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National Rugby Championship – Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many teams will Queensland have in the NRC?

A: Queensland Rugby Union will support two teams for the National Rugby Championship (NRC) – Brisbane City and Queensland Country.

Q: What is the NRC?
A: The NRC is a new domestic Rugby competition, which will kick off in August this year.

It will involve nine teams – two from Queensland, four from New South Wales, and one each from the Australian Capital Territory, Victoria and Western Australia and will run for 11 weeks from late August to early November.

It is designed to give players another link in their development pathway towards Super Rugby and ultimately Wallaby selection.

Q: Who will play for the two Queensland teams?
A: The representative teams from Queensland will feature members from the current Reds squad, while also drawing from Queensland Premier Rugby and Country Rugby competitions.

Q: Where will the two teams be based for training and where will they play their games?
A: Both teams will train at Ballymore Stadium, the spiritual and administrative home of Queensland Rugby.

Brisbane City will play its home games at Ballymore Stadium, while it is envisaged Queensland Country will play at a variety of regional centres throughout the state.

Q: What colours will the two Queensland teams wear?
A: As both teams are existing representative brands in the Queensland Rugby pathway, their new NRC versions will sport the same colour scheme and similar logos.

Brisbane City will wear a yellow and blue uniform, with a crest featuring the traditional Brisbane City Hall logo inside the iconic Queensland Rugby ‘Q’ on the chest of the jersey. Queensland Country will wear blue and white, with the traditional Orchid logo inside the iconic ‘Q’.

Q: Why will the two Queensland teams be managed by QRU?
A: QRU has built a strategic framework around Brisbane City and Queensland Country to ensure the game continues to see the improved high performance results that will deliver the long-term outcomes for the Queensland Reds and representative pathway in Queensland.
These two teams are representative of the scale, volume and pathway of Queensland Rugby.

The NRC is designed to provide the appropriate level of competition to bridge the development pathway between club Rugby and Super Rugby.

This will be of great benefit to our players, coaches, match officials and broader stakeholder base. Queensland Rugby has continued to advance its talent and development pathway model in relation to the NRC.

Q: Who will coach the two Queensland teams?
A: Brisbane City will be coached by St.George Queensland Reds forwards coach Nick Stiles. Queensland Country will be coached by Reds attack coach Steve Meehan. Both programs will be managed by Queensland Rugby’s General Manager of Rugby Operations, Sam Cordingley.

As the two teams form part of Queensland Rugby’s pathway model, staffing roles within the team will also be filled from Queensland’s club Rugby ranks, including assistant coaches, analysts, physiotherapists, doctors, managers and strength and conditioning assistants.

Queensland Rugby is currently accepting applications for the above roles within the two teams. For more information on how to apply, go to

Q: When does the NRC start?
A: The inaugural season of the National Rugby Championship kicks off August 21. Full details on the competition and Queensland’s two teams will be announced in due course.

Q: How can I purchase tickets to the games?
A: All tickets can be purchased through Ticket prices and on sale dates will be advised in due course.

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