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December 27, 2009 - 7:34 am 2 Comments

This is Danny, a friend of my family. He has known my family longer than I have been alive, and I have always loved seeing him when he would come over to visit my grandparents for dinner, and on holidays. When my grandpa died I was fine throughout the funeral, until I turned and saw Danny, sobbing. Sobbing. I loved him.

He passed away yesterday. He was hit by a car while he was out looking at Christmas lights.

Danny, it’s been so long since I last saw you, but you will be sorely missed.

December 19, 2009 - 11:06 pm 1 Comment

I started reading a new book. Weezer and I went to do some Christmas shopping yesterday, and I grabbed myself a paperback from Borders. I wasn’t planning on buying a YA book, but while looking for Weezer upstairs I came across The Luxe, by Anna Godbersen. There were two other books as well, as it’s a series, which I’m kind of in the mood for. I wanted something light and girly, but not too terribly written, and I think that these books, so far, are it.

From what I can tell they are kind of a Gossip Girly kind of book, about upper class socialite New Yorkers, only these books take place in Manhattan in 1899, which I thought could be interesting. The prologue begins at the funeral of one of the main characters, so that’s always intriguing. Plus, I want the dress on the cover of the book:


I have decided. I am dying my hair red. Tonight. I think. :P I keep choosing the hair dye, and then putting it back at the last minute.


A trip to the doctor, and I have acute bronchitis, which is what I expected. Unfortunately, not a lot you can do about that, short of a lovely little phenergan/codeine cocktail every six hours. Love that. It is the happiest sort of feeling in the world. I have gotten about six hours of sleep total in the last 48 hours, so I look forward to a good night’s sleep tonight, knock wood.

I have a hard time trusting doctors who want you to wait it out, as the last time I had a cough like this it was whooping cough. That they said was bronchitis. And told me to wait out. So there’s that. Anyway, I’m not feeling too encouraged that it’s going to ease up on it’s own, but we shall see. In the meantime? I have my cocktail.


I just got done organizing my very favorite thing, a laundry basket full of knitwear: scarves, gloves, mittens, hats, shawls, blankets and leg warmers. Love! I found a whole bunch of things that I forgot I owned, which is always a fun thing. And now I am sitting here, coughing, drinking a diet coke and watching Die Hard for the first time. Alan Rickman is so hot, but I think he’s hotter now than he was then. I love his voice.

To put you in the spirit:

December 19, 2009 - 6:39 pm No Comments

I used to love this song!


December 19, 2009 - 5:14 am No Comments

Internet, I am contemplating dying my hair a very vibrant red. I keep making it as far as the store, pulling the box of Feria off the shelf, looking at it hard, and then losing my nerve. What do you think? It would be a darker vibrant red. I’m just a little bit apprehensive about any color that requires me to use a permanent, rather than a semi permanent dye. I do think it would be a fun change, though. But then I keep thinking about my wardrobe, and wondering if the colors I wear will look okay with dark, vibrant red.

My life is sooooo hard.


I have been sick since last Sunday, and I am so ready to not be sick, in case you were interested. I worked all week, like a champion, and then I woke up this morning and could. not. breathe. So I called in, finally. I spent the morning asleep, and really wishing that Weezer would stop waking me up. Poor guy. Definitely not the most fun visit, I’m sure.


I get frustrated sometimes. Like now. It doesn’t always feel like life is equal.

let it snow.

December 14, 2009 - 12:57 am 1 Comment

I just got done watching this movie:

It was just as good as I thought it would be. Awesome.

I have been home all day, sick with a swollen sore throat. It sucks. I haven’t even showered yet. :P I’ve basically alternated sleeping and watching DVDs. I tried to watch La Vie En Rose, about Edith Piaf, but people kept calling, and I couldn’t get into it. I’m probably just going to send it back tomorrow. I’ve also worked on knitting a Christmas present and my Amazon wish list. I found absolutely the cutest couches at Urban Outfitters, as well as a new duvet set. I’m on the lookout, as mine has a little tear in it. I’ll continue to use it until it becomes impractical and noticeable, but in the meantime I want to find one that really speaks to me. That isn’t too outrageously expensive.

So I have these two dogs right? And Klondike and I have been around each other for like, four years, so we have a routine. Also, he’s about four and a half, so he’s pretty mellow. Jude, at almost two is pretty rowdy, and constantly getting in the way. I am the kind of person who always has to make the bed, and it drives me nuts because I’ll throw all the covers on the floor, and he jumps on them for a nap. Then I push him away, grab the sheet, and he jumps right back on the pile. So I push him away, grab the blanket, and he jumps right back on the pile. So I push him away to put on the duvet, and he jumps on the pillows. I think that it was during this bedmaking tussel that my duvet cover got a tiny tear. Anyway, it makes me crazy.

My mom helped me find a new pillow last week, and I threw the pillow it replaced into the hallway. I figured I’d put it in the linen closet and save it for company. But Jude decided to make it his own personal bed. Which is fine, except that hi, it was ugly. So last night I went to my mom’s with some extra flannel I’d been waiting to use, and in about five minutes made this:


It’s not actually a pillow case, because the cover is stitched closed and not removeable at all. I know, if I had made it removeable than I could take it off and wash it.

I don’t care. And both dogs like it, as you can see from Klondike’s seal of approval above.

Okay. Back to knitting. And watching the snow. I’m contemplating bundling up and going outside on the porch to knit. I do love snow. (Although ask me how I feel about it when I have to drive down the hill early tomorrow morning to get on the freeway. Or up the hill to get home. Yikes!)

Christmas crafting, with pictures!

December 13, 2009 - 9:54 am 2 Comments


Welcome to Christmas at my house! Now, on to project pictures.

My dad’s mom made my parents patchwork Christmas stockings, and then made three more for my brothers and I as we were born. My mom, inspired made a very similar one for her mom:


How cute is that? Anyway, since Weezer is gonna be here for the holidays, I thought I would make one for him. I haven’t made one before, so it was fun, and a lot easier than I thought it would be!


My mom still has to set up her sewing machine for me, and I’ve been using it for years and years and years! Lame.

Anyway, I did the patchworking and sewed the stocking together, and then took the embellishment home tonight to work on it. Here it is, almost finished:


All I have left is to embroider his name at the top. So much fun!

So, stocking finished, Christmas present wrapped, and I think I’m off to bed, as my throat hurts! I hope I’m not getting sick. Expect a post later about the other (mini) project I worked on at my mom’s.

December 13, 2009 - 8:08 am No Comments

Today was a busy, productive day. I worked on two sewing projects, which I took tons of pictures of, but I am too lazy to deal with posting them now, so I shall post tomorrow. One, a dog bed, took all of two seconds to make, and the other, Weezer’s stocking, is still in progress. I also went to JoAnn’s with my mom before we sat down to sew, and I got some new things to play with. I’ll post pictures tomorrow of the super cute elephant flannel I bought three yards of (on sale, have no idea what I’m going to do with it yet!). I also got an embroidery hoop and some yarn for a Christmas present I’m making.

Tonight’s goal? Wrap one of Weezer’s presents from Santa, hand stitch the embellishment onto his stocking, and start knitting one of my final Christmas presents. While watching Taken on HBO On Demand.

Sounds good to me.

Tomorrow? Off to see A Christmas Carol in 3-D, quite possibly at the Imax in Seattle. Night, lovies!

December 7, 2009 - 11:47 pm 4 Comments

Dear Dogs (Jude in particular),
I love you very much, but I would appreciate it greatly if you would stop sleeping literally right under my feet. I don’t want to crush you when I stand up to get something!

Dear Apartment Manager,
Thank you for letting me pick out my own covered parking space, and for not charging me just yet.

Dear Guy Next Door,
Thanks for turning down the music! And being so nice about my old lady request.

Dear Ugg Boots,
Thank you for keeping my feet warm. It’s nice to be able to feel my toes.

Dear Diet Coke,
Oh how I love you, in all of your no points glory. Please don’t send me into renal failure!

Dear Monday,
I am so excited to spend the day at home enjoying you, instead of at work cursing your name. How blessed.

Dear Size 12 Calvin Klein Skinny Jeans,
Woohoo! You fit! It’s nice to see you again size 12. It’s been awhile.


Today has been spent in my dimly lit apartment, with the Christmas lights on. I put my new Christmas ornament (a frosted pink glass cupcake!) on the tree, put my handmade wreath on the door (to replace the generic Target one that I got from work last year), watched Rachel Getting Married, made homemade egg mcmuffins, had mint Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches and dreamed of winter, was inspired by design blogs and have one more Christmas present to wrap. Oh how I love Christmas. And wrapping presents.

Oh, and I walked the dogs. Our real walks have grown few and far between with this super cold weather. Usually we just head outside long enough for a potty break, and then it’s back indoors. This morning, though, I pulled on my super warm, new to me pink down coat (thanks, Mom!) and we walked our usual route around the neighborhood. Very fun.

Some things to look forward to are a trip to the dentist tomorrow, a hair cut next Wednesday (the 16th), and the start of the Christmas visitors the day after. I love this time of year. I just love it.


December 7, 2009 - 9:13 am 1 Comment

Okay, internet. I got my Christmas cards done today, and boy are they cute! I have a minor complaint: the picture printed out quite a bit darker than it looked on the little kiosk monitor. I’m sure that Weezer will not approve of the picture, and I wish he’d been able to take them, but he is not here and I want my cards mailed on time! However, they were free and as such I will not complain.

How were they free, you ask? Interesting story.

I had known pretty much from the first night when I put the puppy jammies on them that this would be the premise for a Christmas card, and additionally that I would be printing those cards at the oh so convenient Target Photo Center, where I put in my camera Scan Disk, design the card and print out the final product within the hour! It didn’t take me very long to find a background and image that I liked, and I placed my order at 5:30ish, with a notice that my prints would be ready at 6:15.

I wandered around for awhile, read my book at the cafe area, just overall killing time. At the fifteen minute mark I wandered past the photo center again, and was told my prints hadn’t been processed yet. At 6:15 I went back up to ask about my order, and was informed that the printing machine had been out of paper for half an hour, but that once the machine was up my cards would be ready in another half an hour.

I was late for dinner with my family, and said I really couldn’t wait. I asked them to cancel my order. The employee argued that it shouldn’t take very long. I reminded her she had just said it would be about a half an hour, and said I was running late now. She was kind of rude and so I left.

On my way home I called the Target in Gig Harbor and spoke to the Team Manager. He was so helpful and understanding of my frustrations. I told him that all I wanted was for someone to listen, and I appreciated that. I know from when I was management at McDonald’s in college that it can really suck listening to people complain all day, so I really do appreciate that he let me finish. He told me he felt like if my pictures were supposed to be ready at 6:15 than they should have been, and told me that he would give me my order for free.

I was very surprised. I actually told him that I didn’t really need for him to do that, and I thought it was above and beyond. He did it anyway, calling and leaving a voice mail on my cell phone saying that my order had been canceled, but that if I came in and reprinted them he would still give them to me for free.

After dinner I went out to Target and started over again. I had my cards in less than 15 minutes, and the girl behind the counter would not let me pay for them.

I really was so impressed with the way everyone at Target (with the exception of one employee) made me feel like I was a priority. Very cool.

I’ll post a picture of my card when I have access to a scanner.