CEO of the ticket company selling nonexistent tickets arrested

As previously reported in June, a Swedish website is already selling tickets to next year’s Eurovision Song Contest – although not a single ticket is yet available.

Biljett Nu sells tickets for the semi-finals, final and dress rehearsals which annoys the organisers. Representative of Malmö Arena advises not to buy any tickets at this point until they are officially released.

-We think it’s bad that some sites are selling tickets because customers may think they are real but the truth is that tickets haven’t been released yet, says Linda Leeman.

Earlier the Core Team of the Eurovision Song Contest 2013 highlighted that fans should not buy any tickets for next year’s shows yet and that official announcements will be made at and

Prices for the Grand Final vary from 5,000 to 7,000 Swedish Krona (€600-850). Biljett Nu guarantees an entrance for the event as soon as the ticket is paid. However there’s no any information what happens if they can not be delivered.

Biljett Nu failed to deliver tickets – CEO arrested

Over the last days the company has faced criticism in Sweden for not been able to deliver guaranteed tickets for Bruce Springsteen’s concert. Biljett Nu apologizes and promises to return the money to customers, however the CEO of ticket company was arrested on Friday under suspicion of fraud and he remains in custody.

At the moment there is no law against second-hand sales in Sweden but Live Nation wants to fix it.

SVT promises to bring out more information about the official ticket sales by the end of August.

SOURCES: SVT, The Local, Göteborg Daily
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