Sunday, April 3, 2011

Repurposed Shelves- DIY Inspiration

Just wanted to share this little project Dusty and I did this week. About a year ago Dusty found the great little antique ladder at a job site. We kept in in his shop in MD waiting to discover a way to put it to use. We brought them up to Philly and made these charming little shelves. They're not very deep but they're great for small books, photographs and plants, plus they help make our sun room a little more cozy. I'm not huge into antiques but I love mixing a little old with new :) What do you think? Any other similar projects that you've done?

The red walls really help to warm up this otherwise unheated room. I hate the carpet but can't imagine how cold the floor would be in the winter without it!


  1. this is freaking great. awesome idea heather. although, wyatt would literally just knock them over in 5 seconds... le sigh. i miss nice things...

  2. haha.. you could bolt them to the wall- give it a nice industrial look :)


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