Day I, October 7
9:00-9:15 Welcome Introduction
9:15-10:30 Keynote Talk I: Birte Glimm (University of Ulm, Germany)SPARQL 1.1 - Entailment Regimes and Other New Features
10:30-11:00 Coffee break
Chair: Pavel Klinov
11:00-11:22 A. Fazliev, A. Privezentsev, D. Tsarkov and J. TennysonOntology-based Content Trust Support of Expert Information Resources for Quantitative Spectroscopy
11:23-11:45 N. A. Rakhmawati, M. Karnstedt, M. Hausenblas, A. Hasnain and J. UmbrichA Comparison of Federation over SPARQL Endpoints Frameworks
11:46-12:08 K. Höffner, C. Unger, L. Bühmann, J. Lehmann, A. C. Ngonga Ngomo, D. Gerber and P. CimianoUser Interface for a Template Based Question Answering System
12:09-12:30 T. Tarasova, M. Argenti and M. MarxSemantically-Enabled Environmental Data Discovery and Integration Demonstration Using the Iceland Volcano Use Case
12:30-14:30 Lunch
Chair: Dmitry Mouromtsev
14:30-15:05 Guest Talk I: Yulia Tikhohod (Yandex, Russia)The Main Trends in the Use and Development of Semantic Markup
15:10-15:32 E. Zinder and I. YunatovaConceptual Framework, Models, and Methods of Knowledge Acquisition and Management for Competency Management in Various Areas
15:33-15:55 S. YablonskyWeb 2.0/3.0 Technology in Lexical Ontology Development: English-Russian WordNet 2.0
15:55-16:00 H. Lippell, V. Tablan, M. Dimitrov and P. RigauxAnnoMarket – Multilingual Text Analytics on the Cloud
16:00-16:30 Coffee break
Chair: Natalya Keberle
16:30-16:52 P. Lomov and M. ShishaevTechnology of Ontology Visualization Based on Cognitive Frames for Graphical User Interface
16:53-17:15 S. Popova, I. Khodyrev, A. Egorov, S. Logvin, S. Gulyaev, M. Karpova and D. MouromtsevSci-Search: Academic Search and Analysis System Based on Keyphrases
17:15-17:20 S. - Online Ontology Editor
17:20-17:25 M. Kolchin and D. ZamulaMneMojno - Design and Deployment of a Semantic Web Service and a Mobile Application
17:25-17:30 V. Foteyeva and M. PanteleevAgent-based Semantic Data Aggregator
17:30-17:35 M. Yakovleva, A. Ten and V. KuglerObject Oriented Tools for Content Management System (CMS)
17:35-19:00 Welcome Reception
Day II, October 8
9:00-10:05 Keynote Talk II: Kendall Clark (Clark & Parsia, USA)The Semantic Web Doesn't Exist Yet Because You're All Doing it Wrong
10:08-10:30 A. Potocki, A. Polukhin, G. Drobyazko, D. Hladky, V. Klintsov and J. UnbehauenOntoQuad: Native High-Speed RDF DBMS for Semantic Web
10:30-11:00 Coffee break
Chair: Yevgeny Kazakov
11:00-11:22 J. Mojžis and M. LaclavíkSRelation: Fast RDF Graph Traversal
11:23-11:45 S. GorshkovApplied Semantics for Integration and Analytics
11:46-12:07 D. Kontokostas, A. Zaveri, S. Auer and J. LehmannTripleCheckMate: A Tool for Crowdsourcing the Quality Assessment of Linked Data
12:08-12:30 L. Grigoriev and D. KudryavtsevORG-Master: Combining Classifications, Matrices and Diagrams in the Enterprise Architecture Modeling Tool
12:30-14:30 Lunch
Chair: Dmitry Mouromtsev
14:30-15:10 Guest Talk II: Tatyana Gavrilova (GSOM, SPbU, Russia)Cognitive Aspects of Knowledge Engineering
15:10-15:32 E. MozzherinaAn Approach to Improving the Classification of the New York Times Annotated Corpus
15:33-15:55 A. Varfolomeyev and A. IvanovsRepresentation of Historical Sources on the Semantic Web by Means of Attempto Controlled English
15:55-16:00 N. Yelagina, M. Panteleev and S. LebedevFactE: a Framework For Ontology-based Thematic Fact Extraction
16:00-16:30 Coffee break
Chair: Tatiana Gavrilova
16:30-16:52 A. Nugumanova and I. BessmertnyApplying the Latent Semantic Analysis to the Issue of Automatic Extraction of Collocations from the Domain Texts
16:53-17:15 T. Gavrilova, E. Bolotnikova, I. Leshcheva, E. Blagov and A. YansonMeasuring Psychological Impact on Group Ontology Design and Development: an Empirical Approach
17:15-17:20 O. LaroukMetadata for Digital Libraries and Semantic Alignment of Web Data
17:25-19:00 Poster and System Demo Session
Day III, October 9
9:00-10:30 Keynote Talk III: Peter Haase (fluidOps, Germany) and Evgeny Kharlamov (Oxford University, UK)Enterprise Applications of Semantic Technologies
10:30-11:00 Coffee break
Chair: Amrapali Zaveri
11:00-11:22 Z. Apanovich and A. MarchukExperiments on Using the LOD Cloud Datasets to Enrich the Content of a Scientific Knowledge Base
11:23-11:45 N. A. RakhmawatiA Holistic Evaluation of Federated SPARQL Query Engines
11:46-12:08 A. Yakushev, A. Boukhanovsky and P. SlootTopic crawler for social networks monitoring
12:08-12:30 I. Ermilov, M. Martin, J. Lehmann and S. AuerLinked Open Data Statistics: Collection and Exploitation
12:30-14:30 Lunch
Chair: Pavel Klinov
14:30-15:10 Guest Talk III: Dieter Fensel (STI Innsbruck, Austria)Semantic Technology. A Midterm Report
15:10-15:32 V. Pavlov, A. Schukin and T. CherkasovaExploring Automated Reasoning in First-Order Logic: Tools, Techniques and Application Areas
15:33-15:55 Chaitanya T.V. Krishna and Sreenivasa Kumar PEfficient Module Extraction for Large Ontologies
16:00-16:30 Coffee break
Chair: Ivan Ermilov
16:30-16:52 O. Verhodubs and J. GrundspenkisOntology Merging in the Context of a Semantic Web Expert System
16:53-17:15 P. Smirnov, S. Kovalchuk and A. BoukhanovskyKnowledge-Based Support for Complex Systems Exploration in Distributed Problem Solving Environments
17:16-17:38 D. Mouromtsev, O. Parkhimovich, F. Kozlov and M. ZeleninaDevelopment of an Ontology-based E-Learning System
17:40-17:50 Award Ceremony
17:50-18:15 Business Meeting
Keynote and guest talks
Research and industry papers
System description papers
Poster announcements (flash talks)
Other slots (breaks, etc.)