Photo of a Little Printer

Hello, Little Printer.

Little Printer is the delightful web-connected printer that lives in your home.

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Send and receive photos and messages

Diagram of a phone and a Little Printer

Share your details with friends and family to receive messages and photos from anywhere in the world. Read, keep and share.

Subscribe to over 160 free publications

Diagram of a calendar

Get newsfeeds, social alerts, games and puzzles delivered automatically to your Little Printer at the times you choose each day.

A Little Printer with personality

Diagram of two Little Printers

Choose from four friendly faces. Watch out though, their hair will grow and sometimes they might choose to wear glasses…!

Making Little Printer your own

Photo of child coluring in

Everybody’s happy

With over 160 free publications you can get headlines from The Guardian, subscribe to breaking news from The New York Times or print recipes from BBC Good Food… But there’s plenty more besides!

Print characters from Mr Men & Little Miss for the kids to colour in and share, or print puzzles, games and activities.

At your chosen time, Little Printer’s light will shine to let you know your subscriptions are ready. Push the button to print!

A social printer

Little Printer loves to receive direct messages. Send a message or photo from anywhere in the world and your Little Printer will print it immediately.

Working late? Send the kids a goodnight kiss via Little Printer. Spotted something that will make them smile? Little Printer delivers photo messages too!

Faster than a postcard, more fun than a text.

Photo of Little Printer publications

Little Printer is developer friendly too!

Making your own subscription is as easy as making a webpage — take a look at our developer docs to get started… Or you could just push text to your Little Printer direct from the command line.

Try it now!

Type this at your command line and it’ll print here at the Berg office, on our own Little Printer. Watch it happen live on our office webcam!

curl -X POST --data-urlencode 'html=<html><head><meta charset="utf-8"></head><body><p style="font-family: Comic Sans Ms; font-size: 36px;">YOUR MESSAGE HERE</p><p>YOUR EMAIL</p></body></html>'
Diagram of a Little Printer