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Which mp3 player

Blog Entry on the Saturday 13th, June, 2009

Which should I get ? Vote!


bmsleight on Twitter

Blog Entry on the Thursday 07th, May, 2009

Bmsleight on Twitter


Determine Beta

Blog Entry on the Monday 04th, May, 2009

Determine is live, Django to the rescue again. I must really thank Jure for introducing me to django (and kicking me to finally learn Python). This my biggest Django project so far - see django code.

All incoming links will be greatly appreciated.

What is determine

Generate traffic signal timing diagrams to determine green running times. Sometimes a picture (or even a diagram) is worth a thousand words, below an example report (pdf file) :- The main library libdertermine has all the logic needed for a traffic signal controller. Everything for determine is based around this library, xml and xml style sheets. The type of phases are defined in another xml file. The site (the actual set of traffic lights) is defined by another xml file. The report is in a pdf, but in fact this is xml file with some formatting (see example)

Determine is available as a local glade application - or using online using django at determine.org.uk


Dannika Audrey Parsons

Blog Entry on the Friday 06th, February, 2009

Hello Dannika Audrey Parsons.


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