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Submission Guidelines

Polebridge Press welcomes proposals for books aligned with its mission. Please include the following information in your proposal:

  • Rationale for the book:  Describe why a book on your topic, written from your particular point of view, is needed
  • Contents: Provide a detailed table of contents, and a summary of each chapter’s content, and if possible, two chapters
  • Specifications: Include the book’s estimated length in number of words, and/or  double spaced manuscript pages, and your best estimate of how much time you will need to complete the manuscript
  • Audience: Who will want to read your book? List the major groups who will be interested in your book, e.g. scholars, informed readers, a textbook for students
  • Competition/related books: Distinguish your book from related titles by describing how it is different or better
  • About the author: Describe your unique qualifications for writing this book, and include a copy of your curriculum vitae

Submit your proposal to:

Lawrence Alexander
Publisher, Polebridge Press
Proposals may also be submitted by email.

Fourth R Submission Guidelines

The Fourth R welcomes submissions by scholars with an advanced degree in religion or a cognate discipline. Submissions should be written for a non-specialist audience. See a sample issue. Send hardcopy submissions to:

Robert J. Miller
Juniata College
1700 Moore St.
Huntington, PA 16652

Forum Submission Guidelines

Forum, a biannual journal first published in 1985, contains current research in biblical and cognate studies. The journal features articles on the historical Jesus, Christian origins, and related fields.

Send hardcopy submissions to:

Polebridge Press
Willamette University
Salem, Oregon 97301

Manuscripts may also be emailed directly to the publisher.

A style guide is available from Polebridge Press. Please note that all manuscripts must be double-spaced, and accompanied by a matching electronic copy.