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Tuesday, June 3, 2014 Last Update: 8:04 PM ET

Visiting Poland, Obama Pledges Solidarity With Eastern Europe

President Obama announced more steps on Tuesday to bolster security in central and eastern Europe with additional deployments and training as he arrived in Poland for the start of a four-day European trip.

2 Primaries in Focus as G.O.P. Leaders Try to Deflect Right

Republican Party officials are confident that State Senator Joni Ernst should be able to prevail in Iowa, but Senator Thad Cochran faces a strong challenge in Mississippi.

Charting Florida Youth’s Road to Syria Suicide Attack

Friends of Moner Mohammad Abusalha, who joined Syrian jihadis, say there were no signs that he was becoming an extremist.

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U.N. Cables Reveal Turning Point in Rwanda Crisis

Nearly 300 documents capture the reluctance of the United Nations Security Council to respond to the deepening crisis.

Xiao Jianhua seen in a park in Beijing.
The New York Times

For Tiananmen-Era Student, a Path to Power

After siding with the government, Xiao Jianhua, the leader of the official student union at Peking University in 1989, was catapulted into the ranks of the wealthy.

Obama Defends Swap of Taliban for Captive G.I.

President Obama vowed to monitor the five members of the Taliban who were released for Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl.

After Nearly 17 Years, A New Look at a Conviction

Roger Logan, found guilty in a 1997 killing, was freed after a review of 90 cases by the Brooklyn district attorney’s office.

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Pardoned in Wisconsin, but Not by the Governor

Eric Pizer, a former Marine, was disqualified from a career in law enforcement because of a punch thrown a decade ago.

After Stabbing, De Blasio Criticizes Housing Agency

Mayor Bill de Blasio said an effort to install cameras in public housing was delayed because of “unacceptable bureaucracy,” as the search continued for a man who stabbed two children.

T Magazine
The Woman on Top of the World

A few years ago, Beyoncé Knowles was like any other record-breaking pop star in an already crowded field. Then she expanded our sense of what music should sound like.

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Op-Ed Contributor
Tiananmen, Forgotten

My generation of young Chinese can’t afford to look back or consider the larger issues that bedevil our society.

Taking Note
Southern Politicians Try to Hold Back the Tides

For the moment, but maybe not for long, fossilized language is required of both Republican and Democratic candidates.

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A Winding, Watery Way to the World Cup

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