Switchcars Looks Like Ridiculous Vehicular Fun


Take some of the DNA from the original Grand Theft Auto and splice it with a bit of roguelike, a portion of auto-runner and some old school, 2D side-scroller. You might get something like Switchcars. Switchcars came to my attention via a Warp Door Tweet (a Twitter feed which anyone who cares about indie games should be following), and now I’m all riled up about it. It’s the first game from developer Altfuture, and its current level of polish seems remarkable for a debut. However, it makes more sense when you know that the man behind Altfuture, 26-year-old Slobodan Stevic, has worked in the games industry for years, including stints as a sound designer and an art director (the latter for Miner Wars 2081).

The developer describes Switchcars as an action-roguelike side-scroller with 1000 vehicles. As you can see from the trailer, the core mechanic involves switching lanes by leaping from vehicle to vehicle in order to avoid running into obstacles or running out of gas. The terrain is procedurally generated and randomly populated with vehicles. Each vehicle, from Segway to hovercraft, has its own characteristics. Basically, you drive along, changing lanes and avoiding death. When you run out of gas or spy a cooler vehicle, you can eject from your current ride and leap into another one. If you’re not careful, you’ll end up on foot, and that’s not very fast, nor very safe.

You have to maintain your speed in order to outrun the aliens that are chasing you. They’ve invaded, you see, and you’re out gathering supplies to bring back to your camp of survivors. The eventual goal of the game is to gather enough resources and recruit enough survivors to build a spaceship and escape alien-occupied Earth.


Switchcars is still early in development, but I’m going to be keeping an eye on this one. The trailer contains footage of the current prototype, though there is no public demo available yet. The developer has mentioned the possibility of a Kickstarter campaign, and a playable prototype could be an immediate reward for backers. You can keep up to date on the development of Switchcars on Altfuture’s tumblr.

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