Friday, May 16, 2014

The Fence’s Side of the Story.

Yesterday, both Erin and Becca both wrote a post about how is the other’s life better due to having children vs. not.  After some talking with Erin, I decided that I should share my viewpoint as someone who is in the middle – the fence.

Now if you read both Erin & Becca’s stories, their lives are different than mine as they’re both married, but we all want the same thing: A child.  But as the fence title suggests, I am not so sure about this. On the one side, I see my dear friend Erin, a stay-at-home mama who does her absolute best to keep a house running, take care of a very curious and extremely active toddler and read more books than I can possibly ever imagine (sidenote – I used to read a lot.  I have to pick that habit back up in my spare time (Ha!)) and on the other side, we have Becca, the happily married, but not-yet-with-child beauty blogger who devotes her time to trying new products and writing about them, all the while being absolutely stunningly gorgeous (you are dear!).  I definitely got emotional reading Becca’s story.  I related to her a bit, as I know what it’s like to long for the child one does not have, but at the same time feel blessed for the things we do have. 

Then there’s me: The not-yet-married, not-yet-with-child 30 year old who is just living her life the best way she can.  I can’t say I’m disappointed with the path my life has taken.  I actually had a conversation with my mom the other day about this.  She said to me “Kate, don’t ever be discouraged with how your life is. You’ve done everything exactly the right way, learned from mistakes made, kept moving forward and everything has fallen into place.”  And she’s right.  Dave & I had a conversation the other day about our relationship.  (Can you believe we’re shortly coming up on a YEAR together? I can’t believe it.)  We both discussed how everything we’ve done in the relationship, we did it in our own time and were our true genuine selves when we started dating. (He and I both had made the disastrous mistake in the past of ‘trying too hard’.  Certainly didn’t get us far but if it lead us to each other, than thank you God for those mistakes, or at least the lesson learned from them!)  The pace our relationship has taken is perfectly fine by both of us.  He will be moving in with me very shortly, we’ve discussed future plans and all of that will come to fruition in its due time. 

So what’s the issue? 

Well, for starters, Dave & I do want children, although I scratch my head sometimes as to why he does when he works with 4 year olds all day long (he works in the public school system with special needs kids.  He’s a good guy). Then, there’s the age factor.  Yes yes yes I know women have had children into their 40s.  No I do not want to be that woman.  Yes I know I have time.  But – there’s Dave’s age: he’s 38.  Then there’s the issue of “after a certain age your chance of having a ‘child with problems’ increases by X%.  And it apparently goes for men as well.  The worrywart in me has a million other worries – one being my fear of turning into “Mommy Dearest”.  Yes, the movie with Faye Dunaway and “NO MORE WIRE HANGERS EVER!”.  I’m petrified that I will be that woman.  It’s ridiculous, right?  But when I think this thought, it brings me back to the conversation I had with my mom – if I had a child with someone else, a few years ago – its true I may have been Mommy Dearest.  However, as I get older, my patience & tolerance for things seems to be increasing.  Perhaps this is a sign that when my time for a child is right, the other pieces will have fallen into place and that is when it will happen.  So I guess, for now, I shouldn’t worry – should I?  Unlike Erin & Becca, I don’t have PCOS.  But there are women who don’t have PCOS and have problems conceiving/carrying and so forth.  I guess I’ll cross that bridge when I get there.  

As I write this though, I realize that in order for the next few life steps to happen, I need to be patient.  Can I say patience is my weakness? Or impatience is my strength?  I’ve been pretty good with things thus far, but a life lesson I’m coming to terms with is to enjoy the “now”, even if the “now” becomes a permanent thing as if nothing in my life ever changes.  That’s not to say nothing ever will change – but I have to be accepting if my fate is to be childless and possibly even husbandless.  That’s a hard thing for me to accept.  These are things that are not totally in my control – so I have to do as the song suggests and “let it go”.  It’ll happen when it’s meant to, I suppose.

Until then, here’s me “letting it go”.


Thursday, May 15, 2014

Talking Fitness Thursday: Why I Will NEVER Give Dieting Advice!

Hi All.

It’s Day 4 of my Giveit100 100 day challenge.  Are you following my challenge instagram page?  Find me at @100daysofjusteatingrealfood.  I’m posting my meals for Every. Single. Day.  Or at least every day that I’m following it (there’s a weekend in July I will be in Vermont.  Not quite sure I will be able to follow plans so I may give myself that weekend off.  But we’ll see!)
(Warning: Controversial topic ahead. Go ahead and flame me, but this is a passionate topic for me.  Sorry, not sorry.)

Anyway, this week’s topic of conversation is one I see a lot of health/fitness bloggers doing.  And it boggles my mind.  I’ll state it right now and I’ll stand with my statement: I WILL NEVER GIVE DIETING ADVICE, EVER.  You heard me.  Never.  Listen – What I do for ME, is because of ME.  I’m not suggesting anyone follow my lead.  Say what?  Melissa from The Whole 30 explains itbrilliantly here 

You should not eat what I eat.
Wait, what? Shouldn’t I be telling all of you to eat exactly what I eat, because I eat super-duper healthy? (And, spoiler alert, I do.) Uh, no, I should not be telling you to eat like I eat, because you’re not me. You don’t have my genetics, my food sensitivities, my taste buds, my cravings, my health history, my digestive tract, my life stressors, my gut bacteria, my skin, my metabolism, my activity levels, or my sleep patterns. You’re not me, so eating exactly like me is highly unlikely to work as well for you as it does for me.

For real.  I’m not you, you are not me.  What gives ME the right to even begin to suggest what, how and when a person who isn’t ME should eat?  Some people can tolerate bread & cheese.  Some cannot!  So who the heck am I to tell anyone “stay away from bread & cheese!”?  Some people function better on a low-carb/high fat diet, others don’t.  It would be deadly if I told someone with a gallbladder issue to eat that way!  Oh and yeah, there’s the whole I’m neither a dietician nor nutritionist.  Yet I see so many people who too are neither of those things giving dieting advice.

I’ll give you an example.  This morning I had an orange and a smoothie containing strawberries, raspberries, pineapples, blackberries & coconut milk.  All things I can tolerate on their own.  I’m not sure why happened, or how it happened, but about an hour after breakfast I had THE WORST indigestion.  PAIN, which then led me to get the  pink pills (and I really hate them, but only take when absolutely needed). What the heck?  Well, I guess I can’t tolerate either smoothies or oranges.  See? Trial and error.  So why would I tell someone “don’t have those smoothies!” or “don’t eat oranges!”  when I’m sure someone else wouldn’t have the same problem?  Boggles thy mind.
Then there's the opposite side of the coin: the people who think their way is the only way - and yet harp on people who do not eat like them.  Insert major facepalm here.  Look, I don't care if you eat nothing but pizza & beer - if you feel great, feel healthy, have energy, whatever it is - YOU ARE DOING YOU.  Congrats!  If you have ice cream nightly or even weekly and feel great - YOU ARE DOING YOU.  Why do people feel the need to knock down those who aren't doing as they are?  Goodness gracious!  I'll say it: GET OVER YOURSELVES.  Ugh. 
Just do me a favor: love yourself no matter what.  If YOU personally feel you need to change to feel healthier - do it!  Big steps, small steps, whatever they may be - Just. Do. It. For. You.  Only you know your bodies best! It'll tell you when something's wrong.  I promise.

Til Next Time,

Monday, May 12, 2014

100 Days - I got this, right?

Hi All!

In my last post, I discussed how I came across the "give it 100" campaign, wherein you dedicate yourself to 100 days of doing something.  Anything really.  Inspired by a mother/daughter team, I decided to take on the challenge for myself. 

So, with that said, I'm going to take on 100 days of Just Eating Real Food.  Simple concept right?  Just eat the foods you find in nature, as close to natural as possible. If you can pick it, harvest it or kill it, it's cool.  But if it came from a factory even if it was once from a plant or animal (dried fruits and ham i'm looking at you!), it's a no go. 

So the next 100 days will be fun.  I'm all for changing my habits, experimenting and improving.  If any of you are familiar with the Whole30 and 100 Days of Real Food - i'm kind of doing a cross between them.  Not being as strict as the Whole 30 (i need dairy.  Sometimes life just calls for it - plus it's not a problem food for me, I just can't have massive quantities of it) and not being as lenient as 100 Days (there's recipes for mac & cheese and pizza on their site.  Come on!).  Also - i'm not allowing myself any 'rules' other than Just Eat Real Food (JERF).  I may not eat protein with every meal.  I may have days where I eat none.  I may have days where I eat nothing but protein.  Those 'pairing' rules drive me insane.  Also the 'eat before you work out and after working out' too.  I refuel when my body dictates it.  Not by some written rule, although it may change by the 100th day.  We shall see.

So follow me on my 100 days adventure -

Giveit100 Website:

And on Instagram: @100DaysOfJustEatingRealFood

If you do a 100 day challenge for yourself (doesn't have to be food related! or even health related!) - feel free to share your experience too. 

Til Next Time,

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Talking Fitness Thursday: Inspiration That Comes At A Time Much Needed…and A Confession.

Hi All!

So yesterday, I was just doing my usual “I’m going to check my email for the 1,000 time today” thing and came across an article on Yahoo’s home page:

Mother and daughter pair lost 74 lbs combined in 100 days.  Say what?  I was instantly inspired & amazed.  I went to their Giveit100 page.  I cried watching their video (and I’m not a crier for things like this!).  Then saw they were from my home state!  Love!  And then it hit me – 100 days really IS NOT a long time.  I can do something for 100 days.  Anything for 100 days.  Maybe it’s my time. 
Confession time:  I love fitness.  I love being active, going to the gym, teaching Body Combat and all that comes with it….but, I have been hiding something from my readers.  I’m not proud of this.  I still have a lot of bad habits (like my latte addiction) and while there is that whole 80/20 thing….mine is more like 0/100. 

I won’t say I’m struggling.  Why? Struggling means you’re TRYING.  I. Am. Not. Trying.  There.  I said it.  You cannot out work a bad diet. I eat whatever the hell I want – no, it’s not ALL bad, but I have a horrendous sweet tooth and am not eating as healthy as I once did.  And well, I’m proof of that.  Confession #2:  I’m still about 30 lbs overweight.  Did I mention diet is 80% of weightloss? Yep.  Like I said, not trying.  But, if I’m to be successful in certain aspects in life, well, it’s time to try.  Or do, rather.  Like Yoda says. 

So, I’m signing myself up for a Giveit100 page.  It starts when you post your first video. Considering I have to clear out the cupboards, I’m going to give myself the weekend to do so.  Perhaps I’ll even throw in a 100 days of blogging challenge too.  Maybe not!  We’ll see :)

More about this on Monday :)

Til Next Time,

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Talking Fitness Thursday: How I'm Staying Accountable

Hi all!

The cold-plague that struck me last week is currently on its way out! Thank the heavens for that. Anyway, did you know I've maintained to stay accountable to my fitness while well enough to do so? It's true!

I've probably mentioned too many times here how much I LOVE my Fitbit. But why do I? Well, one reason is it syncs with several fitness apps. One app in particular is the Pact App. 

What is Pact App? It's formerly known as  GymPact. Basically, if you check into your gym and work out for at least 30 minutes that day, it counts towards your weekly pact. You can make a pact to workout for X amount of days per week, and if you don't meet that pact, you have to pay a self-determined amount.
(I pledge to workout 5 days a week, and if I miss, I pledge to pay $5. But you can set the days and pay amounts too). 

 But if you meet that pact, YOU GET PAID! ok its like $.25-$.35 per workout so like $1 a week, but it adds up fast! And once you hit $10, you can have it transferred to your PayPal account!

It gets even better. With the new & improved app, going to the gym is not a requirement! In fact, working out even isn't a requirement! They now have other pacts for healthy eating. If you use for your food tracking, you can use that for a pact. Or you can take a picture of yourself eating fruits & vegetables and the Pact community can vote if your picture counts towards a pact. (Theyre nice, I swear). 

Ok so how does Fitbit play into all of this? Well, Fitbit syncs with pact - and if you meet 10,000 steps a day, it counts towards your pact! Yes, its THAT easy.  It doesn't only sync with just Fitbit either. Check out all the other things you can use:
So easy! 

And you can freeze pacts at any time! So if you fall ill with a plague or forget how to eat healthy, no worries!

Check it out at or Pact on the App store! 

Til Next Time,

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Talking Fitness Thursday: Knowing When To Rest

Hi all. 

As I write this, im begrudgingly battling a bad cold. I rarely ever get sick, but in the unfortunate times I do, i get very sick. So considering I woke up with a bad sore throat, I decided to stay home. Unlike who I am pretty sure got me sick (and has the ability to work from home), who was in the office all week extremely sick. 

So, the moral of this post? Listen to your body. If you are sick, stay home. The work can wait. The gym can wait. It can ALL wait. If you push yourself when down, not only can you risk getting sicker, but you risk getting someone else sick and there are people out there that cannot get sick (my pregnant friends and fellow compromised immune system buds, this one's for you). So PLEASE do us all a favor and relax! 

Now if you'll excuse me, Kleenex and Nyquil are waiting for me. 

Til Next Time,



Friday, March 28, 2014

Friday Musings

Hi all!

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything “life” related (rather than fitness/health related).  I’ve had an interesting week, as far as being amused by things goes. 

On Monday, I had lunch with my aunt and cousin who I haven’t seen in about 15-20 years.  Yeah, that long!  She takes a photography class in the city and since I work in the city, we FINALLY met up for lunch.  It was nice seeing them after so many years!  Anyway, we had lunch at this place called Oceana.  I’ve never been there, but since it’s by my office, I pass it a lot.  I get to the restaurant, and am being taken to the table where my aunt is waiting.  To the table next to us, I see a woman sitting there with super bleach blonde hair and is way too tan.  She’s sticking out like a sore thumb, so I glance over and notice she looks familiar.  Then it dawns on me – it’s Coco! Yes, Ice-T’s wife!  I glance over a few times (as sly as I could to not make eye contact) and wonder if I should go over and say hi, tell her I’m a huge fan of hers, etc.   But I used my better judgment and let her be.  Why? Well, I think this for every celebrity I may encounter – they’re real people – just like you & me.  I’m sure she didn’t want to be interrupted by me and quite frankly, it would have been awkward.  At least for me anyway.

Monday night however, Dave had gotten some bad news over the weekend and it’s causing his family major stress.  I had fallen asleep and he came over around 11 and woke me up.  He was visibly upset so I calmed him down the best I could, let him vent and he left so I could sleep.  So yesterday, I get this text: (and of course as soon as I see “I am gonna cry", I go into panic mode due to the situation, thinking the worst has happened)

All because he can’t snowboard this year! Honestly! I keep telling him “NEXT YEAR”.  Sigh. 

I did a little touristy walking this week in the city since I don’t do it very often.  I saw this and was instantly amused by 1/2 an avenue.  And It’s not even a real avenue – just a pedestrian walkway. It reminded me of Track 9 3/4 from Harry Potter 

So has anyone else out there been quiz crazy thanks to this little place on the webs called BUZZFEED?  Who are you Buzzfeed and where did you come from?!  Not just quizzes, but it has articles too.  There was a little gem posted on Wednesday.  Something about an Instagram trend.  Something about men.  Wearing socks.  Not on their feet.  But....There.  Yes.  Oh my goodness....cue the 12 year old giggling inside me....

And finally, just for giggles, my very hilarious friend Steve posted this on Facebook and I had to share when I saw it:


Til Next Time,