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Take Control of Your Sent Email

Have your sent emails expire automatically in the recipient's Inbox! Reduce your online footprint. No downloads required -- the recipient does not have to use Pluto for Pluto to work!

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Frustrated by Email Disasters?

Never make an email mistake again! Unsend emails, edit sent messages & attachments, and set emails to auto-expire!

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Get Creative!

Use Pluto for all your time-dependent email. You know when recipients open your email & you can edit the content anytime before they open it!!

Why Use Pluto?
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No Plug-ins Necessary -- Keep Using Your Existing Client & Address!

Directly send emails with your current email client & address! The recipient does not need to use Pluto for Pluto to work!

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Pluto Email Features Pluto enables the following:

Automatic Expiration

Automatic Expiration

You can set the email message to automatically expire after a specified time. The recipient will no longer be able to read it.

Unsend Email

Unsend Email Anytime

Pluto enables you to unsend emails anytime after you've sent them. The recipient will not be able to read your message.

Edit Sent Emails

Edit Sent Emails

As long as the recipient has not yet opened the email, you will be able to edit the message's contents and attachments.

Track Email Opening

Track Email Opening

Pluto allows you to monitor when the recipient has opened your email.

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