Night 1: Thursday May 15th, 6:30pm

1. Black Box Recorder by Abinadi Meza (2:19)
What might a machine show us about ourselves? This experimental fiction unfolds as a found footage montage narrated by 'Ouroboros A2M37' - a black box recorder that collects fragments and observations into a stream of filmic memory and consciousness.
2. Up Beat Nothing-Ness by Leila Jarman (3:15)
3. Shoulder Width Apart by Brian Ratigan (2:58)
Spectral Norwegian landscapes remind us that sometimes we can find bliss in solitude. Music video for Chicago-based artist Ant’lrd.
4. Flying In Formation by Linh Duong (2:53)
5. Searcy County by Noam Osband (6:22)
6. The Solar System (in Luncheon Meat) by Natasha Cantwell (:54)
The Solar System (In Luncheon Meat) is a silent 16mm film piece, inspired by 1970s educational science films and craft books. This work is part of a larger series of photographic and film pieces, which explore the artist’s personal sense of wonder and unease of the aesthetic qualities of meat.
7. La Course by Jean-Michel Rolland (3:45)
Rhythmed by the race of five horses shot in Marseille Borély, this video, tribute to Muybridge, doesn't try to take the public into the universe of racetracks but rather to communicate them the frenzy felt during the break-neck speed of this painful race.
8. Scratch by Claire Bennett (5:18)
9. Cool Tour by Daina Hasanti (1:55)
Two young girls talked about the future, yet they do nothing to make it happen. They were only talking, but not doing.
10. Keajaiban/Miracle by Loong Wah (14:00)
Keajaiban: The fabulous veteran drag queen performer will always find happiness.
11. Ballet by Sajid Hasan Dilawar and Gunja Bose (2:08)
12. Future Anterior by Muriel Montini (4:30)
A woman emerges from the shadows in slow motion. While approaching ,we hear echoes of story . It might seem insignificant , but it’s the sort of stories that haunts your thoughts for the rest of your life.
13. Memories Of An Absent Presence by Sara Koppel (1:17)
14. Ben by Kuesti Fraun (1:00)
About running, about being behind, about big moments, about daily life…
15. incident in city centre by Colin Hodson (:58)
16. Warerua - Echos Through The City by Will Moore (7:00)
17. One Way To The Sea by Tom O'Halloran (30:00)
By nature the human animal tends towards enslavement.

Night 2: Friday May 16th, 6:30pm

1. Horse Drawing by Stephen McCollum (1:07)
2. Geometric Study by Piotr Żołądź (3:10)
A synthesis of abstract bodies.
3. VVOOLLVVOO by Víctor Ballesteros (:34)
Volvo 3C: camera, car, computer.
4. Recursion by David Anthony Sant (3:49)
Limiting the video to five aerial views from a single apartment and the sound to its purest form, a sine wave, 'Recursion' offers an investigation into the patterns and subsequent relationships infused through the repetition of both the physical and aural.
5. Tape Loading Error by Sandra Araújo (2:53)
Animation exploring the visual culture of video games and the spread of popular gif files. The imagery of Magritte's surrealist paintings gives a working platform for modular elements and texture, thus sharing, the action with layers that emulate lo-fi quality and bug / glitch images of early computer machines.
6. Robocab by Kenny Smith (1:30)
7. Pencil! Episode 1: Birth by Laura Callier (2:16)
"Pencil! Episode One: Birth" involves the science behind giving birth to a pencil.
8. Stay Tuned by Jack Delgado (1:35)
by Timothy Marsh (2:18)
This video explores how although computer graphic imagery (C.G.I.) HD video, and other forms of media are taking over, traditional and lo-fi forms are still valid and well worth fighting for.
10. Smokedak Mountain by Dan Harris (1:06)
This work is part of a continual stream of abrasive and irreverent pop-culture (s)mash-ups.
11. You by Keaton Fox (3:22)
This video entertains the subject of communication between human and computers by examining the communication between humans through computers.
12. "Auto(NO)mous" by Mica Hubertus Mick (5:12)
'Autonomous' is the catch phrase of the 'Artificial Intelligence' developer and computer programmer. AI, defined as technology 'able to learn by itself'. My video is referencing the rich history of experimental film and critically engages with the Idea that Autonomy can be programmed. In popular culture, movies or music the questions are raised and repeated. Are we still autonomous? Are we still in control? Where does the answer lead us… Unease arises, who is, if anyone, in control?
13. Planet Sextron by Timothy Marsh (3:52)
Plantet Sextron made with musician Leno Lovecraft as a collaborative video for his track Planet Sextron in a bedroom using plants stolen from the Botanic Garden.
14. Runtime Error by Sandra Araújo (4:12)
Video games are emergent systems with their own particular internal relationsips. This animation mashes up and deconstructs games paces taking on a multitude of forms, from scrolling on one axis to several separate screens. The blocky 2D grids plasticity is emphasised through a reduced colour palette in order to favour formal representation of early video games against the photorealistic, logically consistent 3D game spaces of recent years.
15. Catch Me by Fran LEJEUNE (5:40)
16. Pencil 2: Excess by Laura Callier (1:57)
"Pencil! Episode 2: Excess" reveals the hidden dangers of recreational pencil use.
17. Teddy by Bernie Rao (5:46)
18. Cremation of a Dying Memory by Rosina Hickman (11:52)
19. Jump by Mauri Lehtonen (1:00)
Figures falling through space, time and memory, trapped in a limbo between feelings and reality. An animation about how we are constantly viewing the world around us through simulation constructed by mass media and accustomed to objectifying the body and identity, but when the idea of death suddenly becomes real to us, then we do not know how to deal with it.
20. Midtown by Max Schleser (2:05)
New York Midtown @ midnight
21. Come Here To See If You Are
by Marie-France Giraudon & Emmanuel Avenel (14:40)
This work questions our relationship to reality. It confronts two types of experiences that we have today, a virtual journey through artificial landscapes and a trip in real landscapes. The project examines the current coexistence of these two possibilities, to understand how they affect or determine our relationship to nature.
22. Thelus by Beth Hilton (7:24)
Audio/video portrait of one place at a given time.
23. It Goes by Brandon Doherty (4:00)
24. Banquet of Love by Haruka Mitani and Michael Lyons (6:30)
This abstract film was inspired by the occasion of filmmaker Norman McLaren's 100th anniversary. Insects in their final moments chatter noisily, displaying extravagant colors and patterns. It is their great feast of love. The film was made by scratching and painting directly on 8mm film. Powder and layers of transparent lacquer were also applied, with more layers of paint, lending depth to the various colors. The soundtrack was created optically with an original system, 'The Octopus'. Light sensors on the projection screen respond to the changing patterns in the film to control an analogue synthesizer. The film itself acts as a visual score.
25. Tour Of The Lakes Districts, Otago by Ella Mills (7:46)
26. SON ET LUMIERE by Jean-Michel Rolland (4:17)
Audiovisual experimentation on the sound and light generated by an arc welding station.
27. 'FRACTURED' by David Anthony Sant (3:25)
Decisions about what to film within the confines of the specific parameters of the camera frame were determined as much by the decision to avoid filming what lay outside the periphery of that frame. This film explores and reworks perceptions of urban peculiarities found in an Inner Western Sydney landscape through ever shifting camera movements and unconventional editing techniques.
28. Byke Life by Nathan Taare (:58)
29. A Trailer Study #16 A Square and Circle Talking
by Brandon Doherty (1:46)
30. Cantaloupe Vision by Brian Ratigan (5:20)
A music video for ant'lrd composed of in-camera effects from an 8mm home movie.
31. Two Little Weeks by Alexandros Kaklamanos (6:30)
It is a personal story projected on random passersby, who are used as the actors, while the scenery is determined by the window view. Their dialogues are movie lines I collected, mostly by the rule that they should enclose my own thoughts, sayings or memories. The lines, written on cards, were remixed, reordered and finally edited with the intention to create a linear story. The movie starts with the line ‘Describe what you see’ and this is related to the whole process, to me, to the viewer and especially to the person that this movie is dedicated to.
32. LUX by Dick Whtye (11:13)
LUX (1999) by Dick Whyte, music by Birchville Cat Motel.

Night 3: Saturday May 17th, 6:30pm

1. The Devil by Jean-Gabriel Périot (7:51)
"You don’t know what we are."
2. Do You Smell That? by Mauricio Sanhueza (2:15)
In July 2012 Peru regained its former distinction as the world’s top cocaine producer, according to an annual White House report that says Colombia’s output fell sharply in 2011, putting the former leader in third place behind Bolivia. The White House report estimates Peruvian cocaine production was 358 tons, followed by Bolivia with 292 tons and Colombia at 215 tons.
3. Traffic by Dmytro Bondarchuk (2:30)
"Ecological system of the planet was destroyed in few decades by reckless human actions. Violation a harmony of warm and cold currents leads to natural disasters."
5. Platforms and Securities by Ricardo Guerreiro (3:52)
6. Our heart beats with joy by Peace Myth (Paul Smith) (5:30)
After filming people in a public space, I played the raw footage to a piece of music I had written. I zoomed in, then noticed something which seemed extraordinary to me.
7. Antennas to Beyond by Ryan Ohm (5:17)
8. Little Vulvah and Her Clitoral Awareness by Sara Koppel (4:25)
9. Blushes by Kyle Beechey (2:57)
Blushes is an exploration of the body. It contrasts gentle imagery of the female form with stark geometrics and powerful rushes of color. Self-depiction and tangible manipulation of the filmstrip establish a new agency for the filmmaker. Through its confrontational nature it subverts the gaze from viewer to subject.
10. Physical Examination by Mauri Lehtonen (3:25)
Homage to Owen Land. Physical Examination is a short structural film that shows viewers the elements of film stock that usually cannot be seen during movie projection, like sprocket holes and sound track area. It also shows an examination of breasts.
11. Intranodal by Karina Scuderi (7:16)
Waiting, surgery, fear of death, marks a body subjected.
12. Meat by Natasha Cantwell (:30)
Meat is a silent 16mm film piece, inspired by 1970s educational science films and craft books. This work is part of a larger series of photographic and film pieces, which explore the artist’s personal sense of wonder and unease of the aesthetic qualities of meat.
13. Everything Gets Left Behind by Brian Ratigan (3:06)
You cannot take it with you after it is too late.
14. "after | image" by Grayson Cooke (10:40)
"after | image" is an art-science project about archival preservation and dissolution, it features time-lapse macro-photography of photographic negatives being chemically and physically destroyed.
15. Protocols of The Elders of Zion by Bartosz Warwas (7:00)
Exhausted with the Nazi and Soviet terror, the noble and tradition-loving True Poles don't realize that there is one more mortal enemy lying in wait for their souls. Tonight a showdown will take place...
16. The Wall by Dmytro Bondarchuk (1:20)
People come to the Wall every day after work and listen what's going on behind it.
17. Darwin’s Dead (Evolution In Chaos) by Kevin Tobin (13:00)
Charles Lindbergh Darwin died April 19, 1882 from 'angina pectoris,' more commonly known today as coronary thrombosis. Heart disease. At 73, he had left behind a legacy of unparalleled enlightenment to endless generations through his theories of evolution, 'natural selection,' and common descent. This film has nothing to do with him.
18. Hey VC You Are Rad! by Linh Duong (7:43)
19. Griechenland by Giannis Gripeos and Alexandros Pitoulis (2:10)
20. I Dreamed by Chris Marsh (2:08)
Futile ramblings wrapped in a restful sleep of nightmarish follies. We dare to dream though our dreams will one day dare back.
21. My Old Man’s Pistol by Mauricio Sanhueza (2:33)
Throughout the centuries dreams have been to many cultures around the world the images that speak of the future. This particular one is based on the myth of the Doppelganger in which the hero is pursued by his doubles and at the same time they try to take possession of his mind and body.
22. Explosions Bring Us Closer Together by Jonathan Johnson (1:56)
23. Seriously Delinquent by Dylan Pasture (6:50)
Robert Miller is behind on his payments.
24. A Short Organon For The Hero
by Elise Florenty & Marcel Türkowsky (15:00)
25. Melencolia by Abinadi Meza (2:50)
26. Hour Between Wolf and Dog (Abinadi Meza)