The Goldstein Massacre

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Liberal leader Justin Trudeau assailed by Zionists

This article was published by Whatsupic on April 10, 2014.



Liberal leader Justin Trudeau assailed by Zionists

By Brandon Martinez

Liberal leader Justin Trudeau was recently criticized for allegedly commenting in an interview with Salam Toronto, a Persian-language news outlet, that Canada should take a more “balanced” approach to the Middle East and resume relations with Iran.

Referring to the alleged comments, mouthpieces for the ruling Conservative Party stood up in Parliament and chastised Trudeau for not being sufficiently pro-Israel.

Reports are now saying that the Liberal leader did not even make the comments in question and that a Zionist website distorted Trudeau’s actual remarks to suit their purposes.

The Harper regime in Ottawa severed diplomatic relations with Iran several years ago to appease the whims of Zionist war criminal Benjamin Netanyahu, who has called Harper a “good friend.”

Canada’s foreign policy in the Middle East has been in Israel’s pocket essentially since the formation of that illegal state in 1948. In his book Canada and Israel: Building Apartheid, author Yves Engler documents how former Canadian Prime Minister Lester Pearson was a staunch Zionist who enthusiastically backed the Zionist project from its inception.

Ottawa’s approach to the Middle East is not just imbalanced; it is erring on the side of criminality. The Canadian regime not only backs Israel diplomatically, it has entered into numerous military and security agreements with the rogue state as well, and thus is guilty of criminal complicity with Israel’s ongoing crimes against the Palestinian people.

Iran, unlike Israel, is a peaceful nation with a rich culture and tradition. The Persian nation has not attacked another country in hundreds of years, while Israel has embarked on an endless spree of murderous incursions against nearly all of its neighbouring states throughout its relatively short history as an uninvited guest in the Middle East.

Iran does not possess any nuclear weapons and is a signatory of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, while Israel has a large stockpile of WMDs and refuses to comply with any international regulations.

Israel even deployed illegal white phosphorous bombs against Palestinian civilians in its 2009 onslaught against Gaza known as Operation Cast Lead, which resulted in more than 1400 deaths on the Palestinian side. Moreover, Israel deliberately murdered an unarmed Canadian UN peacekeeping soldier named Paeta Hess von-Krudener during its 2006 invasion and occupation of Lebanon.

Israel routinely engages in illegal settlement building in the West Bank, slowly but surely squeezing the Palestinians off their remaining land.

Iran, on the other hand, respects religious and ethnic minority groups. Iran is home to some 25,000 Persian Jews who previously rejected Zionist offers to move to Israel.

Israel’s Mossad intelligence agency routinely carries out assassinations on foreign soil and has used forged Canadian passports on covert missions. In 1997, two Mossad agents entered Jordan on false Canadian passports in a failed attempt to assassinate Hamas leader Khalid Meshal.

Why does Ottawa continue to maintain close relations with such a bellicose, racist and criminal state as Israel?

The fact is that Canada is waging a “cold war” against Iran on behalf of the Zionist regime. Harper and his neoconservative cohorts on Parliament Hill are nothing more than puppets and errand boys for their Zionist masters in Tel Aviv.

Canada desperately needs to radically change its foreign policy if it wishes to gain back some of its long-lost credibility on the international stage.

A rapprochement with Iran should be the place to start.

Copyright 2014 Brandon Martinez

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Zionist Canada bows to the holocaust religion


Zionist Canada bows to the holocaust religion

By Brandon Martinez

Officials of the Harper regime recently announced the construction of a new “holocaust” monument in Ottawa set to be completed in the fall of 2015.

“The monument features a large gathering space for ceremonies — with room for 1,000 visitors — enclosed by six triangular, concrete volumes to create the points of a star. … Monochromatic photographs by Burtynsky depicting Holocaust sites will be embedded upon concrete surfaces,” reported the Toronto Star.

It should come as no surprise that the Harper regime is backing this new holocaust monument project, considering that the ruling neo-conservatives in Ottawa have openly expressed their adherence to Jewish supremacist ideology on numerous occasions. Harper and his lackeys in Parliament have incessantly praised the apartheid state of Israel (a nation birthed through ethnic cleansing and mass terror) and have vehemently denounced those who challenge or criticize Israeli imperialism and state-terrorism.

At a May 14, 2014, speech before the American Jewish Committee’s Global Forum, Canada’s Foreign Minister John Baird told the room of Zionist fanatics that Israel is a “truly special nation” that is a “great example to the world.” A great example for what? Ethnic cleansing, mass murder and ruthless deception? Not shy to announce his belief in Jewish exceptionalism, the Zionist puppet foreign minister added that Israel is a “most extraordinary society.”

Many have argued that the holocaust promotion industry is an extortion racket designed to bolster Jewish privilege. By emphasizing Jewish victimhood above that of all other peoples, the Zionists aim to suffocate the public at large underneath a blanket of self-serving propaganda so that evidence of wrongdoing on the part of these tribal zealots will not see the light of day. Not only are Jews today not victims of any sort or underdogs in any sense of the term, they are in fact the most affluent and influential segment of every society in which they live. “Jewish families [are] among the wealthiest families in the United States. According to Forbes, 25 to 30 percent of U.S. multimillionaires and billionaires are Jewish,” noted James Petras in his book The Power of Israel in the United States. A similar situation to the one described by Petras also exists in Canada, Australia, Britain, Germany, France, etc.

The sages and holy men of holocaustianity have endeavored to promote this quasi-religion to the four corners of the earth. Hundreds of holocaust museums, memorials, monuments and research centres have been erected across Europe, Russia, North America, Latin America and even Asia. Hundreds of holocaust-themed films and television shows have been broadcasted throughout the Americas and Europe. Countless books, memoirs and other literature relating to the sacred Shoah have flooded the libraries and bookstores of all Western countries. Dozens of governments have created laws forbidding any revision of the rigid, one-sided narrative engineered by the winners of World War II.

In his book The Holocaust Industry, Jewish scholar Norman Finkelstein labeled these practitioners of professional victimhood “a repellent gang of plutocrats, hoodlums and hucksters.” One such charlatan was Herman Rosenblatt who appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show multiple times and attained a movie deal based on his fallacious fibbing. After admitting that climactic portions of his memoir An Angel at the Fence were manufactured, he unapologetically told ABC News: “It was not a lie because in my imagination I believed it.”

Another holocaust faker, Misha Defonseca, was ordered by a judge to pay back her publisher $22.5 million after it was revealed that her best-selling 1997 memoir, Misha: A Mémoire of the Holocaust Years, was entirely fictional. Defonseca claimed that as a young girl she journeyed across Europe in search of her parents who were taken away to a German concentration camp during WW2, and that amid her search she was taken care of and raised by a pack of wolves who adopted her as one of their own. “It’s not the true reality, but it is my reality,” Defonseca told The Guardian. “There are times when I find it difficult to differentiate between reality and my inner world,” the mythomaniac explained.

Binjamin Wilkomirski’s 1994 holocaust memoir Fragments was exposed as a fraud. He was never interned in any camp and actually lived in neutral Switzerland during the war. Rudolf Vrba admitted on the stand at the Toronto trial of Ernst Zundel in 1985 that his memoir I Cannot Forgive was an “artistic picture” that contained embellishments and exaggerations. Elie Wiesel, the veritable pope of the holocaust religion, has long been suspected of at least partially fabricating his story of survival. In his memoir Night, he tells of how a doctor performed surgery on his infected foot while interned at the “death camp” Auschwitz. One might ask: what is the purpose of a doctor in a “death camp”? Then, reported Wiesel, he and his sick father chose to evacuate that camp in January of 1945 alongside the retreating German Army and SS-men instead of waiting for the Soviets to arrive. Miraculously he survived this supposedly “genocidal” ordeal.

Wiesel collects hundreds of thousands of dollars in speaking fees to preach “tolerance” to the world, while simultaneously advocating vicious hatred of German people. “Every Jew, somewhere in his being, should set apart a zone of hate -healthy virile hate- for what the German personifies and for what persists in the German,” the man once described by the Chicago Tribune as a ‘beacon for human rights’ wrote in his 1968 book Legends of Our Time. The unscrupulous pretender and money-getter has shown callous disregard for the human rights of Palestinians because their oppressors are members of a master class of “chosen people” of which Wiesel is a Learned Elder.

Also not visible on Wiesel’s “human rights” radar are the tens of millions of Russians and Eastern Europeans, mostly Christians, who were starved, shot, tortured and enslaved by the Jewish-dominated Bolshevik regime in Russia. “Many Jews sold their soul to the devil of the Communist revolution and have blood on their hands for eternity,” wrote the Israeli journalist Sever Plocker in an op-ed for Ynet News. “Even if we deny it,” the Jewish writer concluded, “we cannot escape the Jewishness of ‘our hangmen,’ who served the Red Terror with loyalty and dedication from its establishment.”

Why have Stalin’s Jewish executioners and secret police torturers not received the same level of scrutiny that the Nazis have? Why have there been no Hollywood movie depictions of what happened in Stalinist Russia? When the subject has been broached, kosher commentators and careerist historians have been reluctant to note the fact that a large percentage of the top officials of the Soviet regime and the post-WW2 communist regimes of Eastern Europe were Jewish chauvinists.

When in 2009 the Ukrainian security service published a list of Soviet and Communist Party officials responsible for the Holodomor – the famine-genocide sponsored by Moscow in 1932 that took the lives of 6-7 million Ukrainians – Jewish groups cried foul, contending that publicizing such a list was a bad idea because most of the names on it were Jewish and would thus cause anti-Jewish sentiments, reported the Jewish Telegraphic Agency. Instead of learning about the true nature of this unspeakable crime and the culprits responsible, Ukrainians should just “forget history” — at least that is what the Israeli politician Shimon Peres implored them to do in a 2010 speech.

Ukrainians are commanded by the Zionists to forget their history; as are the Palestinians. But we, the ‘gullible goyim,’ must “never forget” what allegedly happened to the self-styled chosen ones during the Second World War. In this New World Order of Malthusian mayhem and Orwellian mind control, the Zionists hope to lock us in a mental dungeon where unwelcome thoughts are extirpated with ruthless efficiency and cold determination.

Unfortunately for them, the truth can only be hidden from public sight but never extinguished.

Copyright 2014 Brandon Martinez


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Breitbart website attempts pathetic hit job

Zionist journalist Jordan Schachtel of the Breitbart website recently penned this rather lame and uninteresting hit piece on me, basically just plagiarizing the ADL’s previous poorly written hit piece that they put out a few months ago (he even referenced that shoddy ADL smear job within the article). Of course, Schachtel does not even attempt to refute any of my points. I would like this guy to please explain how and why Nazi Germany’s conduct was worse than that of the US, UK, the Soviet Union or Jewish supremacists and Zionists.

Here’s the link:

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Zionists target California school district over holocaust assignment


Zionists target California school district over holocaust assignment 

By Brandon Martinez

A California school district has come under fire from Zionist groups for giving students an assignment asking them to examine both sides of the “holocaust” story, draw their own conclusions based on the documentation provided as well as their own research and then write an essay about it.[1]

The Rialto Unified School District near Los Angeles gave out the 18-page assignment to eighth grade students to encourage critical thinking, but the Zionists have unleashed their fury upon the school district’s administrators for daring to allow any debate on the sacred Shoah. Only one side of the holocaust story will be allowed to enter into the curriculum of learning institutions, says the Zionists.

The assignment’s introduction explained: “When tragic events occur in history, there is often debate about their actual existence. For example, some people claim the Holocaust is not an actual historical event, but instead is a propaganda tool that was used for political and monetary gain.” The assignment then instructs students to “read and discuss multiple, credible articles on this issue, and write an argumentative essay, based upon cited textual evidence, in which you explain whether or not you believe the Holocaust was an actual event in history, or merely a political scheme created to influence public emotion and gain wealth.”

According to the Zionist self-appointed arbiters of all historical truth, there is no “debate” about the realities of the holocaust because it is an event etched in stone that cannot be altered even slightly. This dogmatic approach to learning about history flies in the face of basic principles of logic, discernment and academic freedom.

The sycophantic dolt Chris Matthews addressed the controversy on his boring MSNBC show “Hardball,” bringing on a spokesman of the Zionist Simon Wiesenthal Center to feign outrage about the “monstrosity” of allowing students to decide for themselves what really happened in Germany’s concentration camps during the Second World War.

Rabbi Abraham Cooper, the Simon Wiesenthal Center mouthpiece, told Matthews that the assignment “elevated hate with historic fact.” What one might discern from the rabbi’s incoherent statement is that historical facts are “hateful” in nature and even though they are true should be discarded or suppressed to avoid upsetting Jewish sensibilities.

Rabbi Cooper went on to assure MSNBC’s viewership that all of the eighth graders of the school district in question would be brow beaten into accepting the Zionist version of WW2. All 2,200 eighth grade students of Rialto, said the rabbi, will be forced to attend the Simon Wiesenthal Center’s “Museum of Tolerance” to get a good dousing of “holocaust” propaganda sure to pacify any doubts that they may have gleaned from the assignment.

What the students won’t be told is that the “Museum of Tolerance” was caught peddling an out-and-out hoax in the 1990s. Revisionist researcher David Cole recently exposed how the museum had set up a display purporting to showcase the function of the dubious “gas vans” that Zionists claim were used by the Germans to kill Jews in Eastern Europe during the war. A looped video is presented to impressionable and gullible observers showing a re-enactment of the alleged killing procedure of the mystical “gas vans.” In a video published on YouTube, Cole explains that the museum’s video display claimed to be a selected segment from a “documentary” but was actually lifted from a 1962 fictional Polish film called “The Ambulance,” directed by Janusz Morgenstern.[2]

On the MSNBC show, Rabbi Cooper suggests that there are only two types of people who would doubt the holocaust: 1) people who would like a chance to “finish the job,” and 2) “sophisticated bigots” who are more comfortable not having to deal with the reality of what happened.

Irrespective of Cooper’s delusions, the fact is that most holocaust skeptics are normal citizens who have decided to approach the subject from a scientific standpoint, not an emotional or ideological one. Chemists and experts like Germar Rudolf and Fred Leuchter did not begin their inquiries into the gas chamber claims with preconceived judgments or notions — they went into their investigations believing fully the official stories about mass gassings. After extensively observing the facilities claimed to be the gas chambers, these two qualified analysts came out as disbelievers.

Pointing out that in 1990 the Auschwitz State Museum reduced the death total there from 4 to 1 million, and that the real death total at that camp is probably still much lower than the latter figure, is not an “anti-Semitic” gesture, it is an honest one. Likewise, observing that the Majdanek and Mauthausen camps that were once said by establishment sources to harbour the remains of 3.5 million murdered Jews but are now said to be the resting places of less than 100,000 Jews, is not an act of malice but one of accuracy.

Delineating that the wartime atrocity stories of “human soap” and “skin lampshades” supposedly manufactured from Jewish corpses are patently false is not “elevating hate,” it is actually decreasing hate against the German people. Emphasizing the discernable pattern of Zionist propaganda dating back to the late 1800s showing the repetitive dissemination of Jewish persecution stories, oftentimes invoking the mystical “six million” number, is not an exercise in “racism” but rather empirical observation.

The cartoonish “evil Nazi” archetype was created by the winners of WW2 in order to facilitate the cover up of massive Allied war crimes and to accelerate the Zionist agenda to invade and colonize Palestine under a facade of victimhood. Nazi Germany was no more evil than the Allied powers, no more racist than Britain or America or Zionist Jews themselves, and no more murderous than the countries that won that war and the nation born out of that war: Zionist Israel.

Someone wise once said that the truth is the first victim of war. Governments keen to justify their actions in a time of conflict and conflagration will stoop to any level of deceit and use every underhanded trick in the book to malign their adversaries. Governments tell falsehoods with impunity when the people fail to think critically about what they are being told and the agenda that may lie behind it.

If we are to ever fully be free, we must cast aside the myths of the past that are currently being used to mentally enslave the masses of the present.

Copyright 2014 Brandon Martinez


[1] “California school district apologizes for Holocaust assignment,” MSNBC, May 8, 2014.

[2] Phony “Museum of Tolerance” Gas Van Footage, David Cole/Stein, YouTube:

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The Martinez Perspective Ep. 6: Jewish identity politics & the hidden history of Bolshevism and Zionism

On this episode of The Martinez Perspective, host Brandon Martinez is joined by independent writer and researcher from Sweden, Lasse Wilhelmson.

Why do so few people know about the true histories of Bolshevism and Zionism? Why is there so little discussion of these movements, despite their integral role in shaping the 20th and 21st centuries?

Could it be that both movements have Jewish origins and therefore receive soft treatment from historians, academics and the media?

The destructive and murderous legacy of Bolshevism in Russia is seldom brought to the fore in mainstream discourse, yet we are fed a constant stream of messages and images about what happened to Jews during the Second World War.

Marxists and communists today have an extreme intolerance towards WW2 and holocaust revisionism. “How dare you question what the winners have told us about WW2″ the communists say. Yet, these same ideologues are extreme revisionists when it comes to the history of the Soviet Union and other communist states. Most of them openly deny the millions of victims of Lenin, Stalin and Mao. Some even deny the Gulag existed in the USSR and call the Holodomor — Stalin’s engineered Ukrainian famine genocide — a myth!

Wilhelmson discusses all of these issues from a unique insider’s perspective. In his youth he was an avowed Marxist and comes from a Jewish background. He was a political activist for years and took part in various left-wing causes. After doing his own research, Wilhelmson abandoned both Marxism and Jewish identity, and has become an outspoken critic of Israel and Zionist power.

Martinez and Wilhelmson delve into the hypocrisies of left-wing ideologues and much more on the show.

Consider contributing if you wish to hear more interviews like this one.

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David Sheen Presentation: Israel’s War on Africans

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Ashkenazi racism revealed by LA Clippers owner

Donald Sterling, V. Stiviano

LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling (right) is under fire for anti-black comments secretly recorded by girlfriend (left)

Ashkenazi racism revealed by LA Clippers owner

By Brandon Martinez

The mainstream media is in a frenzy over anti-black comments made by the owner of the Los Angeles Clippers NBA team, Donald Sterling.

In a taped recording recently released by the tabloid TMZ, Sterling is heard arguing with his girlfriend (a 30-something model named V. Stiviano) and making what the media is calling racist remarks. He tells his girlfriend not to bring black people to his games and not to associate with blacks in public entirely, even though she happens to be part black herself.[1]

Overall, Sterling exudes the mentality of a slave-owner. His girlfriend reminds him that most of the players on his team are African-Americans, which he responds to by saying, “I support them and give them food, and clothes, and cars, and houses. Who gives it to them? Does someone else give it to them?”

It appears that Sterling views the NBA players he employs much like circus animals putting on a show.

The most damning part of the recording is when Sterling, who is Jewish, refers to Israeli racism against blacks to justify his own racism. “In Israel,” says Sterling, “blacks are just treated like dogs.”

“There’s white Jews and black Jews … do you understand?” Sterling asks. Stiviano replies: “And are the black Jews less than the white Jews?”

“A hundred percent,” says Sterling.

The most interesting aspect of this incident is the way in which the Western media has covered it as opposed to the Israeli and Jewish press.

Israeli and Jewish-oriented American newspapers have made no bones about highlighting Sterling’s comments about blacks being mistreated in Israel. The Times of Israel ran the headline, “Clippers owner: Black Jews treated like dogs in Israel.” Articles in Haaretz, the Jewish Forward, the Jewish Telegraphic Agency, and other Zionist outlets carried similar headlines and stories focusing on Sterling’s Jewishness and his reference to the inferior social status of blacks in Israel.

However, mainstream media outside Israel and the Jewish community for the most part failed to note Sterling’s Jewish roots and in most instances kept out the part of the conversation where Sterling invokes Israeli racism. Many suspect Jewish editors and media execs are running damage control for Israel, hoping to hide the reality that Ashkenazi Jews in Israel discriminate not only against Arabs and Palestinians, but blacks too.

Philip Weiss, an American Jewish blogger, said that during his long career in journalism “Jews have made up the majority of the important positions in the publications I worked for, a majority of the writers I’ve known at these place[s], and the majority of the owners who have paid me.”[2] Weiss even cited a few examples of Jewish media executives and editors using their power to influence coverage in favour of the tribe, such as the former New York Times chief editor Max Frankel, who admitted in his memoir that he was “deeply devoted to Israel” and shaped the paper’s Middle East commentaries “from a pro-Israel perspective.” “I was much more deeply devoted to Israel than I dared to assert,” Frankel confessed. Another example Weiss noted was when former NBC chief Jeff Zucker stopped broadcast reporter John Hockenberry from doing a story about the true motivations of the alleged 9/11 hijackers because one of their motivations was US support for the apartheid and bellicose Zionist state.

Is Sterling’s assertion about blacks in Israel true? Rabbi Eliyahu Fink, in a column for Haaretz titled “The ugly truth behind Donald Sterling’s racist comments,” admitted: “Too often, white Jews do treat black Jews poorly. We do have a bit of a race problem in our communities.” Fink noted that “Ashkenazi bias against Sephardic Jews is common” and that Jews in Israel live in insular communities.

Jewish journalist Max Blumenthal wrote a book entitled Goliath: Life and Loathing in Greater Israel, within which he exposed the Israeli government’s program to herd African asylum-seekers into what some would describe as concentration camps – a temporary solution for Israel’s desired policy of all-out expulsion. In 2012 the Netanyahu regime began deporting thousands of Africans back to their home countries.[3]

In a video called “Israel’s New Racism,” Blumenthal and activist David Sheen document numerous violent race riots targeting blacks across Israel.[4] Blacks are attacked and beaten by mobs of racist Jews who call them “infiltrators” – a term which Israeli government officials also use to describe African refugees. The race riots were kick-started when Israeli parliamentarian Miri Regev publicly declared African migrants “a cancer,” a sentiment that 52 per cent of Israelis actually agree with according to a poll conducted by the Israel Democracy Institute (IDI) in 2012.[5]

Israel’s Interior Minister, notorious Jewish supremacist Eli Yishai, said that Israel “belongs to the white man” and promised to make the lives of African refugees so unbearable that they’d leave the country on their own free will.[6] In a presentation at the Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, David Sheen highlighted statistics showing that Israel takes in the least amount of refugees of any country in the world and is working to deport the ones that do manage to get in. So much for the myth of “Jewish charity.”[7]

This sheds a whole new light on the disingenuous message of “tolerance” and “anti-racism” emanating from powerful Zionist lobby groups such as the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith. The two-faced supremacists who run that group rally against organized white supremacy in the US (KKK, Aryan Nations, NSM, etc.) whilst defending Israel’s racist policies and practices at the same time.

The Jewish chauvinists of the ADL and similar groups are not opposed to genuine racism or supremacist ideologies on moral or humanitarian grounds – they merely view white racists as competitors and rivals on the supremacist battleground.

Copyright 2014 Brandon Martinez


[1] “Exclusive: The Extended Donald Sterling Tape,” Deadspin, April 29, 2014.

[2] Philip Weiss, “Do Jews Dominate in American Media? And So What If We Do?” Mondoweiss, Feb. 17, 2008.

[3] “Israel begins deporting migrants back to African countries,” CNN, June 17, 2012.

[4] “Israel’s New Racism,” YouTube:

[5] “52% of Israeli Jews agree: African migrants are ‘a cancer’,” Times of Israel, June 7, 2012.

[6] “Israel enacts law allowing authorities to detain illegal migrants for up to 3 years,” Haaretz, June 3, 2012.

[7] “Israel’s War on Africans,” YouTube:

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