Tricky’s New 5 Track Giveaway

Whilst Tricky continues to record new material, he has found the time to put together this package of 5 tracks that are from sessions over the last year or so, as well as a couple of personal favourites that you may never have heard before or that are difficult to find.

He wanted to let like-minded people hear these tracks that otherwise would have stayed locked in a vault. When asked why he was giving them away, he said, “Just because I can, and it’s just for love”

You can get the package of 5 tracks simply clicking the widget and signing up below.

If you have already joined the mailing list you will receive a download link separately.

In the package, Tricky has chosen:

‘Black Coffee’ – featuring Martina Topley-Bird
‘A Song for Yukiko’ featuring John Suzuki and Yukiko Takahasi
‘Strange Fruit’ (Tricky Remix) – Billie Holiday
‘ESP’ featuring Liz Densmore
‘Emel’ featuring Emel

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