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Welcome to the Wiki is a new and vibrant social network, based on the concept that paying for the use of a social network directly is better than selling your privacy one item at a time. Founded in August 2012, is growing at a responsible rate, and provides a broad tapestry of clients and services for many different purposes.

This Wiki is maintained by volunteers. It is our intent to put up every shred of documentation we can find on this venture, except for API documentation; we think would rather do that themselves.

A few popular pages to get you started

A guide for new users - start here!






More to explore

Useful External Links:
Event Calendar

Please see the Current Events page for more detail.

Weekly events

Monday MondayNightDanceParty - request your favourite music.
Tuesday TuesdayChallenge - create themed art.
Wednesday WednesdayChallenge - write a themed 1-post story.
Friday GameFriday - get your game face on!
Friday too! WorkChat - get or give tips that help you work smarter.
Sunday QuoteSunday - post a quote that sums up what you're thinking.

Monthly events

  • Every 15th day of the month - BookClub - read and discuss a book together.
  • Every second Monday of the month - ThemeMonday (starts on Sunday around noon UTC) - change your avatar to a theme for a day or more.

Irregular events

  • Discover ADN - short podcasts interviewing interesting ADN users. (Released around every 3 days.)
  • The community-run chats with ADN users.