launch this effort and enlist as many fans and pros as possible, founder Michael Netzer is offering a free virtual convention sketch to the first 1,000 members to register at the con and who request a sketch. Requests will be accepted as a wall post on events page for this offer, in this group. Sketches will be uploaded to photos section in low rez web format. High rez files for printing will be emailed to everyone wishing them.

Click this link to join the event and get a free sketch! If you're not registered at Facebook, do so! Then follow this link and join the event!

Let's get the show on the road with an effort to inform every comics fan (and non-comics fans) about it. Tell your friends and tell them to tell their friends. Facebook Comic Con is here!

Don't forget to urge your favorite comics professionals, in your friendly network, to register as guests and take advantage of the grand exposure this convention will provide. Comics professionals will be appointed a special guest status and privileges upon registering,

Be of good cheer, a big day for the comics awaits on Facebook! Help FBCC bring the day!

Comics and Science
Written by James S   
Saturday, 17 January 2009
Excerpt from a discussion of Growing Earth and Growing Universe theory. Writer is an independent researcher.

    I consider comic book artist (or writer) a very high profession indeed. There must be untold millions of people, both children and former children (i.e., adults like me), that have been profoundly influenced by comics -- particularly at the most impressionable of ages, when one is first learning to read for pleasure ... when the capability of abstract thinking is just emerging ... when ethics and values imparted by one's parents may for the first time be coming under examination ... when the first pure instinct of curiosity about science and the broader world around us is forming.

    For those who are not true fans of the medium, it is impossible to express its power in the development of a young mind. I know this from first-hand experience. I truly believe, as I have since the first moment I read the words, fresh off the comic stand, that "With great power comes great responsibility." Similarly, I still know of no greater expression, in fiction or otherwise, of the boundless potential of the human soul than Reed Richards' decision to save Galactus at the end of the classic first encounter. And as for science---well ... if something I learned in comics about science has not been explicitly contradicted by subsequent knowledge ... then, deep down, I probably still believe it.

    That's the crux of the matter. Comic books are not merely the cradle of mythology for our age, but touch the soul of the emerging intellect, making an indelible impression. Comic book artists are hence crucially important teachers, on several levels ... and on a scale undreamt of by classroom teachers or professors. Thus, a comic book artist is fully subject to Ben Parker's famous principle of ethics.

    So ... over the life of two gentlemen of roughly the same age, Stan Lee and Professor Peter Higgs (of Higgs boson fame), I have absolutely no question in my mind whose contribution to this world is greater ... whose opinions and insights have mattered more over the years of two illustrious careers. It is Stan Lee, hands down (even though I do wish for Dr. Higgs to be vindicated and awarded immortality for his role in the path to the "primary theory.")

    Frankly, if Peter Higgs had never existed, someone else would have formulated his theory without too much delay. However, if Stan Lee had never existed (and Jack Kirby of course), then ... well ... in my view the universe would be an irrevocably different and lesser place.

The Poe Murders
Written by MN   
Thursday, 15 January 2009
A new graphic novel coming soon from Clifford Meth, Morris Isaacson & Michael Netzer.

Happy 50th Birthday Steven Thompson
Written by MN   
Friday, 09 January 2009

Caretaker of Booksteve's Library

The more we grow the more birthdays we seem to have. As children, it took an eternity between. At 50, eternity is our day.

So this day is for you, Mr. Thompson.

For the hearty thoughts you write and share.

For your love for life and for its culture.

For a fine family who support in times good, and times of challenge.

And for a grand friendship that even a vast ocean cannot divide.

May 50 be the most joyous one yet. And may all your days but prance from happy to happier.

After Gene Colan... with Reverence
Written by MN   
Thursday, 15 May 2008
The image is a contribution to the Gene Colan benefit auction spearheaded by Clifford Meth (Click image for larger version). Additional image details at the
Gene Colan Tribute
gallery page.

The art is produced digitally and the figures are all new inkings/renditions from well known covers that can be seen at Gene Colan's official web site.

Only 5 special prints, 11" X 17", signed and numbered with an additional small hand drawn image to round out the original art value, will be produced for the auction.

An inspiring coalition of the comics community is coming together, with an outpouring of awe and reverence for Gene Colan, the artist and the man who has bestowed much grace unto the comics form.

Keep an eye out for the Gene Colan benefit auction at Clifford Meth's blog, and help the comics community help out one of our creator giants by participating and contributing to the effort. Living tributes to Gene can also be seen at Daniel Best's blog, also compiled at the Gene Colan Tribute page at Daniel's Adelaide Comics & Books web site.

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