Knitting in World War II

Women have always knit, but in wartime, knitting was one of the ways that women could show their patriotism. During World War II, the United States harnessed this energy with the campaign, “Knitting for Victory”.
Eleanor Roosevelt launched the effort at a Knit for Defense tea held at the Waldorf-Astoria in New York in September 1941. There are many photos of Eleanor Roosevelt knitting – she merits an exhibit of her own. In the meantime, here’s this comfy photo of her knitting while she still resided in the governor’s mansion in New York in 1932, just before FDR became President.

Eleanor Roosevelt, in NY Executive Mansion, 1932.

Life magazine ran a cover story on November 24, 1941, titled “How to Knit”.

The cover of Life Magazine

Red Heart produced a booklet, “Knitting for Defense”, with useful patterns such as gloves with trigger fingers free for shooting.
Knit for Defense
Marksman Gloves

An interesting article about knitting during WWII on the HistoryLink.

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