Ending Obamacare

I support the full repeal of Obamacare, and I will fight to make certain that doctors and patients - not government bureaucrats - control healthcare decisions. Congress should then implement market-based reforms that expand choice  and make healthcare more affordable for hard-working Americans.

"When it comes to healthcare, he gets it – he understands Obamacare is a government infringement on constitutional liberties." Heather Higgins, president and CEO Independent Women's Voice

Government Waste & Spending

Washington cannot sustain the current level of spending or young Americans will bear an even greater burden of an ever expanding government. We must prioritize spending and fight for bigger savings for our children and grandchildren without raising taxes. It's time to cut government waste and spending.

"Phil Berger, Jr. demonstrates that he understands the problems of hard-working taxpayers nationwide, but especially the taxpayers of North Carolina." Grover Norquist, President Americans for Tax Reform

First Amendment

Our first amendment rights are under threat. Freedom of religion, freedom of speech and even freedom of the press are under assault. Americans are horrified to learn their government is spying on every aspect of their lives. It is time to respect the first amendment rights of our citizens and end these violations of our freedoms. 

Second Amendment

As a gun owner and lifetime member in the NRA, I strongly support the Second Amendment and Americans' rights to own and carry firearms.

We don't need additional laws and regulations that prevent law-abiding Americans from possessing firearms. We should instead focus on enforcing existing laws while preserving the freedoms laid forth in our Constitution. That's what we've done in North Carolina and I was proud to advocate for passage of HB937, which was endorsed by the NRA and Grassroots NC. 


I am pro-life and believe human life is sacred. I'm proud of what has been accomplished here in North Carolina to protect the unborn and I'll take the same values to Washington. 

Government Accountability

It is my belief that we must hold the current administration accountable for the events that have occurred under their watch. The terrorist acts in Benghazi that resulted in the killing of 4 Americans, the Fast and Furious scandal and other abuses from Eric Holder's Department of Justice are events that have not been resolved. My experience as a prosecutor will serve me in this role and I can ask the tough questions to get the truth in Washington to ensure the administration is held accountable to Congress and more importantly, the American people.


I support reducing the control and the breadth of power of the Federal Government in our childrens' lives and increasing education choices for our children. Our country’s future will always be dependent upon the next generation and it is important that we supply them with the knowledge and tools to ensure success. I am actively involved in expanding school choice in North Carolina and I'm proud to sit on the NC Alliance for Public Charter Schools Board of Directors. 


The number one issue concerning immigration is our nation's failure to secure the border. Despite multiple efforts by Congress to hold the executive branch accountable, we still lack the security needed at our borders. Until that problem is fixed, we cannot address the other real issues with our immigration system. I oppose so-called "pathways to citizenship" because it is simply a pathway to amnesty. We cannot keep rewarding the breaking of our laws with citizenship. 


Fighting for our values, standing up to Washington.

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