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I have had the hardest time uploading the following pictures, or I would have posted this yesterday! Oh well, we’re working now, so we’re on our way!

Yesterday my grandmother (but really more my mom) threw me a bridal shower, which was absolutely lovely. I will be honest, I wasn’t super sure that I wanted to have a bridal shower in the first place. I get overwhelmed in social situations where multiple people from different areas of my life meet up, and their only commonality is me. And I have a hard time being the center of attention, believe it or not!

We’d talked about having the shower at The Rock, one of my all time favorite restaurants, but ultimately decided to just have it at my mom’s house, which was really nice. It was much more comfortable and laid back that way.

I was feeling really apprehensive, because my mom wanted me to have a shower, and this was very important to her, but slowly and surely I began to get RSVPs from my friends saying they would be unable to attend, for various assorted reasons. The last one came from a friend while I was at my mom’s house, an hour before the party, because she had a stomach bug. I felt really bad for her, but I’m not gonna lie, I kinda felt bad for myself, too.

I will say, though, the party was beautiful. I’m not overly traditional when it comes to these things, so I did not have any “games”, which I think disappointed some people (assistant Laura, this means you!), but it was a lovely afternoon of conversation, hors d’oeuvres, and of course, presents!


Didn’t my mom do a gorgeous job with her presentation?

A close-up of my favorite part (or, one of), the confetti cupcakes from Hello, Cupcake! I only wish I had taken a picture with her precious little cupcake plates next to them. Also, those green gift bags? She sewed each bag to fill with favors for the guests. Each bag had a mini candle, lotion and hand sanitizer from Bath & Body Works, a mini See’s truffle and a Ring Pop. And I won’t lie, one of the most fun things my mom, grandma and I did was raid the leftover bags for the people who no showed, and divide the spoils among us!

Finally, I took this picture before the people who did make it showed up. It’s funny, because my mom is quite a collector of antique furniture, and it seems like she has a wonderful new piece every couple of months. She also has a couple of antique chests in her house, which she uses for storing bedding and table linens. So when I saw this chest sitting underneath her bay windows about a month ago I at first assumed it was one she already owned, and then just figured she’d gotten a new one.

As it turns out, my grandma had been driving past an antique store she loves in the harbor, and saw this chest sitting out front. She grabbed my mom, and they went and bought it for Justin and I to store our bedding in. I think it’s hilarious that the two of us have been walking past this present for at least a month now, and had no idea! It’s just gorgeous!

Anyway, after several hours Justin’s mom had to leave for home, and my two friends soon followed. My aunt left shortly after, and then it was just us. Other Brother helped me take pictures of all the gifts so I could report back to Justin. We got some wedding presents as well as small shower gifts, and I’m so pleased because I got my entire Fiestaware dish set. We registered for four turquoise and four dark brown, with Ivory serving dishes. That’s the one thing that I didn’t really want to have to buy myself, so I’m pleased. If we get nothing else we asked for, who cares? They are so pretty!

Today I plan on staying in bed much of the day. I have not been feeling well at all, so I am trying to recup quickly before starting my work week tomorrow. I also still have much packing to do! But the day off yesterday was absolutely well worth it.

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