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Anti-Gun Eye-Gouger Marky Mark Helps Disarm Humans
--So Apes Can "Rule the Planet"

by David Codrea Co-Founder Featured Writer Director
©2001 by

Part One: The Lautenberg Blues

Judy and Tom, of Fairfax, VA, got into an argument. Judy tore Tom's pocket, and he called the police. It was a move he now regrets, but he was upset, and wanted "documentation in a custody dispute."

Tom didn't want to press charges, but the police told him it was out of their hands. In the old days, they would have assessed the situation, and, if their experience and professionalism told them there was no danger, taken a report, instructed the parties to cool it, and moved on to protect the public from real crime.

But these are not the old days. These are the days of the Lautenberg amendment, and the cops had no choice under Commonwealth law but to press the charges Tom would not. Now, if convicted, or if she pleads guilty to a misdemeanor, Judy will never be able to touch a gun again. And until (and unless) she is exonerated or the charges are dropped, the prohibition stands.

Judy's Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms is now forfeit. Judy no longer has a legally recognized right to the means to protect herself. If Judy encounters an attacker, a rapist, a murderer, too bad; the law says she can't have a gun. After all, Judy tore Tom's pocket. Welcome to the new days.

Lora, 21, got in an argument with her mom. She flung some keys and an empty water bottle that HIT THE GROUND. Lora was arrested and booked. The reaction of her parents was described as one of "shock and horror."

Kathi, 32, swatted her child in discipline. It matters not that the judge refused to sentence her for this minor incident. Let us all hope Kathy makes 33, 34 and so on, because she has now been disarmed, receiving a "life sentence" under Lautenberg.

Ostensibly enacted as a measure to combat "domestic violence," the Lautenberg gun ban established a "zero tolerance" policy, and one that not only affects those convicted since its passage, but an ex-post facto monstrosity that reaches back in time and snares those convicted in the past. What this means is, someone involved in a dispute decades ago, who pled to a misdemeanor charge simply to get an expensive and protracted legal fight over and done with, now finds himself classified a prohibited person, a Second Amendment pariah, state-mandated prey. Forever. For something as simple as tearing a pocket. Or flinging keys to the ground. Or spanking a child.

And (surprise!), many of these prohibited persons are police and military personnel. They, like their private citizen counterparts under Lautenberg, can't touch a gun for the rest of their lives, not privately, nor in the course of their employment, even if there have been no further incidents, or if they have since had exemplary, even heroic careers. They are now forever barred, officially stripped of their basic human right to self preservation by the very system they devoted their lives to serving. They have been removed as crime deterrent assets, reducing our society's capability to guard against lawlessness. Significantly, as it illustrates the counterproductive and damaging results of most gun control laws, this has diminished the public's ability, both to be protected, and to protect itself, from violent criminals.

Violent criminals like anti-gun Planet of the Apes star Mark Wahlberg.

Part Two: Missing the Mark

"I believe Charlton Heston is America's best villain because he loves guns so much," Wahlberg snottily proclaimed at the MTV Movie Awards. "Maybe he should get the award for being president of the National Rifle Association."

Upon meeting Heston on the set of Apes, Wahlberg rudely told him that it was "very disturbing meeting you."

I can see why. The last person a violent criminal wants to meet is someone who understands that people have a right to bear arms, and that Mr. Wahlberg is a disturbed young man is evident. Still, if anyone should have been wary, it was Heston, who instead graciously offered his respects.

Because "respected actor" Wahlberg, formerly Calvin Klein underpants model and rapper Marky Mark, formerly a Dorchester, MA street thug, has an ugly and scary past. And if anyone's behavior illustrates why people need effective tools for self defense, this guy is quite an example.

Dropping out of school in the ninth grade, young Marky settled into a street life of petty crimes, stealing cars and selling drugs, whacked out on angel dust and with "a serious cocaine problem" by 14.

He "shoplifted habitually, now recalling how he used to try on sneakers he fancied then run out of the shop, without troubling the cashiers."

He was arrested in June of 1986 at 15, after he and two companion thugs chased some black kids from their neighborhood, throwing rocks at them and yelling racist epithets, obscenities and death threats.

"Kill the n-----s! Kill the n-----s!" Marky and his brave band screeched maniacally. "We don't like black n-----s in the area, so get the f--- away," they warned, giving chase.

The next day, encountering their victims again, heroic leading man Marky and company repeated their performance and succeeded in hitting two girls with rocks.

The complaint filed by the state was a civil rights action enjoining "the defendants from interfering with these rights by threats, coercion and intimidation." The Final Judgment prohibited Marky and his hate crime cohorts from "assaulting, threatening, intimidating or harassing...persons or property...because of that person's race color or national origin..." and was signed by Marky and his mother.

OK, so he was just a kid. Kids sometimes do stupid and hateful things, and people grow, people change. Marky grew and changed so much in the following two years, that in April of 1988, he attacked a Vietnamese man with a stick in an attempt to steal two cases of beer, later admitting being on alcohol and PCP at the time.

"Vietnam f---ing sh--!" Marky snarled, savagely hitting his victim in the head with a stick, knocking him senseless to the ground. After begging a second Vietnamese man to let him hide from the police, Marky sucker-punched the man in the eye, causing him to fall to the ground. After being placed under arrest, Marky "made numerous unsolicited racial statements about 'gooks' and 'slant-eyed gooks.' "

The victim Marky assaulted with the stick lost one of his "slanted" eyes. Marky, who had violated the terms of his earlier judgment, pled guilty to two counts of criminal contempt, each count carrying "a maximum penalty of ten years in a house of correction or ten thousand dollars or both." The Commonwealth's Sentencing Memorandum supported "the recommendation that the Defendant be sentenced to two years at the Deer Island House of Corrections, ninety days committed, with the balance suspended for two years."

Marky served 45 days. And he takes great pains these days to attest to how the experience turned his life around.

But it must not have turned him around too much, because in 1992, a complaint was filed against him that, while at a tennis court, "the defendant, Mark Wahlberg, a.k.a. Marky Mark, without provocation or cause, viciously and repeatedly kicked the the face and jaw."

And, according to the complaint, it wasn't even a fair fight, but was actually pretty damn cowardly. At the time of the attack, it states, Marky's partner in assault "was holding the plaintiff...down on the ground. The plaintiff...had done nothing to provoke or warrant the attack by Mark Wahlberg, a.k.a. Marky Mark."

Reports of additional hate-filled violent attacks include:

People Magazine cites a [1993] brawl that broke out after he allegedly called one of Madonna's friends "a homo."

From "Marky Mark" Wahlberg has faced the judge four times on assault charges. He served 45 days in jail for participating in two attacks against Vietnamese men in 1988. In 1990, he was arrested in Boston for assaulting a police officer. And in 1992 he was arrested twice for assault, once for fighting with a security guard and the second time for participating in an assault on a teen by Wahlberg's bodyguard.

Part Three: "A Thousand Spears"

"Never send a monkey to do a man's job," Marky's heroic Planet of the Apes character, Major Leo Davidson declares. Aside from the fact that a guy with Marky's criminal record could never get in the military, we can suspend our disbelief. After all, Hollywood is built around the stuff of dreams.

"Our history is filled with men who have done amazing things," Major Marky instructs. Perhaps, had he not dropped out of school, he would be aware of that history, and of those men who authored our freedom and codified our inalienable right to keep and bear arms.

"Who would invent such a horrible thing?" asks chimp human rights activist Ari, naturally horrified and disgusted, like all good liberals, by Major Marky's handgun. Earlier in the film, incidentally, in a delicious bit of irony, she stopped a group of rowdy young apes, who were screaming threats and specist epithets, from throwing rocks at humans.

"That thing was going to keep us alive," Major Marky chides. What can he know that escapes his real-life counterpart? And why, if he equates promoting guns with villainy, does he allow his image to be marketed to children ("ages 4 and up") in the form of Hasbro action figures holding ... a gun?

"This has the power of a thousand spears," reveals General Thade's father, showing him an ancient, rusted handgun. The dying ape is portrayed, of course, by Marky-designated "villain" and disturbance source, Charlton Heston. "Against this, our strength means nothing."

Some have criticized Heston's performance, accusing him of being used by a leftist filmmaker to further alienate the public from guns. I didn't see it that way; first, the guy is an actor, and he was clearly playing a hateful creature, and second, he was illustrating how guns can be used to defend human life and liberty against ... ummm ... apes with sticks. Sticks that could put someone's eye out, or worse. More delicious irony, and it sounds pretty reasonable, to boot.

It is even more ironic that elitist Hollywood, the community that foists politically correct left-wing politicians and their stupid hate crime and gun control laws on us, would select a convicted hate criminal to play the role of hero, and a committed anti-gunner to extol the protective benefits of firearms in protecting human beings against violent apes.

Part Four: A Perfect Storm?

If you can believe People Magazine (and why wouldn't we?), Marky is a changed man. He regularly goes to Mass. He loves his mother. He donates to causes supporting underprivileged inner city kids. Has he really mellowed?

"I don't mind that much if people call me Marky Mark," he now says, so he must have. But I wonder if he'd mind people calling him "Maimy Maim"? Or "Gougey Gouge"?

But maybe it's true, and I'm being unfair. We are, all of us, sinners, all in need of forgiveness and redemption, and all capable of penitence and reformation. And we are, none of us, capable of perfection. When he tells us "I've done my share of bad," he is being truthful. So who am I to judge? Perhaps I should apologize?

Well, maybe I would, except for that dang gun thing Mr. Wahlberg chose to make an issue out of. It's not so much that he dissed Heston and the NRA, but because, by speaking out against legitimate firearm ownership in a forum as subversive as the MTV Awards, he has attacked all of us. He has contributed to a climate that encourages public contempt for guns and ridicule of gun owners, and this emboldens treasonous legislators to propose and enact further infringements on our rights. He has made it harder for human beings to defend themselves against the animals among us, the rowdy rock throwers, the attackers, the gougers, the apes.

Privileged people like the "plucky" Mr. Wahlberg have enabled abominations against individual human rights like ... the Lautenberg amendment. Remember Judy? And Lora? And Kathi? Wait a minute ... if they could be disarmed for life, for tearing pockets, throwing keys on the ground, and spanking children, if they cannot even TOUCH a gun, loaded or not, without committing a federal offense, how is it that Pokey Poke gets away with handling real guns, provided by federally licensed (including Class III) armorers, in movies like Three Kings and The Big Hit and The Corrupter? That the weapons were loaded with blanks is not the point; prohibited persons may not even touch a gun. And if a convicted cop can never be employed with a gun, why would an actor enjoy immunity in his employment?

Ahh, but there's the rub; Lautenberg applies to domestic violence. The "pokey" Mr. Wahlberg was only guilty of a ... a felony? Hold the phone!

Title I of the Gun Control Act of 1968 prohibits certain classes of persons from "purchasing, receiving or transporting firearms or ammunition in interstate commerce." Among these are persons "convicted of or under indictment for a felony ... Such persons correspondingly are prohibited from purchasing or otherwise acquiring any firearm or ammunition which has been shipped in interstate commerce."

One can hardly argue that moviemaking is not interstate commerce. And Marky's troubled past appears problematic in this regard.

Also problematic for the studios employing him may be 18 USC Chapter 44, Sec. 922, "Unlawful Acts", which states:

"It shall be unlawful for any person to sell or otherwise dispose of any firearm or ammunition to any person knowing or having reasonable cause to believe that such person - (1) is under indictment for, or has been convicted in any court of, a crime punishable by imprisonment for a term exceeding one year;"

Remember Marky's sentence? "Two years, 90 days committed, with the balance suspended for two years?" And Marky himself reportedly admitted in an interview for his porno film, Boogie Nights,

"This was Deer Island, in Massachusetts. I was there for about fifty days, but I'd been sentenced for about four years, with six months to serve."

So I approached the Suffolk County Clerk's Office for Criminal Business, the office for the court of jurisdiction in Marky's conviction, with three questions:

Has Mr. Wahlberg's record been expunged?

The answer was "No, it is public record."

Was defendant Wahlberg sentenced as a juvenile or as an adult?

"He was tried as an adult."

Was defendant Wahlberg convicted of a felony or a misdemeanor?

The representative explained to me how the "whole proceeding sounds so strange ... the judge had a penchant for doing strange things." He told me that normal procedures were not followed, and said that he had been involved in the case, but could not remember the details. He could not understand the reason behind the attorney general selecting those particular charges in light of the circumstances of the case, and speculated on the climate of the time, how the area was still adjusting to the issue of bussing, how Marky was pretty typical of kids coming from the area known as "Savage Hill," and how he met him once and he seemed "nice." He assured me that he was not trying to evade my question, but that, without a cite, his answer had to be "I don't know." He then referred me to someone who might, Marky's attorney of record, Francis W. Quinn.

Mr. Quinn informed me that "without acknowledging that [he] was Mr. Wahlberg's attorney," he could not speak to me about the matter unless I had "a written release from Mr. Wahlberg authorizing [him] to do so."

If anti-gun Mr. Wahlberg is a federal gun felon, he has left a trail of evidence that clearly shows him violating federal proscriptions on numerous occasions. If so, it would seem that anti-gun Hollywood producers and directors may have compounded and abetted felonious acts by procuring and providing weapons to a prohibited person. If this is so, charges could be filed against all parties, federal firearms licenses lost, fines levied, and prison sentences imposed, just as would happen if the violator was Judy, or Lora, or Kathi, or a person who knowingly provided them with guns.

Have the anti-gun Mr. Wahlberg and his anti-gun employers created a perfect storm, one that has now caught them up in its path?

A chronology of Marky's films follows. Perhaps some of them will one day serve as courtroom exhibits. Perhaps on that day, he will wish that this country didn't have so many gun control laws. Perhaps he will then realize that, when deprived of the means to protect life and liberty, human beings become either subjects or prey for those who would "rule the planet."

People's Exhibit A:?

2001: Rock Star
2001: Planet of the Apes
2000: The Perfect Storm
2000: The Yards
1999: Three Kings
1999: The Corruptor
1999: The Yards
1998: The Big Hit
1997: Boogie Nights
1997: Traveller
1996: Fear
1995: The Basketball Diaries
1994: Renaissance Man Note: If anyone would like to follow up on Pokey Poke's violation of federal gun laws and publish additional findings on this website, we would be happy to support you in that effort. Submissions that are intelligent, articulate and productive of forward motion in this matter can be submitted here:



But first, please take the poll on the upper left side of this page.


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