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Learning about the world, one conversation at a time. Hosted by Gabe Weatherhead and Erik Hess


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053 - Hacking Travel with Justin Lancy

Gabe and Erik pick Justin Lancy's brain on all sorts of travel-related topics, from finding good deals and picking good travel spots, to choosing the right things to pack.

Show notes

Justin Lancy on the Web

Travel Links:

TravelerTech on Twitter has lists for people looking for up-to-date Travel Resources, including collections of Airlines (by region) and travel bloggers. The full list is here.

Village Science:

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053 - Hacking Travel with Justin Lancy


052 - Rob Trew and Brett Terpstra Talk Code [FIXED]

NOTE: The prior release of this episode was missing an audio track. Our apologies. This has now been fixed.

With Erik on vacation, Gabe chats with Rob Trew and Brett Terpstra about writing code. They talk about how they got started, why they code, and their favorite tools.

Be sure to listen in after the closing music for a special post-show continuation of the discussion.

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052 - Rob Trew and Brett Terpstra Talk Code [FIXED]


051 - David Lanham on Icons, Illustrations, and Interfaces

Gabe and Erik chat with David Lanham about creating compelling icons, beautiful worlds, and engaging interfaces. They touch on depth without drop shadows, animation, and the future of iOS and OS X interaction design. Then they wrap up with a discussion about styluses and David's advice for beginning designers.

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051 - David Lanham on Icons, Illustrations, and Interfaces


050 - Lists of Lists of Lists


049 - Journaling with Paul Mayne

Paul Mayne joins Gabe and Erik to discuss how he uses a daily journal and why he created Day One. They then talk a bit about how people use Day One, the role of journaling in the modern world, and where Day One is headed in the future. Then they go off topic to ponder whether the concept of "saving" a file is dead, and if not whether we can move beyond the anachronistic floppy disk icon.

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049 - Journaling with Paul Mayne