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Corporate Finance

Corporate finance is (or should be) at the core of business education everywhere(and I am not being biased). It is the true big picture class, drawing on accounting, statistics, economics and every management discipline to develop the first principles that should govern decision making within any business, small and large, public and private and across all markets. I should not be playing favorites, but I love teaching this class and I hope it shows.

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If you want to make an announcement at the start of the class (first 2 minutes), please use the Google shared spreadsheet to pick the date (only one announcement per class).

I don't like or use Blackboard but I do have a much cooler and updated alternative that offers everything that Blackboard does, with a social media interface. The site is called Lore. You can join the fun by going to
If you are registered in the class, you will get an invitation to join in (and please do). It will allow you to submit assignments and check grades as you go along. If you just follow online, there is a parallel version of the site. Please use as the code to join in that version (this is not for those who are registered in the class).

The lecture notes are self standing but it will help to have a book to elaborate on the concepts. Not surprisingly, the books that match up best to my lectures are my own. If you do have a corporate finance book by someone else, never fear. The author(s) and I will agree on more than we disagree.

You can live with this older edition, if you have it...   or the second or third editions.. but this is the latest edition But this semester will be based on the more updated and unpublished fourth edition.

This is the book that came out of the class, or is it the other way around? I just don't remember any more, but you can get more detail by going to this site.

I moved to the second edition in 2003 & the third in 2009


I moved to the fourth edtion in 2010.The links to the book are below.



This is a beta version of the fourth edition. If you want to download it and give it a try, you are welcome to. It is free but in return, you can point me to any mistakes/misstatements or confounding sections. (Available: End of January 2014)


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