Alaje, conscious incarnation of the pleiades, is teaching his wisdom to everyone who wants to listen. His teachings in a nutshell could be described with the sentence “Love is the solution for everything!”.


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The videos he created over time attracted more and more people seeking the truth about him, and since lots of people that have a question are just too lazy to sift through thousands of pages of comments in his Youtube channel, the amount of questions being asked over and over again is getting bigger every day.


In order to save him the time and hassle of answering the same questions every day this site was born, with the main idea of listing a wide variety of questions and answers he received in the past.

This web site is for informational purpose only, it is meant to serve as an archive for the extensive amount of information ALAJE is giving in his YouTube channel 777ALAJE.


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Please note, this web site is NOT made by ALAJE. You can find ALAJE currently on the internet, only on his own YouTube channel 777ALAJE. He is nowhere else on the internet and he do NOT write on any other web sites.

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Please be aware that can occur to translation errors, because words are translated, not sentences.

Alaje’s CDs

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