In June 2014 the Polyglot Gathering comes to the beautiful historic city of Berlin.
Join us for 4 full conference days with talks from some of the most well known in the polyglot community

Registration for the 2014 Polyglot Gathering in Berlin is closed, but you canĀ ask to be put on the waiting list. As a participant, please join the mailing list or our Facebook group in order to stay informed.

A little about the Gathering

4 mind-blowing days sharing our insights about language learning, while talking in every imaginable language, and making awesome friends along the way!

Last year’s Polyglot Conference in Budapest was so awesome, we couldn’t bear the thought of waiting two full years till the Polyglot Conference would come back to Europe. If you feel the same, join us in Berlin from June 15-18, 2014.

More than 200 participants at all levels of polyglottery have signed up: from the beginner to the fabled hyperpolyglot. What matters is that your goal is to learn more than just a few languages.

Please read these pages attentively. Then, if you still have questions, feel free to contact

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