Follow-Up to Infamous Post

I will say a few words about the last post as a result of about a day and a half of reading the soup of flaming, constructive comments, insults, etc.

The last post was a sort of mash-up that exposed a few problems I think exist. However several good points were brought up.

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Haskell for Mathematicians: Canceled

(Edit: This post seems to have been put on Reddit and has caused some downtime.)

This post is a pseudo-continuation of Part I.

This series is officially canceled! Let’s discuss why.

I was preparing some rather elaborate code for this post. Basically I was going to start playing with structure and type classes for . . . → Read More: Haskell for Mathematicians: Canceled

Haskell for Mathematicians, Part I

Most mathematicians or mathematically-oriented minds already know what programming is, and maybe have done a little of it. These posts will introduce more “serious” programming to mathematicians.

I am sure there is literature out there on “programming for mathematicians”, but I hope to keep this relatively short and sweet.

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