Lunatech blog

Lunatech staff write about what we do - our software development work, technology we use, code we write, events we go to and events we organise.

Lunatech blog retrospective - 2013

2013 brought even more firsts for projects, consultancy, technology and events than the previous year.

Lunatech blog retrospective - 2012

In 2012 we got better toys, our customers started using Scrum seriously, and we started talking to the outside world about Play a lot more than we had before.

Lunatech blog retrospective - 2011

2011 brought new things to Lunatech - widespread git use, more JavaScript and functional programming, Scala, specialist front-end development and, of course, a lot more Play Framework.

Lunatech blog retrospective - 2010

2010 was the year we really started getting into the Play Framework, and stopped having to battle JSF. This was a Good Thing.

Lunatech blog retrospective - 2009

In 2009, we continued to fight JSF, win (usually), write about it, and tell our war stories at JBoss User Group events. However, the most interesting blog posts were about other topics.

Lunatech blog retrospective - 2008

Lunatech followed on from the 2007 developer events with bigger events in 2008. Meanwhile, we started learning new ways to write about and teach technology in a variety of technical blog posts by different people.