Is Borax powder a versatile product?

September 27, 2013

Borax powder is commonly used in the households as an all purpose cleaning agent. 20 mule team borax, the most popular brand of borax powder is easily available online as well as at supermarkets and grocery stores. Borax is a naturally occurring element and borax powder is the salt of boric acid. Apart from its use as a cleaning agent for cooking wares, utensils and also as an ingredient in detergents, lotions, disinfectants and tooth paste borax powder is also used as a deodorizing agent in bathrooms and as a water conditioner. In addition to all these applications borax powder has another great use – borax for fleas. Borax for fleas offers the easiest and most effective method to eliminate fleas from homes. The home that is infested with fleas is a miserable place to live and the pet animals and children will be the worst affected. Fleas suck the blood of animals and human beings and also cause various diseases. Flea bomb hardwood floors offer another method to eliminate fleas from the wooden floors. However this method is rather ineffective whereas borax for fleas is recommended to remove fleas hardwood floors completely.

Application of borax inside homes

Borax for fleas is chemically inactive and is not hazardous. Hence it is a very safe method for elimination of fleas. Borax for fleas can be sprinkled over the affected area just like any other powder and its mild toxicity is sufficient to kill the fleas. In addition to killing the adult fleas, the borax powder kills the larvae also. Floors, walls, carpets and furniture are the usual places where the fleas breed. The carpet must be treated with borax for fleas and left for two days. Afterwards it must be thoroughly vacuumed to get rid of the dead insects and the traces of borax powder. Since borax powder cannot destroy the eggs of fleas, the borax powder must be applied repeatedly to the carpet to ensure complete elimination of fleas.Borax For Fleas 19

How to treat the floor?

The borax for fleas must be thoroughly sprinkled into the cracks and holes on the walls as well as the floor of the house since the fleas usually hide inside the cracks and holes. Many users complain that flea bomb hardwood floor does not give the desired results. However borax for fleas ensures to remove fleas hardwood floors completely. In order to protect the floor from fleas the carpet on the floor must be treated first with borax powder. Afterwards, the entire floor must be vacuumed so as to remove most of the fleas. Then Borax for fleas must be sprinkled thoroughly all over the floor and kept for 36 hours. Afterwards, the floor must be vacuumed twice to remove any remaining traces of borax powder. This method ensures complete elimination of fleas from the home. Whenever the presence of fleas is detected inside the house immediate application of borax for fleas ensures easiest and fastest elimination of the insects. Application of borax is also the most cost-effective method for elimination of fleas. Borax powder can be used for killing fleas not only indoors but outdoors also. The borax mixture can be applied in the yard to eliminate the entire flea population from the yard.

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