What is Doron?

Doron is a programming language I am designing and developing, and is intended to serve as a system for doing experimental mathematics and symbolic computations.

How far along is it?

It is still in the design stages. A lot of novel ideas have been thought of. I am taking great care to design an exceptional and precise system, which I would then implement (in Common Lisp most likely, possibly with a virtual machine in ANSI C). I feel that designing and writing a system simultaneously will lead to the system to being more of a sloppy hack, as well as a system that would be biased in using features (or lack thereof) of the implementation language to make design decisions. I also chose to design slowly because a good idea at one time sometimes turns out to be terrible at another, or at least not the best. I have gone through at least three major ways of thinking about how Doron would work, each filtering out the bad ideas, and keeping those which are closest to the vision.

When will it be done?

No idea. Aside from writing a clean language implementation, the implementation the algebraic libraries, which is a monumental task (and hence, a good language design will really pay off), need to be written. In parallel, I am also writing my book and doing research (of the “finding citations, information, etc.” variety, not novel research) on computer algebra, which is very time consuming.


Some notes: Doron Structure and Semantics

Updates will be posted here as materials are prepared or code is written. A preliminary repository is at Google Code.