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Product Description
'Azhagi ( is one-stop software for ALL Tamil computing needs. It is a complete solution for DTP, Emailing, Chatting and Website creation - in Tamil. It is an unique combination of Innovation, User Friendliness and Sophistication, Azhagi hosts a first-of-its-kind 'DUAL SCREEN� Transliterator. It supports Direct Transliteration/Typing in ALL Windows applications. Azhagi is a product which caters to the needs of all classes of people and business entities, to help them compute in Tamil easily and quickly, thereby enhancing the overall productivity levels.


For any Indian language transliteration software, the 'English to Indian Language' key-mappings are the foundation on which everything else should be built around. Azhagi simply excels in its English-to-Tamil Key� mappings, thus standing on a firm foundation. Azhagi is "Different" and "Special". A Unique combination of Innovation, User� Friendliness and Sophistication, Azhagi hosts a first-of-its-kind 'DUAL SCREEN' Transliterator. Azhagi is Unicode-powered and user can choose between Unicode and Tscii input in external applications. With the power of Unicode, one can do sophisticated Tamil computing like 'Tamil Search and Replace', 'Tamil Sorting', etc. - directly in MS Word, Excel, and Access etc.

SRV Consultants

Tamil Nadu

B. Viswanathan




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